1. Meldrew2

    Trans Canada Highway.

    We have been visiting family in the prairie lands of Saskatchewan. The drive 10 hours east from Calgary is entirely flat and featureless with only an occasional town to break the monotony. Going 2 hours west from Calgary is a different matter. A couple of days in the Rockies at Banff has...
  2. A

    newbie from nb canada and new to old (94) s300

    hello to all in u.k. i have 94 s300 imported from europe and hope to pic some brains familiar with these diesels. at least wish me luck.
  3. R

    Hello from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I have become the new owner of a 1979 230C Euro spec coupe that was brought over from Germany (probably by an armed forces serviceman) This is an addition to the garage where my '52 Mercedes Type 220 Sedan is parked. As I am learning about the 230C I will be getting familiar with this...
  4. 300CE

    1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL AMG (in Canada)

    1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL AMG | eBay UK
  5. M

    Sky TV in Canada?

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether its possible to configure a satellite dish in Canada to work with a UK or North American receiver to receive UK Sky tv programmes - even if its just the free to view channels . e currenty use a sling box connected to our sky box in the Uk but the time wil...
  6. 1

    Hiring RV in USA / Canada

    Hi everyone, Well, with all this wet weather we're planning a special trip next year, 25 years married to boot. We're thinking about hiring a RV for 3 -4 weeks but don't really know where to start? My wife has never been to the USA / Canada before so I was thinking perhaps the New England...
  7. M

    We're planning to move to Canada

    Well, After much deliberation - about a day ! we decided a couple of weeks ago to up sticks and move to toronto . Its likely to be a two year immigration process so plenty of time to sort out our affairs here in blighty. Why? Many reasons but most of all we are getting fed up with the way...
  8. N

    Cheapest way to ship to Canada?

    A 190 enthusiast from Canada wants to buy some RHD W201 headlights. The local Post Office quoted £80 by air or £60 by ship, which will take "2 or 3 months"!!!! Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could ship them for less? TIA.
  9. F

    Car Hire in Canada

    I am going to Canada for a week in May and am intending to hire a car from Hertz for the week which is all a bit new to me as I have never hired a car before let alone been to Canada! Checking the hire rates on their web site there are 2 choices - pay most of the cost just now by credit card...
  10. High-Lo

    Rear clusters from Canada

    Just received a set of facelift rear light clusters (the black/red ones) for my W202 from an eBay seller in Canada and I have just wasted all morning collecting them from UPS in Charlton in the traffic. Got home ready to fit them and to my disappointment I have received two units for the right...
  11. Brian WH

    Canada Holiday

    Just returned from Canada and thought I would share some pictures with you. Lake Louise in the Rockies from our Bedroom Window, early morning. Vancouver from the Park Whistler Mountain Ski Resort
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