1. M

    Chinese Carsoft multiplexer which works!

    Just in case this is of any use to anybody - I've found a cheap Chinese ripoff of the Carsoft 7.4 multiplexer which actually works :thumb: And even better, it's only £42.70! What you'll need to get it working: One of these: Mercedes MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer A laptop or PC running Windows XP...
  2. bob6600

    F1 Chinese Grand Prix (May contain spoilers)

    Well almost all of Friday's Practice (both sessions) had to be abandoned due to mist/cloud and fog, preventing the air ambulance being able to operate should it be needed. The medical facility which has FIA approved equipment is some 38km away and not reachable via road ambulance quickly...
  3. E63AMG

    A bit or Chinese eBay bling [emoji23]

    Not for everybody granted, but worth a play for £20! Should be good for a couple of bhp & a couple of tenths off the 0-60 mph time.
  4. T

    Perhaps not Chinese.

    Thank you for all your comments on Chinese/Dynavin sat nav, however i have decided to go with this I know it is nothing like the comand that i wanted to keep, but it does everything i need and more. The Chinese units...
  5. T

    Chinese Satnav

    What are your opinions of Chinese Satnav's.
  6. K

    World champion Lewis Hamilton will start the Chinese Grand Prix from last place on th

    I'm currently not a fan of F1. I'd rather watch paint dry. My must watch is Moto GP. Anyway, as reported this morning on BBC. Quote. "A power-unit problem for Hamilton meant his difficult start to the season continues. His 17-point deficit to Rosberg could grow further on Sunday." A power...
  7. Tim203

    Supermarket home delivery Chinese style.

    A work colleague shared an apartment with a young lady for 6 months in China. One day they went shopping to the supermarket and she asked for their groceries to be delivered. Imagine his surprise when he looked around on the walk home to see a man pushing their shopping behind them. Into the...
  8. nick mercedes

    royal mail give the chinese a helping hand

    "Royal Mail and Alibaba deal helps Chinese sellers ship to UK Royal Mail and Alibaba are cooperating further to link Chinese exporters directly to UK online shoppers. They already work together because Royal Mail have a shopfront on Alibaba’s Tmall. AliExpress, Alibaba Group’s global...
  9. nick mercedes

    will the chinese economy impolde?

    " Beware the global financial crisis, part III" "Bank of England’s chief economist thinks the 2008 crash, then the ongoing eurozone crisis and now the turmoil in emerging markets are all linked" "we may be locked into what he calls a “three-part crisis trilogy”, with part I, the...
  10. fab1975

    Outrageous: wannabe "E Class" in Vienna

    Last week I was in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe... when suddenly I saw this monstrosity and literally thought "what the **** is this?!?" Pardon my language, but I was just outraged. I had seen pictures of Chinese clones on the web, but meeting one in real life is a completely...
  11. T

    Chinese tyres - truly awful!

    Having seen the reviews, I had decided: 1) never to buy them for a car 2) never to buy a car with such tyres fitted I then rented a Vauxhall Astra (branded Opel) in Turkey. My first experience with unbranded Chinese tyres. They were bl----y awful, to the point of dangerous. I'm a careful...
  12. H

    Cheap Chinese double-din head units

    Looking to upgrade my sound system in my w209. However I'm a cheapskate. ive seem these Chinese head units flood the market offering everything. Is it too good to be true? Has anyone ever had any experince with them? :dk::dk:
  13. S

    chinese spoiler sent to me in error for sale.

    Apologies for putting this here, don't have permissions to post in the for sale section. I purchased a spoiler from eBay (China, taiwan somewhere like that) they sent me the wrong colour (silver) when I asked for tenorite gray. Anyway they sent a replacement and told me to keep the one sent...
  14. S

    Cheap Chinese spoilers from eBay.

    Hi guys, Bought one of the above off eBay for my c350 and thought I'd report back.. Ordered Tenorite Grey and gave them the paint code.. was git with a customs bill for £22 and when it came it was marked with the correct paint code but was.... Silver! I messaged them and to be fair they...
  15. The _Don

    Mercedes guilty of price-fixing, say Chinese authorities
  16. C

    W220 Chinese nav jobbies

    hi all. im very tempted by these replacement 16;9 nav/dvd units you see on ebay, to replace my 4:3 Blakes 7 unit. does anyone have any experience with them? this sort of thing;
  17. Gallon

    Chinese Star

    Hi All, first post but been a member since 2010. Can anybody with a Chinese C3 star clone answer some questions for me. 1. Do they do Star mods ie UK delete etc, 2. With the external hard drive option, are they compatible with a laptop running windows 7 64bit operating system. Any answers...
  18. Alex

    Chinese buy Carlsson Autotechnik

    China auto dealer Zhongsheng buys 70 pct of German custom specialist - The Economic Times
  19. bpsorrel

    Chinese cars do strange things... :)

    Just saw this article from a Chinese car site when browsing around.... By the way, it's not a translation, this is actually what was said... Not sure I'd like it if my car did that.. :D Link here: Beijing Auto C70G pops up before the Beijing Auto Show | - China Auto News
  20. S

    Mercedes win in Shanghai Chinese F1

    Nice win by Rosberg, it's been a while for Mercedes fans hopefully more to come. Probably one of the most important ones to win with the ever growing Chinese car sales.
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