1. M

    Oil Cooler On 2004 ML350

    Hi, this is a bit of a 'preventative' question really... on one of my other cars, the oil cooler (the type that runs engine coolant past the oil, sometimes called a 'modine' unit) failed and I had oil and water mix... I know that many vehicles use this system and I am therefore interested in...
  2. RyanMuller

    Help i need a new charge cooler :-(

    So the c32's charge cooler has a leak and is leaking slightly into the air intakes. I rang MB and a genuine part is £1100 but with a 2 MONTH lead time as they don't stock the part. Does anyone have any experience with this, is there an aftermarket route? Or do I suck up the wait and garage...
  3. G

    Gearbox oil cooler

    Can I fit a universal oil cooler ie air cooled to my w211 320cdi as has the problem leaking coolant into the gearbox.. ??does this cause any other probs and is this easier than replacing the whole rad ... cheers .. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. D

    Removel of valeo gearbox cooler

    Is there a mod anybodys done to remove the heat exchanger gearbox cooler for a radiator type? Im having trouble finding out. Will a decent transmision cooler bolted to the fron of the radiator be ok? Cheers again.
  5. S

    W203 c class gearbox oil cooler pipes

    Hi Has anyone changed there gearbox oil cooler pipes ? Any advice would be great Looking at the pipes where they go into rad they push in and held in by a clip The other end bolt into either side of gearbox held in by a banjo bolt and washer Not sure if it can be done from below car...
  6. T

    Oil Cooler?

    Hi, Just bought a second hand Mercedes, 2005 CLK on a 55 plate, Obsidian black with an AMG bodykit, 69k. I never intended to buy another car but been on the lookout for one of these for ages so I had to have it. Apologies to Kevin (aka GVM) for sending me some light coloured car polish as I...
  7. E

    Wine Cooler

    Husky HN6 Reflections Slimline Countertop Wine Cooler £50 Pick up from Stourport on severn OR Astwood Bank
  8. M

    Auto Gearbox oil cooler c220 w204 2014 (prefacelift)

    Was wondering if anyone could help with this, where would the gearbox oil cooler water hoses run to from the oil cooler? Someone stole my car to half inch the front end and cut all the hoses!! Meh.....
  9. Andrew W

    Amg E55k charge cooler pump

    Hi all before I buy a pump for the charge cooler Was wondering if anyone had one lying around surplus to requirements thanks Andy .
  10. Andrew W

    E55k charge cooler pump

    Well I phoned to so called merc specialist In Sheffield today and they don't want to entertain the fitting of the coolant pump !! I explained it wasn't a big job and could do it myself but thought I would give them the business, what gives ;(
  11. E

    oil cooler leak for C63 amg.

    Hi Everyone. I have owned an MY10 C63 AMG for 3 and a half years now but when I took the car in for its annual service I was infomed there was an oil leak possibly from the oil cooler. I took it in yesterday for a full hour diagnostic which I was charged £144. I have been quoted a total of...
  12. Twistedmind

    Seperate ATF Oild Cooler

    Hi All Whats the best position for a seperate oil cooler ? Near the bonet catch, or lower down infront of the turbo intercooler ? Anybody have pics of one installed ??
  13. N

    Charge Cooler Pump, Or Soft Limiter???

    Hi Guys, firstly im having to post this the old fashioned way..........on a computer :wallbash: as my iphone app wont let me so if anyone knows why can you let me know !! Now onto the post topic...............the last few weeks occationally, and rather naughtily, ive given the C32 the beans when...
  14. J

    W208 Transmission cooler line change

    Hello all! New member here, recently picked up a W208 CLK55 AMG, and loving it so far! I am completing a few jobs to tidy it up and hopefully prepare for a good summer of motoring! The first job on the list was a trans fluid and filter change, which I had completed at a local MB specialist...
  15. simonafloat

    ML270CDI Oil cooler?

    Hi all I have an Ml270CDI, 2002 UK facelift model with a 5 speed tiptronic box. How can I tell if mine has a separate oil cooler fitted, or was it fitted as standard on my model. Just trying to rule out the glycol in ATF scenario with my misbehaving gearbox. There appears to be a little...
  16. G

    seperate gearbox oil cooler fitted

    2002 w211 e320cdi So yesterday i fitted a 13 row oil cooler, inline 80 degree thermostat, gearbox oil & filter, wiring plug & new sump seal. Only got pics of fitting the cooler
  17. G

    e320cdi transmission cooler pipe size??

    52 w211 e320cdi i am going to fit a 13 row cooler for the gearbox & also an inline 80degree thermostat but before ordering need to know what size the original cooler pipes are. Does anyone know?? thanks James
  18. G

    e320cdi seperate oil cooler info needed

    Going to fit a seperate gearbox oil cooler to my 52 w211 e320cdi but need to know what sort of size i will need. Has anyone got info on which cooler will be suitable please????? want to get this done asap. thanks in advance
  19. simon1966

    Original 55K Oil Cooler Mount Brackets - Needed

    Hi All This is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any spare brackets off their 55K oil coolers where they mount onto the u/s of the Heat Exchanger? There are 2 different brackets, one is a single part bracket, the other is 2 part. I have a new Eurocharged Heat Exchanger but my 2 part...
  20. Mr Fixit

    C32 Glycol fix;- oil cooler bypass 'undo'

    Just got the car back from an initila check at a dealer, aside from the front bearing and a few bits (front anti roll bar+ bushes) we are in good shape. However the guys pointed out that the oil cooler had been bypassed with a simple link across the box, with the original pipes simply cut off...
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