1. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Air Intake Hoses wanted

    Hi all, Managed to split both hoses pulling off engine cover, struggling to find where to get any replacements without resorting to dealer. Anyone have or know the location of where to get some ? I can pay in either cash or W124 parts ........ :)
  2. shanksy

    CLK430 W208 Air Intake Hose Split

    Hi All, Yesterday I tried removing the engine cover for the first time on the CLK and I managed to split the air intake hoses, not realising they were attached. I have duct taped them together but was wondering if it was worth finding replacements or would I be fine to leave as is ? Thanks
  3. H


    Looking for a very well looked after CLK430 coupe with full service history, preferably 2001 or 2002 and <80,000m.
  4. C

    CLK430 rev limited when in park and neutral?

    Hi Guys and Gals My CLK430 project - I've only driven it for 10 miles and it is now SORN I've had it running on the driveway for oil change etc. Have noticed it seems limited at 4K when revving it (fully hot of course). I didn't gun it on the drive home from collecting it. This normal?
  5. C

    Getting the best out of a W208 CLK430

    Hi At the start of a long term project Any advice on mild tuning for these? I plan to make a SS exhaust as the current one is a bodged decat Was going to use a free flow sport centre and backbox. Too loud? Anyone done this? Heard a rumour there is some merit in fitting the CLK55 air box Is...
  6. C

    CLK430 hesitation when blipping throttle and idle when given the beans!

    Hi, At the start of a restore project. My first Benz. Picked up a 2001 W208 CLK430 which has potential to be made good once again. It has had a bad 2nd set of cats removal - I will build a stainless system in the next few months. A few questions OBD2 reader - can anyone recommend...
  7. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Intermittent wiring

    Hi all, Have an intermittent wiring connection issue at the moment in the CLK. On some occasions on startup I have power to stereo. Other times I do not. When there is no power to stereo, I also lose power to the heated seats and I also had an airbag light stay on for a short while...
  8. zaen1

    will a w208 clk430 suspension kit fit a w202 c43

    Hi, can any one tell me if shock absorbers and springs for a clk430 will fit a c43 amg. Basically a work colleague is selling a Bilstein B12 kit for a clk 430 and tells me it will fit a c43 amg. The front and rear axle weights on the kit are perfect for my car,but not sure if the shock absorbers...
  9. N

    W208 CLK430 convertible with Brabus bits

    Hiya, I bought a lovely W208(or should that be A208?) convertible in Azurite blue with pale grey leather yesterday.It has only covered 69k and came with a full history,main dealer until the last service. It has Brabus alloys,exhaust and bodykit.Only badging is Brabus on the wing where it would...
  10. A

    Mercedes Clk430 doors removal

    Hello guys... My car doors have rusted badly where the rubber seal is..I bought second hand doors online and it is about time to fit them and transfer all the compenants from the old rusty door to the new ones. Can you guys help me out by giving some tutorials or wis/asra doc numbers... Your...
  11. D

    W208 CLK430 stuck in drive or neutral fault

    As above, I only drive the clk once a week usually on a Monday or Friday into Glasgow. The car has performed perfectly since my acquisition in Nov. So after driving into work and home again the car wouldn't allow me to move past neutral to get to park. It engages drive no problem but I can...
  12. D

    London-based, CLK430 convert owner, coming in from the cold

    Hi folks After 6mths with a BMW 330ci, a CLK430 convertible popped up that dragged me over to the other side of the fence. The car is bought as a bit of a gentle restoration project, and needs a bit of love in certain places, so I'll probably be popping up with a lot of (inane) questions...
  13. D

    W208 CLK430 spring shims / nibs

    I managed to get 4 H&R lowering springs and two new rear Bilstein shocks for the winter run a round as I felt it sat too high previously. Had them fitted today and whilst the ride is dandy I think the rear is just a tad too low. Can anyone confirm what sizes the shim nib pads come in and are...
  14. A

    Newbie with a clk430 I think I got a rare one

    Hello my name is Adam from London I was looking for an sl r129 and came across this 430 amg I think but I could be wrong it is quite rare Currently fixing it up but by bit The colour is l347
  15. D

    Clk430 208 flat spot - intermittent fault

    I don't drive the CLK very much but a wee run today has unearthed an odd problem. The car runs perfectly, but every now and again after I kick it down for a bit of speed, it seems to after that have a massive flat spot before it picks up. It idels fine it just seems as tho there's a 5 second...
  16. D

    CLK430 standard air filter vs K&N sport one

    So I'm going to replace the air filters on the CLK430. MB have quoted £50 for the two or should I double that and get two K&N ones? Will they really make a difference when everything else is standard? Scott
  17. D

    W208 clk430 brake part numbers

    Hi guys, I have just spoken with my mb dealer who has suggested the price fir new front discs is £160 but the front pads are £140! They have also quoted £50 fir two new air filters. Can someone confirm what the part numbers are for all of these so I can see if I can source cheaper. My...
  18. E

    Clk430 engine oil leaks

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy one of these. I went to see one today and was a bit appalled at the number of leaks I could spot in the engine bay so I walked away. One was dripping directly onto the exhaust manifold, a drop every 20-30 seconds, the other appeared to be from the left bank head...
  19. E

    Wanted: W203 CLK430 convertible in Southern England

    Hi all, I'm looking for a clk430 convertible, preferably silver with black interior and with fewer than 100k on the clock. If you have one for sale - I am based in Surrey but will happily travel for the right car - then I'd be pleased to hear from you. Many thanks
  20. Lenny63

    CW208 CLK430 - money pit ? run as a daily (approx 20 miles per day) thoughts ?
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