1. M

    Mercedes Service contract

    I have just acquired a new GLE. What do members think of the fixed price service contacts (offered by dealers in London)?
  2. D

    PCP End of contract - buy new car

    Hi All, could someone kindly explain how the trade in works when a MB PCP ends. It is my understanding that a P/X for a new car does not involve any actual cash (other than any extra deposit) but uses the future value of the current car against the new trade in. I am not STUPID but could...
  3. L

    Is it best to buy,pcp or contract hire?

    Hi.Iam thinking of getting a cla amg shooting brake and have been looking on various websites like coast to coast,orngewheels etc and can get a brand new one with a few options ie panoramic roof red calipers matt black wheels etc and was just wondering how the best way to finance I was going to...
  4. I

    Excess disc wear and hidden exclusions on service contract

    Two part question: I have a W204 C220Cdi AMG Sport BlueEfficiency Old Uncle Tom Cobbly And All Edition and at a recent service I was rather surprised that it needed new discs - pads only 60% worn. It's done just over 25k miles. I'm sure all my other care have got around 60k from discs. Problem...
  5. nick mercedes

    59% of new car "sold" now on contract rental

    "So popular have the new PCP deals become that, in in the twelve months to July 2015, the number of new cars bought by people using them was 705,000." "That was nearly 59% of all private new cars sold in the UK during that period" ""A C-class Mercedes can cost just the same as a Mondeo in...
  6. D

    Eye opening deposit query for Contract Hire Purchase...?

    Hi everyone. Just been on the phone to my GAP company and found out some useful / interesting information...Well to me anyway Apparently if you lease a car on Contract Hire Purchase, the deposit you put into the deal is not covered under your GAP policy. When I asked them if they did a...
  7. T

    Service contract ending. ? extend.

    My W212 is a 2010 car. Bought a 4 service pack on purchase and final service is coming up. I will be seeing the car long term with no plans to change and its well out of its warranty period now. I have the option of buying more MB services on a package (equates to about £400 per annum)...
  8. J

    MB Service Contract.

    I bought my C63 in Feb this year and decided to take out the service contract with MB, cost was £45 per month, with the first payment being £90. So up to press I have paid in £450. The car went in to MB of Wakefield today for its 23,000 mile service, which entailed engine oil + filter, new...
  9. Red C220

    E Class Estate Personal Contract Hire Offers.

    We're struggling with our existing dealer trying to organise an E Class estate. We're now at a point where we're just considering contract hire as there seem to be some reasonable deals about. Has anyone noticed anything special being offered? Our preference is for :- E220 CDi AMG Sport Auto...
  10. M

    Contract or sim only???

    Hi all, I am due an upgrade soon and wanted some advice pls.. Currently on an O2 unlimited contract (unlimited mins text and 1gb data) paying about £28 a month with iPhone 4S.. Upgrade offer is same deal for the iPhone 5 on 24 month contract. Are there any good sim only deals as I am...
  11. moff

    MB Service Contract Query

    Hi, I have/had a service contract for my last car where I paid by DD for 2 years servicing. I've now changed my car and never carried out the 2nd of the 2 services. Has anyone been able to transfer or get a refund etc? I've just tried to call customers services but didn't get a...
  12. M

    Contract Hire Quandry - pre or post facelift E Class?

    Hi, newbie in peace. I'm looking at a contract hire option for a Merc E Class. Having never driven one before, I'm getting a bit confused over the different specs between SE and AvantG (old range), and SE (facelift model). I guess I'm asking opinions from seasoned owners to see what they would...
  13. LING

    I am Ling!

    Hello, Mercedes fans!!! I am Ling. I own LINGsCARS and have noticed loads of people visiting my website from this forum... so have decided to join and support with advertising. And opinions :))) I am not a delicate flower and don't take stupid people very well, so everyone is warned :) But I...
  14. steve333

    MB Agility/Personal contract

    Hi, a question for anyone that has recently bought a new mb on agility or personal contract,how quickly could you pay off your balance & what fees/penaltys/interest we're chargeable?(reason i ask is i am looking to part x/sell my cls & have enough in a pension fund tax free lum sum to buy a new...
  15. C

    Implied Contract Terms

    After some advice please guys. I currently work in an industry where 24 hour support is provided by me/my team, I have been doing this 24 hour support for 10 years plus however we have now been told that this cover will be moving to another team. So where do I stand regarding implied terms of...
  16. D

    Mobile Phone Contract Recommendations

    Its coming up to that time again, I seem to recall a few people recommending Tesco contract? I use a lot of call time and hardly any texts. I'm not fussed about changing my iPhone and my wife is happy with her Nokia, so it might be better to just go for a sim only deal? All help much...
  17. E

    Any contract law experts out there?

    Looking for a bit of advice. Last year I went to a local company to sell my house. They were a firm of solicitors with an estate agency arm. I signed a contract accepting their T&C's. The main issue is I have decided to withdraw the property from the market and there is a fee to pay - Its...
  18. E

    Business Contract Hire or Operating Lease

    Hi All, I'm about to order a c63 coupe, was going to order it on a Business 3yr Contract hire, I see there is something called a Operating lease. Can anyone tell me the difference please ? I'm looking at claiming 50% of VAT too
  19. E

    C63 Coupe Business Contract Offers

    Hi Chap's, I'd like some advice and help please before i take the plunge. Looking for a c63 Coupe on a business contract. Mercedes have the below deal, works out at £585.00 per month + vat. Mercedes-Benz UK - AMG - C 63 AMG Has anyone taken the above up, any pros or cons, are there...
  20. Spinal

    Contract Advice: Pay Us Back Clause

    A friend of mine just received his contract, and amidst the typical odds and ends, there was a clause that he (and I) has/have never seen before. In a nutshell, it states that if he resigns or is fired within the probationary period, he needs to pay the company a fairly hefty sum of money...
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