1. D

    New C class, paint crack on bootlid. Thoughts?

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar. Car is just over a month old, spotted the problem when washing it the other day. It's on the bootlid, apperas to start underneath the chrome trim, right where the panel folds for the numberplate recess. Small vertical crack in the paint...
  2. dad4geer

    Rear passenger tyre got a crack

    I was driving out of a multi-storey car park using all my skills to manoeuvre it when suddently the left side (rear passenger) wheel hit the kerb (it was a very narrow turn). I managed to drive out of the car park and then further 70-80 miles back home and then did a quick inspection to find...
  3. poormansporsche

    Boot load of Crack ?

    Thats all I can think of ?????? Mercedes C280 manual ( verry rare only 3 left) | eBay Cosworth Engine :doh:
  4. wongl

    Car came back from service with crack in bumper

    Took my car to main dealership for a routine service. Upon collecting my car from the dealership I noticed a crack in the rear bumper. I pointed this out to the service manager who denied putting the crack in my rear bumper. Where do I stand? My word against the dealership.
  5. B

    Crack on face of Audio 50 APS

    Hi Soon after I got my car back from a service last year I noticed a tiny crack on the face of my Audio 50 APS on the black perspex thingy that was about 2mm long. Unfortunately, over the last few months the crack has got longer and longer and is now about 2cm long (see pic)...
  6. CreosoteChris

    W124 Windscreen Crack

    Just noticed a crack in the windscreen of my 220CE - top corner driver's side, edge-to-edge, about 8-10cm total length. I think it's new, haven't noticed before, and the car passed MOT a couple of weeks ago so that's not an immediate problem.. Is this illegal? MOT fail next time round? What...
  7. R

    Windscreen crack - rain sensor query

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and haven't been able to find an answer to my query so apologies if this has already been asked before! I have a C180 AMG sport and recently my windscreen has cracked. My insurance company will replace this (through autoglass), with an excess fee of £100. What I'm...
  8. M

    W211 front lower pivot little crack

    On my W211 E270 7 months ago I changed both front lower pivots ..lemforder ... and now when I performed the winter checking I was told that one of them has a little crack. Do you think it will pass me trough winter? < Sent from my Samsung S5 Mini using MBClub UK
  9. R

    Bumper crack

    Greetings, I've just reversed into something that made a small crack in my rear bumper, about half an inch long and maybe quarter inch wide. I don't know what these bumpers are made of nowadays, but I'm guessing some sort of fibreglass or similar by the looks of it: it's as if the shiny top...
  10. L

    SL 55 parts for sale ; new battery, carbon fibre OEM ashtray with small crack, etc..

    Hi, so as you know if been doing some work putting my 2006 SL 55 back to stock, I'm a bit of perfectionist so some peeps won't mind some of the things I guess so I thought id offer the parts I don't need for sale here; 1. OEM carbon fibre ashtray, with a small crack by button, most people...
  11. V

    Anyone had genuine alloys crack?

    Hello all With so many replica alloys out there at such a good price its tempting not to buy a set that looks just as good as the real thing. And the thing is that most of time you cannot tell the difference anyway. However, the difference usually lies in quality, and there are many many...
  12. ConvertibleCLK

    AMG Bumper crack fix

    I have a crack in my w208 clk55 AMG bumper. It's not currently on the car so I thought I may as well attempt a repair. I am just wondering what compound is best to use. I don't actually know what these bumpers are made of. While I'm at it i will also repair a crack in one of the side skirts...
  13. MB-BTurbo

    Is this windscreen crack repairable?

    I have spoken to a self employed windscreen repairer who says yes and wants £45 to do it. Kwik fit do them for £30 but say they wont as it isnt repairable. They think that the cracks means its new windscreen time. Who is right?
  14. T

    Airbag crack

    Hi Guys While cleaning the interior today I noticed a tiny crack where the passenger air bag is :eek:. Anything I can do to treat it in order to make sure it wont get any bigger + any cosmetics?
  15. D

    What`s the crack with Smart Cars?

    The other half keeps mentioning how handy a Smart for 2 would be??? Looking around, there seems to be many with faulty engines; blown engines and rebuilt engines. All petrols. So, digging a bit further, it would seem that engine oil changes are not an easy task, cos there`s no sump plug...
  16. A

    Crack on front windscreen :(

    Went out for a drive yesterday in my car with the family and as I jumped in noticed a crack just below my eye line but all ready about a foot long :( No idea how it happened as I certainly don't remember anything hiting it when driving it?? Booked in for a new window Wednesday.
  17. K

    Seat Creek (more Crack sound) - AMG C63

    Hi folks, Wondering is anyone has experienced any creeking in the drivers seat? In the past month my drivers seat has a creek, which is more a clear single crack sound when I go around corners or make a specific movement when in the seat. (And before you folks ask - I'm not speeding around...
  18. BenzLover

    Got a tare on vinyl or crack on dash board?

    Gentleman good afternoon. Back in 1983 when I purchased my Brand New W126 at my Mercedes Benz dealership in Montreal,I saw a young man in the car showroom doing a repair on a dash board,it had a very small crack on it:eek:.I noticed that he had a very small tool case and it held many...
  19. poormansporsche

    whats the crack with this 202 bumper ?????

    alright peeps, its not the same as mine or any other w202 ive seen ??? Mercedes C Class Front Bumper + Foglights W202 on eBay (end time 15-Sep-10 11:25:40 BST) cheers Brett
  20. poormansporsche

    So whats the crack with facelift splitters skirts on prefacelift 202 ?

    alright peeps, like it says, got a prefacelift, ive read all the posts about fitting the skirts and was a bit confused about this "changing the weatherseal" on the doors, is this the rubber that is joined to the bottom of the doors ? if so what do i need - the rubber off a facelift car ...
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