1. Glassman

    So, What's the Crack?

    Glassman here. Been working hard this morning and feeling quite shattered. Had a smashing lunch and now looking forward to a cracking weekend. Sorry, no more puns. My name is Paul; I'll get to complete my profile and decorate it with seductive pictures of automobiles and some stuff about...
  2. D

    An expensive crack.......

    Yesterday, I was sat in the car with my small daugher who was asleep, whilst Mrs Calvin was shopping, admiring this unusual Devonshire view. Presumably the cars were on a club drive and had stopped at this local attraction for a drink. Well, they all came out and after a bit of jolly banter...
  3. japimport

    k seal crack sealer

    im just doing a quick check with club before i purchase a bottle of k-seal has anyone on the forum ever used this im going to use it as a precaution before the head gasket goes as i know my car w202 95 is prone to head gasket failure anyone have any info on this for me
  4. S

    C240T Manifold Crack

    Hi Guys, The manifold on on my C240T has appeared to have cracked, specifically the driver side, on the cylinder furthest back. Seeing as the car hasn't really gone much over 100k i'm suprised this has happend really. ANy anyone changed the manifold themselves before? Looks pretty tight down...
  5. H

    Oil Prices Crack New Records.

    Crude oil prices have broken through 107 US dollars a barrel to set another record in New York. Oil prices have hit record highs in 5 of the last 6 trading sessions. Last week OPEC (the cartel of oil producers) decided not to raise output despite high prices. In addition investors are...
  6. P

    Crack appearing in W210 Instrument glass

    Just wondering if this another thing W210'S do...... A crack is spreading across (South to north) the glass of the instrument cluster.....can't understand how or why??? I would like to get another instrument cluster as the temp guage doesn't work, but at £400 plus, its another thing to...
  7. Richard W

    Audio 10 Head unit - anyone know a crack for the code?

    Someone's coming to see my car tommorow with a view to buying it, I've put the original head unit back in and have lost the code......! I phoned MB who said take it to the stealer 'cos their techniocal help desk was closed 'til Monday. Anyone help? R
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