1. P

    Just bought a used C-class estate...Thoughts please.

    Hello all. Iv new to the forum as i have just put a £500 deposit down on a 11 plate C CLASS estate C180 CGI BLUEEFFI Auto Executive SE Trim with command nag system. My last mercedes ownership was about 10 years ago when i owned a 1989 190E (which by the way was the best car iv have ever owned...
  2. J

    Winter wheels for new c-class w205

    Any suggestions where I can get some. Happy with steel ones. A trawl on the net doesn't find anyone with spec for the new model. I'm sure that can't be true! I can get genuine MB ones but they are £1700!!! Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. The _Don

  4. M

    Mercedes C-Class AMG Sport W205 by Carlsson

    from the article: Carlsson has introduced a series of upgrades for the most athletic trim level available on the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class range, the AMG Sport. The complete styling package includes a front lip apron that attaches on the bumper, a boot lid spoiler that hovers over the tail...
  5. W

    C-Class W202series Roof Bars

    Roof bars for sale, hardly used and in excellent condition. £25, collection from Crewe, Cheshire.
  6. olszowa12

    FS: Carbon Fibre Cupholder Trim for RHD W204 C-class and W212 E-class all models

    Guys, I have one more part for sale - RHD CF Cupholder trim. Brand new - never installed. OEM part overlaid with real carbon fibre (2x2 twill weave). Looks amazing and transforms the center console. Price: 155 GBP + 4% Paypal fees Shipping: 15 GBP via UPS I have only 1 of these. Contact via...
  7. M

    2003 C-Class 220 Door Seal Removal / Renew

    Help Does any one have a walk through to remove the drivers side rubber door seal. Thank you in advance GT
  8. M

    2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 by Brabus

    from the article: At this stage, there are two available power tune-ups, beginning with the B20.2 kit for the gasoline-powered C200 that lifts output by 41PS (40hp) and 30Nm (22 lb-ft) to 225PS (222hp) and 330Nm for a 0-100km/h (62mph) in 7.0 sec and a top speed of 242km/h (150mph). The...
  9. A

    Keen on new c-class (w205?)

    Hi guys, looking to join the MB club, currently a Honda owner, and previously was BMW. Has test driven the new C-Class, W205 I believe? Keen on the 220 Bluetec AMG Sport. The merc has turned my head, and the lots of toys on offer seems to have sealed the deal. I'm getting the car on a company...
  10. R

    W205 C-Class Night Package?

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been discussed already but I can't seem to find any solid information with regards to a "Night Package" that I hear is due to come out? I placed an order for my car last week with Privacy Glass and on the MB UK site it does state in brackets that it is...
  11. C

    C-Class W202 230K Which Tyres?

    Hi I need to buy some new tyres for my W202 C230K it has standard 15" alloys the current tyres say 205/60R15 91V. Its usually had BF-Goodrich tyres on it which have been OK I guess. Local tyre place can supply BF-Goodrich again for 60 quid each fitted. I am mainly wondering about the speed...
  12. L

    C-Class 180 Sport Blue-Eff Sport

    I rang the local dealership and inquired whether I could upgrade my headlights to Xenon.... they advised they had called the factory and it was a no? would this be correct? seems a bit odd to me? my car is a C180 December 2013 model.
  13. P

    Heating Control/Regulator for a 1995 W202 C200 C-Class

    Hello! :) I'm looking for the above part which is proving difficult to find. Can anyone help? The heating in the car is not working properly. When driving with heating turned off, heat still comes out of the vents. While driving around in this great weather the interior can get really hot! :(
  14. N

    New forumite - waiting for new c-class

    G'day one and all. I have wanted a Mercedes for just about 40 years, and I am now hopefully just a few months away from owning my first (3 months, 4, 5, now 6 and counting) which will be a new C-class. Delivery put back to Q1 2015 due to waiting for Airmatic availability. Looks like a good...
  15. baxlin

    New C-Class

    Had chance to sit in one of these yesterday, have to say its nice, except for what looks like an iPad blutak'd onto the dashboard. And I understand it's fixed, ie it doesn't fold away, so the sales lady said. Is it just me, or is it a horrible bit of design?
  16. M

    2014 Mercedes C-Class W205 by Inden Design

    Let the tuning begin, tuners are already starting to fiddle with the W205. From the article: Inden Design has come up with an aftermarket package for the 2014 Mercedes C-Class, including a power kit that boosts the 1.6-liter turbo-four from 156 to 200 hp. Based on the C180...
  17. M

    Mercedes C-Class Estate-Wagon AMG Line - official

    Now all we need is to see the C63 Estate-Wagon and we will be set. from the article: Already available on the sedan, the optional AMG Line kit brings a series of visual upgrades such as the big Mercedes-Benz logo on the grille flanked by dual iridium silver matte bars. There's also...
  18. R

    C-Class AMG Sport mudflaps

    Has anyone fitted these, and are they of a quality befitting the C-Class? I am wondering if they look good, fit well and stay that way.
  19. M

    Mercedes C-Class W205 by Carlsson

    Nice and clean kit but I wish they didn't place their logo on every single surface. From the press release: We proudly present our interpretation of the new C-Class saloon. In addition to aerodynamic components, suspension upgrades, and a range of alloy wheels, numerous interior...
  20. Y

    C-class V e46 330 ci sport

    Hi guys I posted a question here not long ago asking for people's comments / preferences on the E-class / C-class coupes (2009 models onwards) as I am looking to buy one , I now have the funds in place but want to know what people think about the C-class 220/250 model as I'm trading in my BMW...
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