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    Estimated cost for damage caused by hit and run

    Hi All, As the title indicates, some moron's hit my parked car and driven off. The car is now at the stealership and I'm awaiting on a quote early next week. What do you guys think is a reasonable amount to pay for what seems to be damaged paintwork? I'm quite **** about any work...
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    New wheels on vito maybe caused limp mode?

    Hello and thanks in anticipation I have check the usual thousands of threads re limp mode but nothing to do with the possible link to new wheels ,It may be co incidence but yesterday I had new alloys ( merc ) put on my 108 cito cdi with 16 inch 225 tyres and straight afterwards went into limp...
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    Engine Noise caused battery drained S320

    Hi expert champs need pearls of wisdom Got S320 (year 2000) turned off engine and heard noise like vaccum from engine - kept on coming even after 20 min started engine for 2 min and turned off brought down the noise but very minute amount of humming still coming 1- radiator fan was not...
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    Changed dash bulbs cause SRS problem

    I removed the instrument panel and changed a couple of blown bulbs (1.2 watt). Before I did this the SRS light behaved as it should. On reassembling, the light now comes on, goes off very briefly and illuminates again. It then extinguishes itself after about a minute. How can I solve this -...
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    dodgy tyre caused pulling to left

    Can anyone explain why or how a tyre could become so different to its opposite side (identical make and age) that it caused my car to pull very strongly left? I was about to have a great deal on money spent on bushes and caster/camber alignment stuff :mad: when one last simple experiment...
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    new m103 valve seals have caused smoking...confused?

    I am ! Can anyone shed any light on this? I changed the valve seals and though that i had solved the problem of plugs oiling up - but in fact i have noticed when the engine is warmed up, there is a small trace of blue smoke, which was not there before....This happens when i rev up to about 3000...
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    Water leak caused damage to leather seats.

    Dear Forum, I wonder if anyone has had a similar disaster? I have had a recent leak through one of the roof seals on my SL55 AMG which has lead to rain water dripping onto the passenger seat....and making it very wet. (These are the perforated leather seats). The seat has got wet and mold...
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    Would malfunction warning "low on fuel" caused limp mode on E55 amg

    Hi, all newbie here. Wondering if someone could share some light:doh: I recently purchased a 03 e55amg. So far has been great til last night, where the car was quite low on fuel, after few runs on a motorway, when I put my foot down again it lost all it's power, like a limp home mode. I...
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    Dead Battery caused havoc

    My CLK 320 is currently parked up in the garage for winter and it looks like it is turning out to be a bad decision. I have been starting it and letting it idle for an hour a week to keep the battery topped up but went out to it last week and I had left the door slightly open so dead battery...
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    Sat Nav blunders 'have caused up to 300,000 accidents' It distracted my driving, worst than mobile phone.
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    Need help w/issue caused by adding aftermarket amp to S500

    I currently live in the states and have been having a problem trying to add an aftermarket amplifier to a 2001 Mercedes S500 equiped w/the Bose navigation system. The problem that I am having is that when I connect the high/low convertor to the rear sub (to get RCA signal for teh aftermarket...
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    Have I caused this poor radio reception ?

    W210-E280, 1998 (auto-advantgarde) I removed the "Special" model radio from its' slot (did not disconnect) and replaced. This was to get access to the compartment below to locate a small indicator unit from which the wiring was threaded to 4 new rear parking sensors I fitted into rear...
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