1. W

    Oil cooler pipes

    Whilst having a poke about under the car yesterday (as you do) I noticed some very corroded pipework. It looks like the oil cooler supply and return pipes. They run along either side of the sump (metal pipe) then there is a short rubber section (presumably to absorb the engine vibration) and...
  2. L

    W202 Air Condition - Cooler Level

    Any one can Help me ? Recently i had my w202 C220 Cdi from 1998, rebulding the cylinder head, because of a crack. After the repair, when i start the car, and turn the air condition on, the warning light of the cooler level on the dashboard, turns on. The liquid is in the correct level, which...
  3. K

    P reg Mercedes E300DT oil cooler etc

    Car sprays out engine oil when running, been told by the dealer that its needs a new high pressure oil pipe and matrix, cost £500. Is there a cheaper way to get this done?
  4. zafarius

    oil cooler wanted

    Does anyone know where I could get a cheap oil cooler for a E300 TD 1997 ?
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