1. D

    FREE - Mercedes Benz Club Gazette Magazines

    I have about 2 years issues of Mercedes Benz Club magazines which I am about to throw away unless someone wants them. I would need them collecting from Sale, South Manchester this week or I guess I could post at cost but they're heavy so it wouldn't be cheap. Please pm me if interested.
  2. A

    New to club and new to Mercedes

    Hi all i have just bought this as my summer cruiser.... I will post more pics in gallery when summer comes and the roofs off. Cheers Andrew
  3. W4E300

    Goodwood Breakfast Club meets....

    Just registered for a ticket for the Soft Top Sunday on the 1st June...... Always a great day - and plenty of good spots for lunch afterwards. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. cla13

    New to the club

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have liked what I've seen so far. Some very nice examples on here. I hope to help out where I can and learn a bit more from some too. I drive a cla amg sport in cosmos black, love the car to pieces and have made a few aesthetic changes such as gloss black...
  5. H

    New to this club

    Am a new owner of an w220 s class mercedes s600. Hoping for some assistance with the restoration of this car
  6. H

    New MB Club Member & New E Class Est

    So my first ever leap into buying a brand new car and its with the new 2013 E Class Estate. Well, I might as well dive in the deep end eh? Had the car a few hours and absolutely love it - beautiful to look at - cracking to drive - feel very very chuffed Always said I would have one when...
  7. Lxb3

    Goodwood Breakfast Club

    ...anyone else there this morning? I took the SL out for the journey, and the A272 was a HOOT.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    OEM 'Club' Metal Pedals

    Anyone have a set of the OEM 'Club' pedals they want to sell?
  9. isohail72

    Club Member

    I must mention here the "Renault 12ts" is the only decent guy in this club!!
  10. isohail72

    Rude Club

    Never had an experience to see a rude form like this one!!!!
  11. HumberMart

    Rejected an S Class - must be a very small club

    So the 2010 Approved Used S Class we bought 3 weeks ago has been rejected (successfully). Shame, as it was (on the face of it) a superb example, having turned my head totally, with its cream leather, against the black AMG pack trimmings, and the feel good/like a millionaire/factor every time...
  12. akipid

    Newbie to MB Club

    Hi guys I'm Zee I am quite familiar with MB Club via MSL Performance, I own a W124 320 coupe with Full AMG Spec, which is getting restored and I hope members on here will guide advise and help me through it. Thanks
  13. Palfrem

    Proud club member travelling home from TRAX

    Had a splendid day at TRAX today with one of our number. As you can see, when we got back to Brum he was keen to show the locals his affiliation with the best MB forum on the web" Who says 3M sticky pads don't stick?
  14. T

    Benz no 4 and Joined The V8 Club

    Just Bought this below 89K Designo Interior Designo Paint ( silver with a blue / lilac hue ) Early days but seemed to be well looked after and a lovely Sound Its a 99 on a V its still on Last owners Private Plate...
  15. D

    discounts via club

    Went on Euro parts site to purchase parts intending to go for %30 discount. Prices all over the place ,Clutch claimed on web Manufacturers list price £284 reduced to £119.94 , due to site not giving any added discount on clutches i went instore and bought same clutch for £73 + vat on receipt it...
  16. developer

    MB Club URL's - Internal

    Hello guys, I have a pair of the internal MBClubUK URL's - for clear glass, going spare. First to PM an address will receive them from Postman Pat. MBClub URL Decals - MBClub Merchandise Store
  17. T

    Hello MB Club

    I recently purchased a 2000 CLK 430 with the AMG kit ....Its Canadian model came with the kilometer gauges and Day time running lights. Originally I wanted a 2001 E55 but the deal fell through and I needed a car badly. I looked for a 2001 CLK 55AMG and at that time no one was selling one close...
  18. Charles Morgan

    Allard Owners Club Concours, North York Moors 13/14 July

    Anyone in Yorkshire who wants a lovely old car and steam train day out, there is a classic car weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this weekend. Get on a train and stop at the stations to have a look at a super collection of Allards. I won't be there as I can't drive at present but...
  19. developer

    MB UK Transport Department

    Anyone know what a car belonging this department may have been used for? It did 12K in 7 months, so it's been used.
  20. S

    Euro Car Parts MB Club Discount

    I have tried various times to enter the code MBCLUB25 to get discount and it has never worked, Purchased a new Bosch battery yesterday for £90 still it would not work. Any idea whether this code has been changed with a new code Thanks
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