1. S

    C63 Oil Cooler....

    I have a 2008 C63 with stone chip in my Oil cooler. The cooler which is behind the right fog light cannot be fixed and need a replacement one. Mercedes have quoted me £450 for the part. Anyone know where it my be cheeper?? A 209 500 06 00 is the part number :dk:
  2. Rashman

    Cooler on rear diff

    Ok, so I've always been bugged by the dull appearance of the cooler on the rear diff :crazy: So I decided to give it a going over. It's going to take a while to get it to how I want it, but it'll come good. I'll keep at it each evening and see how I go. Ideally, I really need the car...
  3. D

    W211 CDI, how to remove oil cooler at filter housing?

    W211 E220 CDI (with OM 646, should be same for 647 and 648 also) How to remove the oil cooler that sits at the back of the oil filter housing? WIS says that all I need to do is to remove the filter cap to access the oil cooler. MB workshop also says that removing the charge air manifold...
  4. f17rak

    oil cooler mod for e55

    Hi guys. Iv recently purchashed an e55, iv been reading about the valeo rad issue. I want to fit an external oil cooler. Was wondering will this be sufficient? UNIVERSAL 16 ROW ENGINE OIL COOLER KIT NEW | eBay as its local to me i can pick it up. Does it need to be bigger, smaller, will i...
  5. S

    211 gearbox oil cooler

    E270 Thinking of adding a seperate gearbox oil cooler, anyone one done one before?????
  6. Gridlock

    C43 ATF cooler

    Noticed a bit of thin oil under bumper, examined ATF cooler, leak at top right nozzle (when looking from back), tried to tighten, whole nozzle snapped off. So I am now the proud owner of an undrivable blue lump. :wallbash::wallbash: Anyone got one? Or 30 aspirin and a bottle of nice...
  7. F

    W202 ATF Cooler

    Driving to visit family on xmas eve i saw a cloud of white smoke/mist behind me, drove on a few miles until I could pull over somewhere safe and all drive had gone. Dound that there was a fluid leaking from under the rad. Got AA to take me to a garage near relatives (only joined for the first...
  8. 7

    Major ATF leak from cooler pipe

    Hi, due to the cooler pipes rusting thru I think I lost most of the ATF in the gearbox (98 C280 722.6). I drove about 60 miles experiencing the usual symptoms, losing drive, flaring, not selecting any gear etc. I topped up the levels but noticed a burnt smell coming from the filler pipe. Have I...
  9. sspeed

    ATF cooler precaution

    Hi all, I am giving very serious thought to getting an ATF cooler fitted and the Valeo Radiator ATF cooler disconnected. I know this has been done but I dont know by who.. So If you have had this precautionary mod done can you tell me where you had it done, How much it cost and are you happy...
  10. P

    Not ebay but far cooler

    taiwan yahoo auctions probally the coolest 126 interior i've seen, and only 3500... worth that here!
  11. BenzedUP

    Oil cooler?

    Hi Guys, Got a questions for you; When I had my SLK55, I know it's had an oil cooler as I had an issue with it, but on C55's I just noticed no oil cooler?:dk: There was a suggestion buy someone that Maybe the R171 uses a smaller oil pan due to the smaller (more restrictive) chassis which...
  12. lotteboom

    ATF replacement after burt oil cooler pipe

    Hi, would I be best to have a warm running engine, a warm turned off engine or a cold engine when topping up all the oil that ejected from the oil cooler pipes? :dk:
  13. T

    need help - oil cooler on 300CE-24V

    just had my oil cooler split open :wallbash: - hopefully managed to shut down engine in time to avoid damage having problems locating possible spare unit - local MB dealer wants nearly £380 for genuine unit, anybody got other ideas of where to call ? will try all the merc breakers tomorrow...
  14. W

    auto gearbox oil cooler pipe

    i have a 190e 1.8 automatic and it has leaking oil cooler pipe,the one from the you know where i can get one and how much....thanks:rolleyes:
  15. F

    Oil cooler

    W211 E320 On closer inspection, after going through past threads, (about gear box & rad. problems) I think my car has been modifed for seperate gear box cooling. There is a small narrow rad.sitting vertically in front of the main rad (not sure if valeo) with 18m. pipes running to & from this...
  16. Danny DeVito

    Oil Cooler pipe crusched

    Maybe someone will know...:dk: There is a metal oil pipe which loops across behind the front bumper, an oil cooler pipe is suppose. It looks like it was crushed by a bar levering something at some time or other. My question is will this block oil flow to vital other parts or is it just looped...
  17. omega1

    C220 (W203) running cooler?

    Hi all, My car (C220 W203) seems to be running cooler than normal (not now specifically with the cold weather, just got round to posting this), accodring to the temperate dash gauge, its running all the time at 60C which, as far as I know, is slightly cooler than I would expect? Not sure if...
  18. M

    Auto box oil cooler

    Hi All I plan to tow a caravan with my C250TD auto (W202), can anyone tell me if I need to add an oil cooler to the G/box like you did for older autos, or does my car have one allready ? Thanks in advance Mark
  19. H

    ECU cooler

    Didn't know where to ask this - Engine/Electronics/General Forum etc, but here goes... I recently had a trip to Germany and broke down in our E320 CDI. It seems there is a cooling fan in the ECU housing that had blown a fuse rendering the vehicle immobile. Got towed to a local Merc dealer...
  20. 1

    Rusted Transmission cooler pipe W210 E300

    I have a oil leak/gush traced to a transmission cooler pipe running below the rad on a W210 E300, i have joined the 2 flexi cooler pipes to enable me to stay mobile, am i likely to have problems if i don't rush to change the metal cooler pipes and reconnect the cooler rad?:confused:
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