W220 shock conversion kit

    All four shock absorbers for W220 airmatic to convert to coil springs. With little adjustments I got them fit on w215 + module to delete red warning light in the dash 600£ ONO 07948729766
  2. Oilcan

    C63 Style Quad Exhaust Conversion for C220/250 Cdi W204

    I have for sale ME11 Cobra Exhaust Mercedes C Class (W204) C200 C220 C250 Sport Quad - AMG Style. £479 new accept £250 Genuine C63 Diffuser panel for above exhaust. £120 new accept £50 Genuine MB exhaust heat shields for the Right hand side rear. £60 new accept £30 CKS C63 Syle front...
  3. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    My car is up for sale in the for sale ads:eek::eek: not in a rush and please no comments on price as that is the price i would take otherwise i will keep the car and some may think its good some will not but pls respect my rqst PLEASE NO SILLY OFFERS ABOUT HOW YOU WILL DO ME A FAVOUR AND TAKE...
  4. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    I have decided to sell my project......£45000.00.......... Please please no comments/opinions about price this is a for sale ad 2014 C63 amg converted to Black series body Car is MiNT condition Spec as follows Bodywork Full Black series conversion using all orig Mb Panels except bonnet...
  5. P

    RHD/LHD front light conversion 2009 ML 320CDI Sport

    Hi I'm in Spain at the moment and am likely to be here for a while. I am obliged to register the car after 6 months. This means I need to change the direction of my front lights to pass their ITV. What is the best way of going about that? Thanks Pum
  6. merc85

    211 amg Front bumper conversion

    These are now available in the Uk, Just in case anyone is after a conversion. MERCEDES E CLASS W211 2002>2005 Front Bumper E55 AMG Style | eBay Just a note im not affiliated in anyway thought it may be of interest
  7. P

    Mercesdes Sprinter RHD to LHD conversion

    Looking for someone to carry out conversion of 07 or newer Sprinter vans from a RHD to LHD. Suggestions and recommendations please :)
  8. sappers

    W163 Third row windows

    Has the W163 model with 5 seats and non opening third row windows got the wiring in place to add opening third row windows when converting to 7 seats, and is the wiring already fitted at the front centre console for the switches, does anybody know? I have a 2002 7 seater and I am looking to...
  9. B

    SL55 Coilover Conversion

    The parts have started to arrive in for the project :D Just waiting for the KW Variant 3 coilovers which should arrive in next week :D
  10. G

    C63 amg coupe conversion

    C63 amg coupe conversion to Black Series spec Hope this link works as car is finally after 17 months back with me Adam Lord at Arl coachworks has done a amazing job converting the body to a Black series spec using virtually all orig mercedes parts.If you have a crazy idea and want 1st...
  11. Aaron Amg 55

    W209 55 kompressor conversion

    I've been off here for a while now since then I've been messing around building a Clk 500 Rocket Bunny, the M113 is just to slow I want to put a 55 Kompressor/M113k engine and gearbox in the Rocket Bunny. I've seen a few on YouTube that look fantastic. But how simple or not so simple is the...
  12. F

    C63 507 Bonnet Conversion

    Hi All, I am looking to have my bonnet converted to a 507 bonnet, I have contacted a few places including two of my local MB Dealers who seem a bit confused for some odd reason about carrying this work out. Both say they are unable to do this? I have also contacted Projex who have quite a...
  13. merc85

    Face lift conversion 2004 w211

    Well Tuesday was a busy evening, Helped a good friend and forum member do a facelift conversion to his w211 e320 cdi. Here are some pic's After He ordered it off ebay, Complete with fog's and colour coded. It took us 6 1/2hours due to having to transfer and glue the PDC's sensor's in...
  14. S

    300 Turbo Diesel W124 conversion

    I have just picked up a W210 300 turbo diesel saloon with 150k on the clock with a view to using all the good stuff to convert a W124 to turbo diesel. Other than the engine, transmission and rear diff, what else do I need to remove from the w210 - which incidentally, is rust free.
  15. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    My new campervan W447 wheels - 18s rather than the 16s it came with
  16. C

    C63 facelift conversion

    I am currently sourcing parts to do the facelift conversion on my '10 c63. What sort of prices should i be paying for parts? Been quoted 750 for the complete front bumper assembly. Still trying to source headlights and a bonnet. I think this is all the physical parts i need. Possibly an...
  17. M

    W115 engine conversion

    Hi there I'm looking to put a new engine into my W115 I won't be carrying out the work myself so there will be a few mechanics that I know reading this thread to see what your suggestions are :) If I'm totally honest I would like something that is a little bit more reliable with some more...
  18. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    Hi all - heres a few pics of my 2015 Vito camper conversion by Key Campers in Hull Mods so far since delivery are 18 inch wheels ilo 16, rear speakers and I plan to fit a DAB Pioneer unit. Hopefully once the warranty is up ill chip it from 134 ps to nearer 190 also
  19. H

    W176 halogen to bi-xenon conversion?

    Hi, I have an pre-facelift a180 and have purchased the new facelift bi-xenon headlights and wondering can it be retrofitted to my car? at the moment my car has halogen lights and wanting them to be changed to the new ones I have purchased anyone help me? let me know if anyone's done this...
  20. M

    C124 V8 conversion

    Hi. Has anybody on here put a M117 into a C124? Just wondering if there's anyone who could carry this out & what the costs would be. Trying to decide on my next car C126 or C124 V8 swap. Cheers Jamie
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