1. D

    Which One C-Class W205

    Hi Guys looking to change back to a C-Class w205 and a little confused which model and engine I should go for. Definitely want a C250 or a Hybrid. Have around £22000-£25000 be interested to know opinions and what extras or standard equipment is a must. looking forward to receiving your...
  2. B

    W204 C-class - cigarette lighter socket cover

    The lighter socket which is in the centre console - has anyone had any luck removing the spring loaded cover from it neatly? With my USB adapter in it, it hangs open just enough to stop the ashtray cover from closing, which is a little irritating. (I do have an adapter which is short enough...
  3. Fordwick

    New or Facelift C-Class

    Is there a new or a facelift C-Class due in the very near future?
  4. PaulPJ

    Cclass W204 Door Mirror LED Repeater

    Hi Chaps, some very kind soul decided that my LED repeater on the passenger side door mirror needed smashing whilst parked at Sainsburys. I have order the part but have no idea how to go about replacing it. Could some kind person explain the process to me in simple steps please. Paul
  5. K

    Anyone gone from E-Class Estate to C-Class Estate?

    It's big. Toying with the idea of down-sizing my W211 E Class 320 cdi Estate to the equivalent age smaller petrol C-Class Estate. As it's very hard to get dealers to allow test drives unless you guarantee to buy their car, I'm asking on here for your valued opinions if any of you have made...
  6. B

    Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit

    Not for me but someone on here will love this Tamiya AMG Kit Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit | eBay
  7. GeeJayW

    Boot Tub for C-Class Coupe (C204)

    Genuine MB Shallow Boot Tub for C-Class Coupe (C204) 2011-2015. Recently removed from our coupe before we traded it în. Very good condition. £40 Can meet up for delivery etc. Thanks for looking.
  8. C

    C-Class W204 estate boot size

    I understand that my W204 C-Class estate has a boot capacity of 480 litres. The newest Golf estate claims 605 litres (and is a few centimetres shorter). Is the W204 boot really that tiny? How did they make it that small compared to other similar-sized cars??
  9. S

    Needing help with W204 C-Class (62 reg facelift)

    Hello all, I am looking to improve the look of my C-Class as I noticed it could look a lot better. I really need advice on a lot of these things. I don't know much about cars and I am hoping you can help. 1. Window Sill Trim I looked for replacements of these on eBay but could...
  10. Alex225

    C-Class Buying (W204)

    So currently my other half uses her 2006 SL350 as her daily car but we are looking to start a family so four doors will be a requirement for her in the future. She doesn't do huge mileage any more but obviously the SL isn't great on fuel (around 20mpg) so it would be good if her next car was...
  11. B

    Wanted: An original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class.

    Wanted original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class black color Please info, many thanks
  12. BarryWhitt

    Will these fit my C-CLASS rear sills?

    Tempted to buy these but l already have the front ones, does anyone want to go halves with me for the front two? But worried whether they will fit my 2017 C-Class, they look ok as they have a slight curve to the rear set as in my sills.
  13. D

    c.class w204 avantgarde Steering problem

    C220 cdi 2008 48k Hi All. Dont know this site too well already posted this under electrics (numpty). Intermittant Squealing from Steering. Disconnected Coloumn from rack, noise the same so not coloumn. Can be quiet for weeks then very noisy. occours Hot or Cold either side of neutral, any...
  14. T

    Just Seen Some C-Class Deals

    I was browsing through and in the offers they have loads of C-Class models with about £9-£12k off list. Not pre-registered either. That's 30+% discount on some of them. Dip your bread. Oops, I looked again. There's E-Class, S-Class, SLS, GLC as well. .
  15. W

    My C-class cabriolet

    That new car feeling :)
  16. addbuyer

    Latest C-Class phone problem

    Guys, help needed with the voice command system please. The in-laws have the latest C-Class and have an issue with getting the voice operation for the telephone system to work. How do they use the voice command to bring up the phone book to make calls etc? On my last C-Class and my current...
  17. A

    Weak Burmester in W205 C-Class Cabriolet

    Loving my non-crabbing (Yet!) C43 Convertible with Premium Plus but there is one niggle after a few days of ownership I have always upgraded the sound system in any car I buy and have enjoyed 400W to 665W systems from Meridien to Bose and was really looking forward to the Burmester "high end"...
  18. D

    C-Class which model should I buy

    Looking to move from a BMW 3 Series 320d back to a C-Class. Would welcome any advice and guidance on the model, engine e.t.c to go for. looking forward top responses.
  19. D

    C-Class which model should I buy

    I am looking to replace my 10 Plate SE Exec with a used new shape C-Class. Can anyone offer there words of wisdom on the model to go for and best engine choice. Also what extras I should ensure are on the car as I want to keep hold for a few years. Thanks in advacne
  20. W

    Back in a Mercedes - C-class cabriolet

    After some time away from a Mercedes I'll soon be returning. I've ordered a C220d cabriolet. The spec is rather a mouthful, AMG Line Premium Plus, in selenite grey and black roof. I'm rather looking forward to it arriving in a few months time. ps. Hello to all.
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