1. S

    W210 E320CDI EGR Cooler Removal

    Hi, Am in the middle of removing the mixing chamber to clean it, I have disconnected it fully (along with the cooler) but am unable to get it away from under the manifold due to the EGR cooler being connected to the chamber and locking it all in. Does anyone know how to separate the cooler...
  2. J

    R107 Oil Cooler

    Hi, I've recently bought an '81 R107 280 SL. It needs a new oil cooler which is no longer produced by MB. Does anyone know where I might find one? The part number is: 1161801665. There is one on ebay for an R107 SLC, however the part number is slightly different (1965 at the end) so I'm...
  3. trando

    Leaking Oil Cooler

    I found some oil on the floor of my garage yesterday morning. Oddly the oil was leaking from underneath the right hand side of the front bumper... I booked the car into my local dealer and they diagnosed a leaky oil cooler which has now been replaced under warranty. Anyone come across this...
  4. C

    Part no. A6121880301 Auto Transmittion oil cooler

    Hi Again, Following a Torque Converter Failure, JPan have reconditioned my unit, but when they rang, that informed me it failed due to water contamination. OK I did research & thought the Valeo rad problem. Its a W203, registered March 2003. I am 99% sure the oil lines from the box go up into...
  5. M

    Gearbox oil cooler W124

    I've a 1991 W124 230TE Auto. I'm trying to find out why the (new) battery has drained flat overnight. In looking at the fusebox I note that the white 8a fuse in position 11 is missing, this is the gearbox oil cooler. Should this model have a fuse fitted and if so what damage will have occurred...
  6. P

    Oil cooler for towing??????

    Hi Guys, i have heard that an oil cooler is required if towing a caravan with an W210, E300D R Reg? Is it required or just a nicety? Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Also, if it is the case what would it cost and what model would members suggest?
  7. peapod

    w210 e300td transmission cooler leak

    I have a small drip from bottom of rad OS front, looks like the clean atf I put in this summer. Has anyone had this leak with an E300TD. Is it a seprate cooler? I cant see it properly even with undertray removed. Is it likely to be a new cooler job and if so ball park parts figure ?? :mad:
  8. jonnyboy

    w124 transmission oil cooler pipes

    anyone got a good one? the one closest to the radiator. will speak to the dealers tomorrow but just in case.... suffered a pinhole last night in the 300d estate hack - need it on the road urgently as i've got loads of work on and those s class wheels to pick up !
  9. D

    C180, 203, Transmission, coolerpipes

    Hi, my C180K/203 has started losing oil, Engine oil level remains ok according to the electronics, and the dropped oil is a reddish colour, I assume then that this is ATF and seems to be coming from the two zones where the ATF cooling pipe is clipped tightly to the LH side of the engine. At...
  10. A

    190E W201 oil in the coolant Oil cooler failure ??

    Hi I've got oil in the coolant but no signs of the head gasket gone is it possible the oil cooler could of failed causing this ?
  11. A

    Which Oil cooler is this?

    Hey ppl, I have bought an MB oil cooler to fit in my VW golf. Bought it from a dusmantler so i dont know which car is it from and whether its an engine oil cooler or a tranny oil cooler? Part number is 201 501 8101, can some one please check from which MB is it from and if its an engine...
  12. johnsco

    E300td oil cooler leak - advice please

    Evening Buddies On Saturday, my beloved E300TD sprang a bad oil leak on the inboard coupling union to the oil cooler rad in front of the N/S front wheel. God knows why - It just happened out of the blue. :( Oil all over the place !! Shouldn't have too much rust around there for a while ! Easy...
  13. C

    charge air cooler

    Anyone know anything about these? Have any pics how they fit, where connect etc. c-180 Komp w203
  14. A

    ML270CDI - Separate Transmission Cooler?

    Hi All, Newbie question - have searched forums before posting this but need clarification - just bought an 02 ML270CDI auto - 85k kms on it - goes great. Had the transmission serviced the other day and the mechanic told me he didnt like the look of the ATF - looked a bit dark. He was convinced...
  15. spock500

    Not very cool, cooler -

    Here's a real puzzler, these things always seem to happen to me :( I bought a w210 2/3 weeks ago which I have been using as a daily driver without a hitch, no leaks, nothing.... until today. I went out to do an oil change but first checked I had the right oil filter so i unbolted the hex cap...
  16. V

    W211 ATF Cooler Concern

    Hello and Merry Xmas everyone, Being a Dec 2003 built W211 220 CDI owner with 115K km , I am getting concern with the horror stories of auto transmission failures due to coolant contaminated ATF due to leaks from the Valeo supplied radiators (I’m not sure what make mine is as I cannot find any...
  17. mercmanuk

    dell cpu cooler needed

    what type of cooler do dell computers use,ive an intel p4 tower which keeps locking due to overheating so ive bought an arctic cooler 7 cooler,the footprint of the 4 fixing feet on the board is too small for the new cooler,is it a special cooler for the dell motherboards
  18. E

    gearbox cooler hose

    Hi can anyone tell me if i have damaged my gearbox 1995 E220 cabriolet auto i was driving about 60mph and my fan belt started to split in two and a part of it hit the gearbox hose and broke it at the nut, oil all over the engine and i lost drive ipulled ove within 200 yards and switched off. do...
  19. A

    Gearbox oil cooler??

    A bit of advice required please. If a towbar was factory-fitted (as mine was) to an auto (as mine is), is it likely an additional oil cooler would have been fitted at the same time? The car is a pre-facelift 2004 W203 C320. Is there a quick way of establishing if a secondary oil cooler is...
  20. E

    260e oil cooler

    I have been trying to locate a water leak for some time now. I had convinced myself it was the heater matrix, but now I am hoping it is something else. Water can been seen dripping on the drivers (Right) side of the auto gearbox. On inspection, I can see I have a smaller secondary radiator...
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