1. D


    Is there a reason I can only see 2 pages of classifieds? I'd like to hunt back through and see what was offered, so can I do that? Thanks
  2. M

    New member can't reply to classifieds

    Hi I'm a new member with three posts to my credit. There is a car in the classifieds which I'm interested in but with less than 30 posts it seems I can't communicate with the seller; perhaps to our joint detriment. Is there any way around this? Can I pass my details to the seller by any...
  3. T

    i cannot post replies in classifieds section. please help

    As title says, I would like to reply to an ad I've seen but don't seem to have permission. Can an administrator please advise me. Thanks Tom
  4. developer

    ***'s E320 Sport In Classifieds

    Re the classified section. "Should really update this. The car is being PX'd at Mercland. Anyone after a mint condition lowered 211 shouldn't contact Mercland in Nuneaton directly". Fixed that for you mate :thumb:.
  5. T

    i cant PM or post in classifieds after 30 posts, HELP please

    As title states, I still can't access these features, can anyone help
  6. R

    A Car in the classifieds but i have low post count.

    Im not going to try and randomly post 11 things to be able contact some one, although I thought about it for a second. Can some one ask maggot if his car is for sale still Ta muchly!
  7. D

    Classifieds and phone number?

    Hi, After having spent a while perusing the MBClub classifieds, I have discovered that very few if any, adverts contain a contact number. Is this a MBClub policy or do fellow members prefer to be contacted by PM or email?
  8. DSM10000

    Cannot reply to classifieds, why not?

    As per title, when I try I get: "DSM10000, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some...
  9. K

    cannot contact a user or post in classifieds

    I am a registered user and want to contact a user who has posted in the classified ads section but seems i am unable to post or contact other users, is there something else i need to do?
  10. D

    Ebay Classifieds

    I'm confused. Why do people 'watch' Classifieds Auction. I've had an item on their for 24 hours, and it's collected 10 of them. It's not like it's going to change if they bid at the last minute? Any ideas?
  11. M

    How do I post on 'classifieds'?

    I wanted to leave a reply on a classified ad, in the cars for sale section, but I get a message saying I’m not allowed? Any ideas:confused: I couldn't remember how to do a screen shot of just 1 page, without my minimized pages!
  12. n1ckyp

    new member classifieds

    hi, i am a member of about three months and i want to sell some of my cars and spares, but i can not seem to add a thread, how do i do it, i need the idiots guide please as me and computers dont match.!! :wallbash:
  13. K

    W124 300e for sale in classifieds

    I have put my W124 300e for sale - please see the link below for more details. Thanks, KK
  14. 3

    E300 on ebay classifieds

    Hi guys What opinion do you have of this MB:?
  15. M

    My C32 in the classifieds section

    Hi all, I have had to reduce my C32. It is in the classifieds here. Wanted a heads up here so that people can post comments. Adrian.
  16. Gucci

    Pistonheads - classifieds not moving

    I like to have a good window shop around Pistonheads and have noticed that the number of classifieds rose from around 47,000 ads to 54,400 - but the odd thing - it hasn't moved from 54,400 for ages either - coincidence/software or a barometer of the times?
  17. M

    classifieds problem.

    Hi all, i was just wondering if its possible to list my Mercedes in the classifieds, even though i havent got many post counts. I dont want to sell 'Hugo' but i now work most days and cant find time to enjoy him :(. Many thanks for any replies :)
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