1. N

    Hi, about error codes in canbus

    Hi, i have a w211, 270 cdi 2002, my tester give next codes: 1: 9072 Component E19/2 (right license plate lamp) is faulty or the component has a short chircuit or open circuit. 2: 9070 Component E18/4 (right trunk lamp) faulty or the component.... 3: 9090 Control unit N70 overhad control...
  2. C


    Hello everybody;) Can you help me with canbus on clk 208 please ? That's my problem. i HAVE clk 320 YEAR 1999 convertible . My radio audio 10 WITH CD CHANGER AND D2B connection. ON CONNECTOR C on audio 10 there are canbus high and low on pin 1 and 2 but not wire connected !! it speaks...
  3. S

    W639 CANBUS Speed Limiter Kit

    It's all the rage to watch your speed to within 1MPH these days, but I'd rather keep my eyes on the road than on the speedo. My W639 has a speed limiter, but not an easy way to flip it between 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 MPH. (In fact it is stuck at Km/h anyway) I'm wondering if the speed...
  4. Hunty2198

    LED licence plate bulb

    Anyone know where I can find canbus friendly LED bulbs for my licence plate? I have a 2007 CLS 63. They need upgrading as the standard ones look really dull.
  5. K

    CANBUS problem W209

    Hello, I'm from France so sorry for my english. I recently bought a GPS to replace the one i had in my clk when i bought it. It looks like this one : Everything is working fine except i dont have vehicule...
  6. A

    Steering wheel controls

    Steering wheel controls (w208) Can anyone tell me the wiring for the canbus connector (specifically steering wheel controls) on a 2000 w208? My new head unit has canbus + and - connections, but can't work out which ones these are (original head unit was a becker audioline10)
  7. mickday

    CAN bus problems I think

    Hi, I occasionally get weird electrical gremlins, which show symptoms such as instrument display showing 'display faulty visit workshop' and also has been known to show other errors such as not acknowledging it was in park so would not allow me to start the engine would not even allow me to...
  8. H

    W208 - W203 Canbus?

    Can anyone tell me if the Canbus system on the facelift W208 is the same as the early W203? I am replacing my Comand with a Clarion NX502 and want to control it from the steering wheel if I can. Thanks Harley Man
  9. omega1

    CANBUS decoding - HELP!

    Hi all, I am desperately trying to get my W204 steering wheel controls (volume up and down) working on an Eonon G2110 unit (Eonon G2110 Android 4.2.2 Operation System 2 DIN 6.2 inch Car DVD Player GPS SAT NAV System Bluetooth Touch Screen: Electronics) but it does not support...
  10. manofgresley

    CLK 320 canbus?

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me if my CLK 320 Cabriolet (W208) as a can-bus system or not? i understand it as something called D2B, whatever that is. I am asking as i understand you cannot fir LED's to the License plate lighting, as h=the system throws up an error, is this correct. Many thanks...
  11. pfarre10

    electrical additions to canbus

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a "12" vito 113 (639). Ive ordered a reverse camera and parking sensor kit from ebay. i noticed the seller offered canbus versions via a 12v relay, which i can fit cheaper. is this the case then, any mods e,g, led lighting in rear, will have to be canbus...
  12. N

    W168 Have CANBUS?

    Does a 2002 W168 have CANBUS?
  13. A

    CLS LED puddle/boot lights - canbus?

    So I've gotten 6x 39mm festoon 6 led bulbs 12v 5w, same as OEM, just LED... And replaced the four under door puddle lights fine, below is a comparison .. Hopefully it's obvious which door has the LED. Anyway... I changed the boots light and it comes on for a second, then off for a second...
  14. I

    CLS55 AMG Odd Electrical Issues! CANBUS?

    Hi there, I've got a few odd goings on with my car which I think are all related but I'm not having much luck tracking down what the issue is and I'm hoping someone can help! 1. Steering Wheel Buttons They don't work (I can't access the OBC, settings, change the instrument cluster displays...
  15. Bladgb

    LED and Canbus 639 Viano

    Have fitted LED replacements to Glovebox lamp Door puddle lamps Vanity lamps Trunk lamp Had no Canbus errors as yet, although when I tried LED in licence plate illumination lamps I did - I had gone for error free bulbs from autobulbs so had to send these back. I am back on filament bulbs for...
  16. Dave Richardson

    LED Indicator bulbs that work without canbus error

    To anyone thinking of upgrading to LED indicator bulbs, I purchased a set from HIDs on e bay & fitted them in my W203 coupe without any errors or flash speed change . Ok! at first sight the 60w may look scary but trust me when fitted it's not the lights are just so mush better...
  17. Bambam13

    Problem with LED sidelights.

    I've had error free LED sidelights fitted to my c180k coupe for about 3 months now with no problems what so ever. Suddenly I've noticed the drivers side only has stopped working. I've searched the forum and elsewhere online and cannot find a specific answer. I've swapped the bulbs...
  18. S

    Mercedes CLK W209 CAN-BUS Connection?

    Hi there, I have a Parrot MKi9200 and have been trying to install the UNIKA component, which is supposed to connect the Parrot to the steering wheel buttons. I have everything connected up, except for the CAN-BUS wires. Does anyone have any information on this? There doesn't appear to be...
  19. zenman63

    Canbus ???

    I am wiring two sunroof's in my vito, the rear has a twisted pair of canbus wires. The front has canbus from the overhead control panel, so I have 4 canbus wires going down the a post, one set goes with the interior light red and white, with a plug that must go in the sam unit for the control...
  20. J

    LED canbus side light fault

    Hey all changed out the side lights on my w211 lights up and works but there is a fault message, I have swapped the bulbs around and tried them both ways around and the same fault is there. The car has had a bump there a few years ago and the wiring has been modified as the head light was...
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