1. just240

    C55 - changed to 255 width rears.... Tyre fitter query

    Hi everyone, I require a bit of info from any AMG drivers who have 255 section rear tres. Firstly, I'll explain my situation - my c55 needed new rear tyres - I put the car into a national chain tyre fitters & asked them to replace my standard 245/35/18 PIRELLI P-Zero ROSSO tyres with 255/35/18...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    W209 CLK55/W203 C55 Front bumper + All Grills, Both Foglights

    As some of you may know I have recently fitted a CLK63 AMG Front bumper to my W209. As a result I have a spare CLK55 AMG Front bumper - complete with all attachments. The bumper is in good condition apart from: -A tiny crack 5mm which is hidden from view when the foglight grill is fitted...
  3. M

    Gemclean Detailing-MBclub Member Eddie01's 100K mile Mercedes C55 AMG

    Hi Guys It’s been very busy @ Gemclean Detailing HQ, but now just before the next instalment of Top Gear, here is the write up on the long awaited write up on Eddie01’s C55 AMG. When I first viewed Edd’s C55 AMG, I knew I was going to have my work cut out. Though the car was mechanically sound...
  4. E

    C55 AMG GemClean Detail

    Late last year I took ownership of a C55 with a well documented history on this forum, previously owned by Charles Morgan. I was please with the car but mentioned to Charles I would eventually have some love put back into the paint work, I spent some months having other mechanical work done...
  5. A

    C55 Front Bumper

    Sooo .. to replace a C55 front bumper due to plastic damage (ie. all lights & grilles are fine) with something not costing £1500 from MB .. how does one ensure the right bumper on eBay!? If it's a from a CLK and it "looks right", is it hte right one? Were there any variations at all on that...
  6. P

    Bi Xenon misbehaving - C55

    Hi all My nearside bi-xenon dipped headlight is doing weird things! Intermittently it seems to go out for a tiny fraction of a second then re-light with the start-up burst of light giving the impression I'm flashing oncoming traffic! The self levelling doesn't activate. It does it mainly when...
  7. nb_racing

    W202 C55 broken subframe, fix

    So, A few weeks ago a driving home late one evening, weather was very bad and to cut a potentially long story short, coming out of a hair pin bend slowly and sensibly (no, really, going very slowly at the time), the back of the car stepped out and starting weaving around madly. Once I got it...
  8. andy27168

    Which tyres for my C55 (W202)

    Hi, I will be replacing my tyres on my C43/55 very soon as the rear ones are very nearly illegal, and the front are mismatched and very noisy. Money is as you expect at this time of year is a bit tight especially as I,m going to have to replace the A/C Compressor first thing in the new year...
  9. Billy albert

    Wanted c55 amg exhausts

    And c55 spare wheel well for an obvious project for my c32
  10. D

    C55 engine light

    So, started the car the other day, and it seemed to take a few seconds to fire. Followed by an engine light. Several starts / stops all then ok and the next day, the cel light had gone off, and all was well. I thought it had happened because I had only given the key a quick turn and let it go...
  11. brucemillar

    C55 bang

    My C55 occasionally when booted almost seems to stall then gives a big drive train bang before going like it should. I do not mean noise bang. More like a bog down then slam in the back before launching. Any clues?
  12. D

    C200k C55 anyone?

    Oh dear oh dear. For 12k, buy a real one!! 2007 Mercedes-Benz C Class C200K SPORT 4DR AUTO C55 AMG 1.8 | eBay
  13. J

    2005 C55 Wheel onto a 2002 C32?

    is it possible? wanted to upgrade the standard steering to something a bit more "modern"?
  14. D

    C55 wheel size help please

    Hi Could anyone help me with this? I think (I may be wrong) the std C55 wheel sizes are:- 18x7.5 ET30 18x8.5 ET34 I'm looking to get a spare set to run winter rubber with. I've seen some CLK55 wheels which are advertised as follows:- 18x7.5 et37 18x8.5 et30 Will these fit my...
  15. D

    W202 C55 Cat D £4,500

    Good write-up and it looks in cracking shape; Used Mercedes W202 C55 AMG 5.4 V8 1999 *MINT* FSH for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 852234) I could think of worse things to spend four and a half bags on...
  16. CubbyMK

    Spyshots: 2014 Mercedes C63 AMG Spotted, Could Be Called C55

    Apologies if already posted / mentioned, couldn't find it on here. Spyshots: 2014 Mercedes C63 AMG Spotted, Could Be Called C55 - autoevolution Interesting read :)
  17. poormansporsche

    Spotted Imperial Red C55......

    Just had a Imperial Red C55 go past the shop, polish plates , red and black 2 tone leather, didn't get any pics but it was the best looking C55 I've ever seen really unusual, so much better than the usual black and silvers :) Brett
  18. brucemillar

    C55 AMG Start Up rattle

    Folks On cold morning when I start my C55 up it has a definite top end engine rattle. This will last about a minute or stops when the engine starts to warm up. The car was recently serviced and given a good flush and oil change as the Indie said it was a bit tappy sounding on start up. No...
  19. andy27168

    My C55 (202) Respray

    Hi, As some of you are aware my AMG is being resprayed at the moment at long last as it has been long overdue, it is being done in a local mainstream body shop, its been there the past 4 weeks and is due back very soon :bannana: Heres a few shots that the body shop has taken for me, as I feel...
  20. amg3.6

    C43 to C55 conversion

    My next project is to put the 5.5 lump in my C43 which is pretty straight forward. I want to put the e55 tiptronic gear box together with 5.5 engine my question is would this be straight forward? I personally think it should be pretty easy what do you guys thinks?
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