1. D

    Traffic Cops!

    Driving on the M6 today coming home from Manchester. In the middle lane doing around 65mph. About 50 yds behind an HGV on the inside lane. BMW X5 police car passes me on the outside doing maybe 70-75mph No flashing lights. AS SOON as he passes me he crosses the 2 lanes (pulling first...
  2. Satch

    Stuart Hall cops a plea

    Admits 14 counts of indecent assault against children. I sense an Ernest Saunders event coming on.....
  3. Y

    Traffic Cops = "Law Enforcers"

    Yesterday, as I was visiting sunny cornwall I was being followed by the most infamous of them all, a traffic cop. In the aggressive and rude tone that most of them have, he said, and i quote; "oi, you, i need to speak to you, pull up over there and get out of your car." in which i replied...
  4. W

    Traffic Cops - talking carp

    That crashed red car with roll cage. Firstly they say the car has been modified for track use - true. Then they say he was driving too fast - quite possibly true. Then they said the roll cage saved his life - quite possibly true. Then they said that car shouldn't me on the road despite it...
  5. MarkP80

    Traffic Cops last night

    Anyone watch Traffic Cops last night? There was an interesting part where they parked up in an unmarked car, in a lay-by on a dual carriageway, and got the laser speed gun out. It was a good place to catch people they said, as it was a long, clear stretch of road. At first, I thought this...
  6. S

    Traffic cops tonight

    Or I could have titled it 'why you should not let your dealer return your car to you after it's service'. To précis: Dunstable Audi mechanic caught doing 116 mph on dual carriageway and then 60 in a 30 returning car to customer. Always drop off and collect my car myself.
  7. whitenemesis

    BBC 1 - Cars, Cops and Criminals

    Interesting piece about criminals now using radio jammers to block the RF signals from the key fob, so cars are not locking. Also 'experts' report that there are easily available electronics that can defeat modern car immobilisers. Mercedes were featured. The scenario depicted in the film...
  8. ckember

    MB world, Iphone and traffic cops

    Went down to MB world today for the first time. What an amazing array of cars on show to play with. New E63 AMG too. Nice. They had £10 per person for rides in the AMG cars, and even the drive yourself for 30minutes was only £50, down from £170 for 60minutes. However the day turned bad when I...
  9. S

    motorway cops bbc1 now!!!!

    is any one else watching this ........... im amazed there still alive , that poor lorry driver.
  10. A

    Traffic cops parking

    So the TC's are on another speed catching run on a bit of road near me - its a dual lane bit of road in-between 2 roundabouts that goes into 3 lanes when its gets near the r/b. Its a 30 speed limit but I am guessing that people not in the know would assume its a 40.. Anyway, so they have...
  11. gurpz

    Cars, Cops and Criminals: Casting the Net

    A good watch on car crime: Catch it quick before its gone.
  12. robert.saunders

    BBC1 - Cars, Cops and Criminals

    On now - organised car crime
  13. N

    Cops seek 125 mph driver who filmed himself

    Who would be silly enough to do such a thing? :rolleyes:
  14. Koolvin

    Traffic Cops!

    Sorry Dave. Decided to stay at home with folks this friday and have a little pre-rest just before Christmas parties commence... anyway I went to get a Pizza, the Merc was blocked in by my sisters MG so I took the Micra. 1st Thing that came into my mind was Dave Elcome as he had been giving...
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