1. A

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the club!

    Hi everyone! I'm a proud new owner of the car I've always wanted! But unfortunately in my excitement and haste I was taken for a ride by the second hand car dealer who sold me a car with a blown head gasket... It still runs very well, but sometimes there are little pools of mustard coloured...
  2. noy91

    East India Club Classic Car Weekend

    Last weekend I spent a very enjoyable few days with the classic car section of the East India, and thought I'd give it a brief write up and, more importantly, share a few pictures. This was the first such event at the Club, previous years having seen only a brief meet in St James's Square...
  3. Chalpkin

    MB Club badge.

    Hi all, Just received my new MB Club badge, I think it must have got wet because it seems to have shrunk! The last one I bought was quite a bit bigger and from memory, didn't cost £4 like this one did! £4 is a bit steep for a sliver of plastic about 2in round! I was hoping to put it where...
  4. CTR55

    Goodwood Breakfast Club

    On Sunday 2nd November Goodwood will be hosting a Vee-power theme gathering, it'll be the last one for 2014 , anyone registered ? Cheers
  5. R

    New Owner & Club Member

    Hi Everybody Recently (last week) became the owner of a 7400 mile 2013 C63 AMG 4 door, and absolutely loving it so far! Spec not too different from standard; Obsidian Black, black leather, 18" wheels, not sure if any of the interior equipment is standard or extras (Command, Media Interface...
  6. V8Rumble

    Club Decals

    Hi Can anyone explain why, when I click to buy decals the price is £3 but when it comes to checkout the price has jumped to £4?
  7. N

    Kennel Club - Puppies what a joke!

    Felt the need to rant about the whole puppy buying process and how you hear about how bad puppy farming is and that the KC is trying to stop bad breeders etc. but from my experience today they are completely useless! Having decided some months ago to add a puppy to our family (we have been...
  8. Deane x

    Orders from MB club shop

    Hi I ordered some stuff from the MB club shop on the 5th and I still don't have it , any one ordered from there know how long it took to get there stuff ?
  9. S

    hi there new member to the club

    hi there everyone just thought I would pop a quick introduction up been a big fan of Mercedes for a few years now mainly the older ones w123,124 ,201 & 202 series & some of the older T1 vans & sprinter vans currently driving a W202 250td om605 engine, I found my current car & love for Mercedes...
  10. C

    Goodwood Breakfast Club Hot Hatch Sunday 5th October

    Anybody going? My car has been accepted as part of the display on the motor circuit. Irony not lost on me:)
  11. travelininstyle

    Shell Drivers Club Points - have you had problems ?

    Our local Garage recently converted from a Shell Forecourt to a Texaco Forecourt.Prior to this I collected fuel points on my Shell Drivers Club Card - to be honest,I was never over enthusiastic about the points - they seemed mean - but the Garage offered its own 3p/4p off a litre coupons so I...
  12. R

    Hello MB Club

    Just a hello from a new convert. After hankering for a 350z for a couple of years, I just changed my mind and bought a SLK230 on Monday. Already hooked :doh: She's a fairly old girl and seemingly spent most of her life in a garage. Already had the MAF, Relay & PSE out, thanks to fast forum...
  13. billyc

    Mercedes Club Forum

    When I first Googled for a Mercedes forum, MB Club and MercedesClub were the first two that I came across. I suspect many others would have came across the same. Do you guys know what's the main difference between these two forums? Thanks.
  14. F

    New to the club

    Hi, I am new to the club and hope to widen my knowledge of my CLK200 Convertible. There are a couple of questions I would like to ask: 1) Is it normal to take so long to fill the petrol tank. 2) Can I buy an adapter for my Iphone 5 that sits in the centre armrest. Thanks.:thumb:
  15. Timster

    Borders Vintage Automobile Club - lauder, next weekend Anyone else going? Taking my car mad 2 1/2 year old son- think he will love it. Quite excited myself.
  16. S

    Mercedes benz - club

    Anyone here a member of the official mercedes benz club, is it work the £43 a year membership, can't even gain access too the forum too see if it's any good ?
  17. C

    Hello MB Club

    Hi my name is Mark and I’m a relatively new to Mercedes, I bought an E220cdi a couple of years ago, before then I was an Alfa guy and a happy one at that. I am 30 years married with two grown up lads and three grandchildren, recently flooded and living in temporary accommodation for the next two...
  18. G

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 27/04/2014

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club Sunday 27th April 2014 09:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx) Walton Lane Riverside Car Park, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish) Google Maps Link... *** Pre-1990 cars only please! *** Come along to the glorious riverside in Walton-on-Thames for some good old...
  19. S

    I love MB club

    Actually I do. I may not visit as often as I used to but I enjoy checking in to see what's going on. I may not have the technical knowledge of some (!) but I would never berate someone for knowing less than I do. If I can help on a thread I will, but unfortunately mostly, I cannot. That doesn't...
  20. W

    Weistec Engineering Offical Introduction to MB Club

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to at last introduce ourselves to MB Club! As many of you know, we offer the highest quality performance parts for your AMG Mercedes. Whether you are looking for an easy bolt on such as air filters, to high power supercharger systems, we have what you're...
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