1. S

    Viano Service Interval Counter Jumped From Being Due In 12000km to 68km Overdue

    Can anyone help explain why my Viano service counter interval could jump from due in around 12000km to being 68km overdue. The van has been running fine but today was really sluggish to turn over and I thought the battery was drained. After turning off everything (audio system etc), it fired up...
  2. R

    slight wobble on the rev counter when driving

    Hi, I have a 63 plate C250 and I have noticed whilst driving I have a slight wobble on the rev counter. It's only very slight but I was wondering if it's something I should look into? Roobler
  3. S

    W126 Rev Counter not working

    Since I've had my 84 500 SEC the rev counter has never worked. Anyone have any ideas what it can be? I've yet to pull out the cluster to see if all is good there, but before I do that I wanted to check everything else. I cannot figure out where the rev counter gets its signal from....
  4. S

    Bouncing rev counter!

    I have an unusual problem with my 2011 Viano 2.2CDI. The rev counter keeps bouncing by about 100 revs when under light load. It generally jumps up then goes back to the same point almost instantly every few seconds. There is no real pattern to it and I can also just feel the car physical surge...
  5. John

    SBC counter?

    Does anyone know what the following value is? DJ_GetPmpCycle i_VZ2Max = 59801600 From a quick Google, I can find it is the limit of SBC but is it pump activations (approximately every 3 brake presses albeit not always)?
  6. martyp87

    When I go to the parts counter at MB...

    So I went to the MB dealer the other day to order some parts for the car and whilst they were off looking up P/Ns from my sketchy descriptions I had a browse of the MB Collection 2015 catalogue. Flicking through the pages, I couldn't help but be amused by one item... It will also go...
  7. Biglee

    500SL R129 Idle - Rev counter

    I am after opinions on what this can be. 1990 500SL R129. I did have some lumpy idle issues and have changed dizzy caps and rotors for Beru. I have cleaned all connections to Idle control valve and checked working OK . Have checked the connections and fuse on the voltage protection relay...
  8. S

    Fault Counter

    Looking at live data from my vehicle, under the Engine Management System there is a "fault counter" for each cylinder. Cylinders 1, 3 & 4 show value 0, cylinder 2 shows value 2. Can anyone tell me what this means please? Vehicle is R170 SLK230, code reader is iCarSoft i980.
  9. O

    Engine chucking when hot rev counter pulsing

    Hi everyone,not been on for a while but looking for any help on this issue,I have a 04 w211 e220 and when my car gets hot( an hours driving)engine sounds as she is missing or "chucking" when I try to go uphill with pedal down,also Rev counter is pulsing when driving at constant speed,like she is...
  10. ioweddie

    Is this normal my rev counter needle fluctuating on tickover?

    Hi all just started to notice on my 62 reg c220 sport plus, the rev counter is not dead steady on tickover, either in park or drive (on auto hold) is this common or a sign of something like injectors etc Thanks Eddie
  11. S

    Problem with Rev counter.

    Driving home tonight something really weirded happened, the Rev counter started to sweep all round the dial whilst driving. I pulled over and switched off, waited a min or two then restarted but still the same problem... But the car drove with full power and shifted gears fine... So I then...
  12. Pleassy

    Service counter

    Just picked up my R170 after service, The garage forgot to reset counter, keeps bleeping at me Can anyone help? Garage hours drive!
  13. J

    87 230e running rough , stalling and rev counter problem

    Ī Hi every one first I would like to say I have searched for nearly 2 weeks for an answer to my issue I have found similar issues to mine but none quite the same, so I hope you don't mind me asking. It started when my partner was on a 500km jurny in the car. On the way the car was filled up...
  14. M

    W208 - Jerky Rev Counter

    Hi. My '99 320 Sport has developed (dont recall it doing it before) a jerky rev counter needle but only when accelerating. Engine sounds even and pull is normal. Decel is fine, as too if you blip the throttle in neutral - the needle is nice and smooth. I assume there is only one pick-up on...
  15. Polak

    E320 Cabriolet (A124) Rev Counter Intermittent

    My '95 E320 Cabrio has a faulty Rev Counter that has a mind of it's own on certain days and on others it's just fine !!! Not sure if this an electrical problem or mechanical so any input on how these work would be good :thumb: Thanks
  16. M

    Sticking rev counter needle

    I think this has been put in a thread before, but I cant find it In the morning when cold, the rev counter needle stays on zero After 5mins of driving I tap the side of the dash and then it reads ok all day long until the next morning. Is there a cure for this without stripping it down or...
  17. D

    vito 108 CDI rev counter problems

    hi guys i just recently purchased a 99 vito 108 cdi and the rev counter doesnt work any ideas what it might be thanks in advanced Danny
  18. simonjamesturne

    Resetting the W211 SBC counter

    Does anyone know if this service for resetting W211 SBC units is genuine? MERCEDES W211 & R230 ABS SBC ESP MOBILE CHEAP REPAIR SERVICE in Reading | Motoring, Mechanic & Car Breakdown Services | Seems to use something called "Xentry", what ever that is?
  19. Carrsey

    Service counter reset...

    As im new to the world of MB will no doubt have plent of questions in the near future.. So here is my first one, i was planning on using my usual mechanic for servicing etc, he is about the only person i trust with my motors and fairly priced but i doubt he will be able to reset the servive...
  20. Whitey

    Under counter vs tall fridge freezer

    Hi there Another one of my 'thinking out loud' posts - feel free to ignore :D I'm in the process of creating an open plan kitchen diner and am failing to find a suitable position for our tall fridgefreezer. Other than electricity usage and having to bend down a little, what's the opinion...
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