1. Uky

    Alternative way to cool a Comand NTG4 upgrade?

    I have been considering upgrading my C207 from Audio50 to Comand NTG4. Several sources on the internet strongly advices also to install the ventilation duct and fan. This kit is not that expenceive. No problem. The installation instruction is giving me second thaughts however as the entire...
  2. David404

    Completely pointless but infinately cool

    Puddle lights that project the MB Star. Shame they don't seem compatible with the W211. Well probably good from perspective of SHMBO, saved me spending £100...:cool: LED projectors, Mercedes star Interior refinements for E-Class Saloon from April 2016
  3. E

    '08 E350 petrol - Too Cool Runnings (or watching the thermostat dying...)

    The new (to me) E350 runs at 80 degrees on the coolant temperature gauge, not 100 like the E55Ks. It seems to take longer to come up to temp than the E55Ks, too, but I had assumed that it was just that it read differently. Not so... Sunday morning, trundling along at 50(ish) mph in the long...
  4. LowMilerAMG

    Not Too Many Like This! Cool 190E

    This looks cool, retro 90's at its best!
  5. T

    fresh air Cool Face & Warm Feet which cars do it ?

    Driving Home Late from leicester the other night really in need of a coffee but didnt want to stay awake till the early hours I Lamented that in all of my cars bar the 124 i cant have warm air on my feet / lower Body and cool Fresh air on my face A great combination when driving and feeling...
  6. Charles Morgan

    Non MB but engine running cool

    My 3.5 litre straight six in my BMW M535i is running cold and barely getting out of the blue zone on the temperature gauge, it is also gulping petrol. No heating either I have changed the thermostat (no change) and because it was previously overheating at idle, the viscous fan coupling, which...
  7. A

    Engine running cool

    Dear All, I am not a technical person. I have a 56 plate 220 diesel Coupe and the temperature gauge appears to be reading 20 degrees or so less than I remember. The car used to run at just over 80 and now appears to run at 60. Please advise?
  8. Makdissy

    What kind of cool Accessories do you have in your Mercedes ?

    do you have any cool genuine gadgets in your Merc ????!!!! Here is one of my favourite :thumb:
  9. S

    GLA Turbo cool down time

    Hello all, and thank you in advance for your thoughts. To my understanding, turbo lifetime is improved by a post-use cool down period. This is substantiated by auto-start and security systems with a turbo cool-down timer feature. Have the AMG engineers devised some cooling system for the GLA 45...
  10. Deane x

    When did I become old and this become cool
  11. grober

    What is it about W111's that makes them cool

    I can't quite put my finger on it. What makes W111's so cool? Is it the abundance of chrome, the vertical headlights, that burbling V8, the big white steering wheel, the Paul Bracq bodywork who knows but it works. :cool: [YOUTUBE HD]yEHRTXaPgJI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  12. E

    cool advert

  13. spinaltap

    Cool App for your Mercedes

    I want one.... Cars - Products: Automatic Link Tracks Your Car's Health and Fuel Efficiency
  14. Howard

    Cool old CE

    Lots of money needed , but as you all know , I like the red paint with red leather :cool: Mercedes 250 ce Coupe 1969 LHD | eBay
  15. John Jones Jr

    A nice tale of a cool car & cool owner.

    Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale is a Racing Statement | Petrolicious
  16. M

    Cool looking coupe.

    mercedes benz 280 coupe w114 | eBay
  17. W

    Really cool Alfa...

    RARE 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Callaway - Fully Restored! | eBay
  18. T

    Advice for looking cool

    A guy asks some friends how to look cool as he "matures". They jokingly tell him to get a black convertible, put a baseball cap on and drive around with some "hos". :cool: My dashcam spotted him, keepin' it "reel":
  19. d w124

    Cool C123

    :cool::cool: 1983 Mercedes Benz 280 CE W123 5.0 V8 Conversion W126 M117 Coupe Fast | eBay
  20. Wingco

    How cool is cold?

    With this recent spell of hot weather I'm beginning to think that the air con on my W209, 220 CDi CLK is not up to the job:failPlenty of cool air blowing through the vents, however it's not freezing air. Hopefully it's just a matter of a re-gas. The car is is now just over 6 years old, about 38K...
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