1. R

    W204 centre caps

    Hi, I'm looking for some W204 centre caps, I have looked on eBay but I'm reluctant to spend money on a set of copies. what is the best place to get these? Roobler
  2. C

    AMG Center Caps

    Hi, I made the mistake of buying center caps of eBay for the wheels on my e63. (75mm) They look sh1t. Anyone recommend a reputable dealer or shop where I can source small genuine AMG parts such as these etc..
  3. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Bumper End Caps (Corners)

    Does anyone know if they come colour coded direct from the factory or do you have to get them painted, something like the attached: Mercedes Vito Viano W639 Long Long Bumper Rear Corner Left Yellow | eBay
  4. A

    My changing centre caps

    After searching around for centre caps I've come across quite a few I've liked ;) so bought them all :rolleyes: These are the ones I have gone through in the 18months of owning the car :D Think my favourite are the mostly black caps:dk: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  5. Palmer

    W210 monoblock center caps

    Looking for some new ones for the wheels on my W124. Want the plain silver ones, i think they look best. Got some 75mm from a uk seller on ebay. Cant get them to fit. Is 75 the correct size? Google seems to think so?
  6. merc85

    Alloy wheel centre caps w168?

    Hi there, I've bought 2 sets for previous cars off the "bay" and have been fine, but it was a good while ago. I bought the wife some for the A-class from a different seller but the 1st one broke immediately whilst trying to fit it, Despite copper grease on the tabs. Has anyone a link to a...
  7. clk320x

    Easiest way to remove centre caps

    Hey guys Can anyone help me out with an easy way to remove centre caps Cheers
  8. B

    19" AMG Alloy Center Caps

    Hey all, am i right in saying that the Alloy center caps are 75mm? Winter wheels are off and going for a tidy up and colour change to black. Looking to get some caps to match, obviously:D
  9. S

    Replacing centre caps - 2013 ML250

    Hi Guys The centre caps on our ML250 are extremely scuffed and I'm looking to replace them. Does anyone know if you have to take the whole tyre off and push them out from the inside? That's how I had to do it on my old BMW.. Also, can anyone recommend where to get original centre caps...
  10. demetrios

    R129 distributor caps

    Hi all. Firstly the search feature won't work, keeps closing dialogue bar when I try to type so had to start new thread. Right Haven't driven the 500 for 3 weeks, been starting it, letting it warm up,slight revving then switching off. Took it for a blast up m6 for a 25 mile round trip...
  11. J

    Black caps on silver wheels

    Has anyone played around with different colour centre caps? I've been looking at replacing mine but thought it might be an opportunity to change the colour to something different. I was thinking of getting the black star caps to put on my 20" AMG III wheels to complement the black bodywork.
  12. Alex225

    New Centre Caps - W211

    Well I had the wheels on my E320 (W211) resprayed earlier the year and have been meaning to get some new centre caps at some point just to tidy the wheels up. I'm not looking at OEM ones but as you'd imagine eBay is littered with various, decent looking centre caps. I wanted to go for...
  13. R129Melvin

    SL R129 Facelift Grille, Audio 10 Cassette Player, Centre Caps

    Unwanted parts from my 2000 R129. Original facelift grille - 4 slats as opposed to earlier 5. Unmarked but could do with a good clean - £180 Audio 10 Cassette Player with Original Handbook - Was working fine when removed but volume button is a bit knarly as they all seem to be Not sure if this...
  14. Bigrichw

    75mm AMG Centre Caps

    Bought these and they are too big. I need 66mm Brand new £12 posted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. lfckeeper

    Centre caps Adharaz wheels

    Anybody ever put a different colour centre caps on these wheels? Mine are a bit tatty and was wondering what either black or mercedes badged (with the blue outer) would look like instead of the standard silver... Any pics would be great
  16. IMD

    Where to buy new centre caps for AMG Split rim wheels for R129

    Hi everyone, I've just had my 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rims refurbished by Lepsons and will be seeing them tomorrow after delivery. I need to get some new centre caps for them. Does anyone know if they are the usual Mercedes silver ones, or something different? I know that Alloy Wheels...
  17. P

    W126 500SE alloy wheel centre caps.

    Hi, I am waiting to buy some new centre hub caps for a set of Penta rims that I have I would like to know if anyone knows if standard MB hub caps fit. There seem to be a few different centre cap measurements, from a 66 mm size to 75 mm size. 75 mm appears to be the most common size, but I would...
  18. E

    Are these wheel centre caps any good?

    Hi there Found these on EBay and wondered if anyone has had any experience with them?! Are they any good or a waste of time? ( I have the AMG alloys) Cheers in advance!!
  19. T

    Mercedes W201 W124 W129 W140 16" Hub Caps / Trims with Chrome edges

    Genuine Mercedes 16" hub caps / trims with the chrome edges. Getting hard to find and look awesome when fitted. Part number: 1404010024 Not perfect but in original condition as shown in the pictures: There's a set on eBay for £80 in a bit better condition, so i'll...
  20. S

    Plastic or metal centre caps?

    My genuine centre caps like other I see are starting to corrode.:mad: I'm looking at replacing them with a new set of genuine one but just came across this site, they appear to be plastic so in theory won't suffer the same fate, has anyone else used these or similar and had good results? or...
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