1. zenman63

    AMG Private Lounge Meet Coventry Stock Pot Cafe 8th July

    Hi all, I'm organising an AMG Only meet at a very nice location for breakfast and GTG 9:30 - 12:00 Stock Pot Cafe. I need a show of hands so I can reserve a space for us all. Very large parking area! AMG Private Lounge Cheers, Olly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Coventry Vito garages.

    Anybody recommend a decent MB repairer in Coventry that can work on Vito's? Have found the following , are these okay ? GM motors on lythalls lane Coventry. Mercland Nuneaton. Want to get a quote on oil cooler leak , but Van is Sorn at moment so cannot take it there. Do you...
  3. M

    Star diagnostics - West Midlands - Coventry

    Hi all, I am looking for a good mobile Mercedes mechanic in the Coventry area with star diagnostics who can check out some fault codes on my car, I have a icarsoft MB2, but some codes it is reading it can't find in it's database. Regards, Mark.
  4. M

    Hello from Coventry

    Hi all, I have had my 2009 E350 CDI for nearly 6 months now, so thought it best to join up. Regards, Mark.
  5. bob6600

    Dack Motor Group - Coventry

    New Independent opening in Coventry, taken over the old Vauxhall dealership. They have a branch in Lincoln although MB not covered there. Anyone used them at either place? I will still use Jay for my Merc but this place covers VAG/MB/LR/Vauxhall/BMW claiming to have dealer level diagnostics for...
  6. bob6600

    Coventry Motofest Was on yesterday and ending today. Anyone go or going? Few pics nicked from a friend who went
  7. S

    MB Coventry

    Avoid! Went in today as in thinking going for something more modern. C63 in there for sale W205 model and the guy couldn't have been more unhelpful and well, arrogant. He had obviously sized me up when I walked in as being a pauper so chose not to help and just be rude. After 5...
  8. Abb

    Calling any members live in between Coventry & Leicester??

    As per title, wanted to know if any member lived in between these areas near to the M69, and could do me a HUGE favour. Basically I have seen a watch for sale and the chap who owns it, will not post it nor allow a courier to collect it, wants cash on collection. It is approximately a 6hrs...
  9. AnimMerc

    Legal Street Racing Coventry

    Legal street racing in Coventry - PistonHeads
  10. covlad

    hi from coventry

    just got my first Mercedes 300E 1988 and just saying hi :rock:
  11. M

    Mb dealers tamworth or coventry

    new to mercedes having bought from mb exeter and found service excellent to far to take for service, wondered can anybody recommend mb tamworth or coventry as i live in midlands any views appreciated
  12. W

    Manheim Auctions in Coventry - anyone tried it?

    Google Maps Does anyone know exactly what happens at Manheim Auctions near Coventry airport? The sign outside side auctions every Wednesday and Saturday, yet there are no details of this site on their website. Manheim Remarketing - Locations Just curious. Has anyone bought a car from...
  13. W

    alloy wheel repair - Coventry or Banbury

    Can anyone please recommend an alloy wheel repair workshop in either Coventry or Banbury? I'd ideally like someone very local to these cities to remove courier fees or travel time. Due to the level of corrosion the workshop will need to have facilities to fully dip and repaint the whole wheel...
  14. MacCLS500

    I Recommend Independent (Coventry)

    Being a new member of this forum and very thanful for the advice I have been given regarding my first Mercedes CLS500 I have great pleasure to recommend the following Independent Garge to fellow members in the Midlands. They are based in Coventry. They have carried out a full major service on my...
  15. D

    Mercedes specialists near Coventry

    Can anyone recommend an independent specialist in or close to Coventry please?
  16. D

    1981 Mercedes 500 SL R107 - Coventry Area - £7950

    1981 Mercedes 500 SL R107 For Sale £7,950 ono (approx. €8,936 or $12,959) .src = img1.src; javascript:void(0);"].src = img2.src; javascript:void(0);"].src = img3.src; javascript:void(0);"].src = img4.src; javascript:void(0);"] Mercedes 500SL complete with matching private registration...
  17. D

    Breaking Mercedes 280e W123 saloon - Coventry!

    Hello all, I'm going to start breaking this beast this weekend - Let me know if you want any parts. The engine, wheels and hub caps are already spoken for but everything else is available. The car is just running out of MOT and Tax so everything mechanical is in good order but all the panels...
  18. jaymanek

    My Cars on Display at Mercedes Coventry

    They are having 125 year celebrations and launch of the new CLS, so they wanted a range of cars to display...
  19. developer

    MB Coventry - credit where credit's due

    My recent purchase and current vehicle wasn't bought as an approved used, instead coming from Sytner Specialist Vehicles located at Tollbar Volvo, Warwick. It has 6 months MB warranty remaining. I usually buy approved used to enjoy the comfort blanket it provides (though I know others...
  20. Niks

    Drive to Coventry

    Just got back from a drive to Coventry, saw 1 black W124 E220 L-Reg on the way up, the owner gave a nod and a smile as I wafted along at 70. Then saw another 2 W124's on the way back, one was a silver estate (Diesel) and another dark blue Saloon E280 M-Reg, I honked at him and he honked back at...
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