1. horgantrevor

    starting a c240 v6 conversion to a c43 amg

    hi all as many may know i have a c240 v6 sport im going to be converting it soon to a c43 i have collected c43 engine c43 dash clocks c43 ecu and eis and key and steering lock alloys and more i need a few bits if any one can help please do im looking for...
  2. S

    w124 leather conversion, seatbelt PITA

    I've recently changed the interior of my w124 to another from a 85 model as it's dark green. It looks like Merc used several w201 parts in this year including the rear seats. The seatbelts...

    w124/210 conversion

    Mercedes-Benz : RARE MERCEDES COUPE ONLY 3 in UK HEAD TURNER :eek:
  4. U

    Mercedes C43 E55 conversion

    Mercedes-Benz : Mercedes C43 E55 conversion
  5. BlackC55

    WANTED C36 AMG for TT conversion. Must be cheap, anything considered

    As above. C36 wanted for TT conversion. 07922023450
  6. 300CE

    UNIQUE 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 conversion - economic 3L Mercedes diesel engine

    UNIQUE 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 conversion - economic 3L Mercedes diesel engine | eBay
  7. T

    7 Seater conversion for W124 Mushroom

    Hi Wanted - 7 seater conversion for a 1993 W124 estate. Mushroom leather code 265 All the parts needed, side panels, seat belts, Seats etc. Cash waiting Thanks 07823 778368
  8. C

    w202 - getrag conversion

    i am currently in the process of turbo charging my c280 m104 engine (5 speed manual) and wondering what is involved in fitting the 190 cosworth cosworth gearbox?? i ve found out it bolts straight up and i can use the exisiting m104 flywheel do i need the cosworth clutch kit?? what about...
  9. M

    A famous (and member's) W123 560 conversion

    Last weekend I attended the Norfolk Gala Day near Norwich. One of the stands belonged to Anglia Car Auctions, on which they had the W123 which belonged to an MBClub member, discussed on MBClub a number of times and which also featured in Classic Car Magasine. This was the first ever time I had...
  10. emenoz

    V230 air suspension conversion kit

    hi , i am looking for a rear air supension conversion kit for my 1999 V class V230 , i want to convert the air sus to a spring sus , help . my vehicle is bouncy !
  11. gugs86

    w202 pre facelift to facelift conversion

    is there any way possible that the switches from the pre facelift (1995) w202 can be changed to ones from a facelift model?
  12. 300CE

    BN Mercedes-Benz W124 to W210 Front End Conversion Kit

    If you really want to: BN Mercedes-Benz W124 to W210 Front End Convertsion Kit | eBay UK
  13. BlackC55

    The next conversion begins.....

  14. GSD

    BN Mercedes-Benz W124 to W210 Front End Conversion Kit

    May be of interest to someone :dk: BN Mercedes-Benz W124 to W210 Front End Convertsion Kit | eBay UK
  15. Darrell

    Litres to yards conversion.

    I am soon to undertake a project here that involves sinking an above ground swimming pool into the ground. To get a rough idea, for me and the client, of the muck to be removed I need to know how many 6 yard skips I would need. I need to excavate a hole and remove roughly 30,000 litres or...
  16. S

    2006 Mercedes S320 CDI Conversion

    Hi All, I have just purchased a 2006 Mercedes S320, I wanted to know if you guys knew anyone that can facelift the whole car to look like the 2010 model. Your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks, Sawan
  17. I

    W220 S320cdi Analogue to Digital TV Conversion?

    Hi All. I have just purchased an S320cdi with comand, is there a conversion available to upgrade the TV from analogue to Digital (Pref with freeview) as the picture quality is poor, and it wont be long before there is no analogue at all. Many thanks in advance. Ian. P.S. It's a 2002 on a 02...
  18. U

    E320 Coupe, and has had a full E36 conversion

    94 MERCEDES E36 AMG COUPE AUTO BLACK W124 CE E320 RARE! on eBay (end time 22-Feb-11 19:42:25 GMT)
  19. 1987AMG

    Euro light conversion

    HEY FORUM i just got my set of BOSCH EURO lights in today and i have a US spec W124. i went to swap the but saw thet my US has 4 prongs and the EURO has 5 prongs how do i make this work??
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