1. mercmanuk

    cdr 700mb discs 750 in total

    mr cdr 52 speed 700mb 80 minute discs each pack contains 6 discs so roughly 120 packs 50 pence per pack+postage 45.00 the lot collected cheap as chips ideal for the home and car
  2. I

    Slide Show to CD-R Software

    Does anyone happen to know if there is any free software out there that will allow me to put my holiday pics in slide show form and then burn it to a CD-R? I have an old version of Nero 3 on my laptop which claims to be able to do this but when you put the CD-R into a computer or DVD player...
  3. verytalldave

    CD-R question...........

    This may very well be a very stupid question.......but as I dont know the answer here goes........... Do blank CD-R disks have a "use-by" shelf life - like food and some chemicals for example? Nothing is mentioned on the packaging, so I have anticipated that their lifespan must be pretty long. I...
  4. Thmsshaun

    CDR For long term use?????

    Not so sure anymore. Whats peoples experience? But I would say be careful.
  5. SEM

    DVD CDR Burner Lifespan

    I'm don’t know about you chaps/chapesses out there but how long is your DVD/CDW burner lasting??? I only ask as mine are lasting not much longer than 12-18 months... or thinking about it 200-300 approx cd burns. My major work is backed up onto DVD at least once a week (daily on backup external...
  6. N

    Cd Player Audio 10 not playing CD-R's

    Hi all, im hoping someone may be able to shed some light on an ongoing issue im experiencing. i have an E220 (2002 - previous model to new) which has the factory head unit installed - Audio 10. However, its always rejecting most of any CD-R's i insert into the unit. it plays certain model...
  7. M

    Which CDR Media

    I have a CLK with a Audio 10 CD Player. No matter what cdr media i use the player has trouble locking onto a song. Eventually i get it to work with one of the songs and it will play through the album ok but i cant fast forward or rewind etc - it gets confused again and can't lock on to a...
  8. GordonTarling

    CD-R Problem

    Does anyone here burn copies of their original music CD's for use in the car? I'm having problem with skipping, pauses etc., when the original disc will play just fine. The head unit is the MB Audio 10 and it has the MB boot-mounted 6 disc changer connected. The unit plays original CD's no...
  9. P

    Audio 10 CDR CDRW

    Does anyones Audio 10 CD play CDR's or CDRW's? I do not seem to be able to play these in mine, does anyone else have this problem or know a solution?
  10. F

    Blank CDR's 1.7 P each :O

    Anyone need some blank discs?
  11. SilverSaloon


    hi i have been burning some music cds to listen to in my car. I have a 2.0 comand system. i have tried Verbatim cds (DataLifePlus) but they do not read at all.... nor do they read if my map cd is copied onto them. can anyone recommend a brand of CDR which will work in my comand...
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