1. M

    CL600 monstrosity...see it to belive it...

    I know such things are a matter of opinion but take a look at this: That's why I don't get jealous of people wit more money than myself. You...
  2. E

    Very unusual CL600 for sale
  3. T

    Bluetooth for 54REG CL600 Biturbo

    Hey Guys, I need some help finding out which bluetooth will work in my 54REG CL600 Biturbo. Thanks T
  4. aka$h

    Missed a Bargain CL600 on ebay Was just looking at CL prices so was searching completed auctions and came across this, 02 plate, 84k £16k :eek:
  5. smillion

    CL600 - lots of car for the money
  6. S

    TV in motion on a 2000 CL600 W215

    Does anyone know how to unlock the TV picture so it shows whilst the car is moving. I have seen ads on eBay selling instructions for £1.99 and specialists quoting £180+. Is this done by a change to the car computer, or is it a hardware switch, or what? The car has COMAND 2.5. Any advice and/or...
  7. S

    Retrofit TV to W215 CL600

    I've just bought a CL600 (Dec 2000) and it doesn't have a TV. Can this be fitted retrospectively? Also the screen says 'No CD' but in fact it looks like teh CD crdale is is stuck as it won't pop up. I am in Hatfield, Hertfordshire - does anyone know a local specialist. Simon
  8. dougal74

    1993 600 SEC (CL600) in good shape

    This looks like it has been very well looked after...I guess the MPG gauge in a 6.0 V12 lets you know when you need to buy another refinery!?
  9. B

    CL600 Aircon Hissing - any advice

    Before take car into dealers thought I would ask if anyone else has had the same problem or any suggestions - especially as the problem seems intermittent and knowing my luck it won't be happening when I book it in. I'm getting a hissing noise from centre air vents, normally when restarting...
  10. anarchy-inc

    Cl600 Amg??? Didn't think there was such a thing. CL600 with an AMG badge more like?
  11. anarchy-inc


    A friend who is new to Mercs is looking at getting a 2000 CL600. Anything worth noting about them to look out for? I will go along with him to look at the car and to egg him on. :devil:
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