1. T

    Cancelling Order

    Visited my local dealership yesterday to sign the finance documents on my new car. After thinking about the whole process today, I'm contemplating cancelling my order! I think buying a new car should be an experience, and a good experience at that. Or maybe it's just the little things that...
  2. R

    Order cancelling - Again....

    So I have a dilemma after reading the other thread about order cancelling! In summary have a C43 on order since June, at the point of order the dealer matched the C2C quote. I was happy, order was placed (£1k deposit) car due end of September. Just run the car through C2C and it has...
  3. N

    Thinking of cancelling my order

    I am so angry i am considering cancelling my order for a C350e. How's this for a story of terrible service. Ordered a new C350e sport premium in feb for july delivery. Nice spec in paldium silver. This week i get a call from the dealer saying "that colour is discontinued youll have to pick...
  4. Pacamack

    Cancelling a new car order

    Hi All, I placed an order for a car last week that is scheduled for delivery at the beginning of August. The car was already in production so is not to my spec but it meant that I could get it a couple of months earlier. However, I've been thinking that I might just as well wait an extra couple...
  5. M

    Noise cancelling headphones

    Can peopl tell me what they make of the latest noise cancelling headphones please. From preferance I suspect I would like ones that completely cover my lugholes.
  6. SilverSaloon

    cancelling a direct debit and disputing telephone conversations

    hi i am in dispute with a insurance company over payment of a new insurance policy. basically, they cold called us and quoted full total £X amount for the policy. we took the cover out as it was the price we were happy with. We got the paperwork through and the price is £50 more. the...
  7. Spinal

    Sound Cancelling Heaphones

    Howdy! I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use on the tube and on long plane journeys... they need to have 3 features: - Small & Light (so earbud type probably) - Need to cancel out the airplane's engine's drone, the tube's brake compressor noise and the screaming baby sat next to me -...
  8. F

    Cancelling Bids on Ebay

    I am selling a camera lens on Ebay. The lead bidder until 2 mins ago was someone who had won only 4 auctions - the last of which was 2.5 years ago. I wrote and told them i wasn't comfortable selling to them and was going to remove their bid unless they could give me something to make me feel...
  9. I

    Noise cancelling headphones.

    Has anyone found an OK set? The quality from 'phones is always better than plugs and I would prefer circumaural to supra (entirely round your ear rather than sitting on your ears) as they are comfier when you rest your head on something on a long distance flight/train/coach. In saying that...
  10. stwat

    Cancelling vodafone contract

    I want to cancel my current vodafone contract. But when i phoned them up to do so i was told i couldnt do it over the phone:confused: When i said, OK then il just nip into town and do it at the vodafone shop i was told i couldnt do that either and would have to write a letter to the head office...
  11. Goldfish11

    Cancelling TA (Traffic Programs) on Comand DVD (W211)

    One of my latest frustrations is listening to the radio or a CD and then the Traffic program cuts in. To cancel this if it is not in your direct area it seems you have to press any button on the Comand system in the central console. i.e. phone button, mute button, map button etc etc. Is...
  12. M

    OT cancelling an Ebay Auction

    Anyone know how to cancel an ebay auction? 1 with bids on and 1 without? thanks
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