1. jonnyMercUK

    Corrupt Becker Map Pilot

    Hi, looking for some advice. I purchased a new Mac and wanted to back up my Map Pilot. I downloaded content manager, plugged the unit in and it's now corrupt... :mad: Can anyone help as it's now not working in the car :crazy:
  2. KoFidee

    PS4 corrupt data

    anyone have a ps4? Have you had the corrupt data issue? Son lost all saves on one of his games really gave us grief over it Sony forums were useless to resolve had to start console from scratch he now backs up to usb!
  3. M

    Copy of a corrupt EPC/WIS 2009 File please?

    A file on my EPC installation DVDs is unreadable. I've managed to install WIS but the EPC installation stumbles on this file. Can anyone supply me this file please? I'm willing to pay for posting to me on a CD (it's only 397MB), if you haven't got dropbox or similar. It's on EPC Disk 3 of 3...
  4. M

    W209: Comand corrupt vehicle speed

    Hi All! I'm new to this forum. I found it by google:bannana: I've a W209 from 2003 with a Comand 2.0 system. No retrofit but original. When I go to the info screen of the Comand (mute + 1 + 3 button) and display the vehicle speed it says between -300 and +900 km/h no mather what speed I'm...
  5. J

    ECU with corrupt data???

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me with the following........The better half has had a bit of an issue with her W168 A Class. The engine management light came on yellow a couple of days ago and she experienced a loss off power to the engine. We called MB Assist who sent a local engineer out...
  6. imadoofus

    Corrupt File

    I had a MS Word doc on my desktop, which I opened, immediately closed and deleted. But now I've got a ghosted file on the desktop which I can't open, or delete. How do I get rid of it? Where the original file was (for example) Document.doc, the ghosted file is ~$cument.rtf Thx PJ
  7. R

    WMA file corrupt

    I have 1700 songs in Windows Media player and over time I have converted then to wmas and added details on the tags. All the files play fine in Windows Media player. I desided to copy all of the files on to my archos and replaced the older files with the newer files. Now most of my music wont...
  8. R

    Corrupt files.

    I accidentially deleted .ppt files that my son was working on :o I managed to recover them with PC Inspector but some are corrupted and wont open in powerpoint. Any ideas anyone?
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