1. f17rak

    Spotted, Is this guy a mb club member?

    Went to bullring today and spotted a very nice E55, you don't see many on the road. Was wondering if he was a forum member? The local wildlife took a liking to it as well. :doh:
  2. SPX

    Back in the V8 club...

    Couldn't resist it... I'm 90% certain that I'll be doing the '55 conversion.
  3. Stratman

    On-the-spot fines for Middle Lane Owners Club

    New £100 on the spot fines are coming for a range of motoring offences including tailgating and hogging the middle lane. Existing fixed penalties for misusing phones will also be increased to £100. They missed a golden opportunity there. Add instant confiscation of the phone and I'd give them...
  4. M

    Shell drivers club

    Hi, does anyone know how to change my points into vouchers? I have 4050 points. After I bought the card for £10. Thanks
  5. grober

    Mercedes-Benz Club EPC/WIS access down

    Mercedes-Benz Club EPC/WIS access down- post as per title. It appears the access to the official EPC/WIS via the club portal is down at the moment. Whether this is a routine glitch or a portent of " changes to access " remains to be seen? Watch this space.
  6. Medders3245

    New member to the club.

    I've owned a number of R129 SL's over the past 10 years and spent a small fortune maintaining them. I have enjoyed every single one of them though and have built up knowledge about each model/year's problems , including wiring looms , head gaskets , ignition , roof control units ( and where to...
  7. PhilDR

    MB Club Members AMG Picture Thread

    So to acknowledge the opening of the AMG specific forum....thought we could have a single thread for members to add photos of their AMGs.... Please add when ever you have a good shot of your car and don't feel shy just because your car 'looks like all the others' :D Please keep photos to...
  8. C

    Mercedes Benz Owners Club

    Is anyone else unable to access their forums at present ?
  9. s2oty

    MB Club Tax Disk holder - vote here if you're interested

    I wounded how many people would be interested in a MB Club tax disk holder to go with the window sticker?? I want one... Who else is up for one? Scott
  10. L

    Hello good people of MB Club UK :)

    Just thought I drop by to say hello. Based in the south coast and been into Mercs for years. Have literally just purchased a 300 TE which needs a little tlc and is going to be my weekend retreat. I drive an E220 CDI for a living and can think of a lot worse places to spend my day. Will be asking...
  11. GSEH88

    AMG Owners' Club?

    As far as I know, there isn't an AMG Owners' Club in the UK. I find that very surprising in some ways but on the other hand, I doubt I would be willing to put in the time and effort to get one off the ground :dk:
  12. developer

    MB Club Badge

    I've just ordered mine and strangely I find myself looking forward to receiving it. Am I a bit of an anorak :dk:.
  13. developer

    10 Golden Rules Of MB Club UK

    Actually it's from The Times/Radio 2, and is about Twitter, however, which ones read across to here? I post it as a bit of fun, so feel free to remove it, before (instead of) amputating my cyber fingers........ Twitter IS publishing. Putting it out there for others to read is publishing...
  14. HB

    MB Club you tube channel

    Guys , do you think we should should have a club You tube channel. We could compare problems with similar cars, listen to Lees exhaust, etc... What do you think ?
  15. D

    Back in the club

    or will be in a few days - can't wat:bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:
  16. B

    Mercedes Benz Club Gazette back issues - free!

    I have a collection of past issues of the Mercedes Benz Club Gazette - from about 2003 to 2009. Some (I'm embarrassed to admit!) still in unopened plastic wrappers. I have now sold my SEC and I need to clear some space on the shelves. I'm reluctant to put the magazines in a skip or a...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    OEM Metal 'Club Pedals'

    Anyone have a set lying around they would like to flog? :)
  18. ringway

    MB Club Spirit. Thank You, Zenman63.

    I'd like to offer a huge thank you to our member Zenman63 (Ian). After Ian had pointed me to a source to upgrade my Vito steering wheel centre airbag section to the type with control buttons (shown below), I had been trying to source a Highline instrument cluster for my Vito and...
  19. G

    New 126 Club Meet

    After a successful meet at Gaydon in August; the 126 S-Class register is having a new meet-up on SUNDAY 23 September 2012 Various attractions including a museum, show room and track we are provisionally been given permission to meet up in the car park and depending on numbers possibly get one of...
  20. C43AMG

    M B Club 60th Weekend SL Day ?

    Anyone on the Forum going to the Mercedes-Benz Club's 60th Anniversary Weekend SL Day ? I know i don't have a SL, a friend of mine does and as it is a lovely part of the country ( The Cotswolds ) and CL is two door we thought it would be a nice weekend away.
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