1. Bri

    Credit where its due

    Had a dash cam fitted at Halfords today, must say what a great job they did 40 minutes and I am on my way home. The cost £30 including a hardwire kit costing £20 top job. I felt i should give credit to them as we are the first to call Halfords/kwikfit and the like, and some times rightly so...
  2. M

    W211 a credit card fell inside dashboard

    Apparently (after 13 yrs of use) my merc has a gap between windshield glass and the dashboard. I left my main credit card on the dash and it slid inside. Whats the easiest way to extract it?
  3. flat6buster

    company credit checks

    I subscribe to Creditsafe who give me unlimited searches, credit score etc etc. I get updates to monitored companies when anything changes (be that credit score, new accounts, CCJs etc etc) with Creditsafe and that is important to me and I think precludes the use of one-off search packages...
  4. J

    Credit card terminal

    Looking at changing my credit card terminal supplier, at the moment using send 123. Can anyone recommend a supplier ?
  5. developer

    Credit Card Mini Rant Time

    Because I'm a bit bored. On renewing my insurance with Aviva I note that there's a credit card charge of 0.5% of the total transaction - what horsesh!t. Usually those justifying c/c fees argue that it covers the processing and electronic transfer etc. So bigger numbers must be harder to...
  6. Aibonator

    Credit or Debit Quick Question

    Have to pay a fairly hefty deposit for the PCP next Friday so I can collect the car first thing the following Monday (Halloween and all). With a deposit for a PCP is there any protection the credit card gives you over debit should there be something wrong with the car and you decide to...
  7. Crazyfool

    Just got to give my E350 estate credit

    We're on our annual Scotland holiday, but this time with a twist. We're on a two week tour, stopping at Carlisle for a rest, Sterling for a few a few days, Fort William, we are currently in Aviemore and we are on our way to Dunfermline tomorrow to catch up with family for the next four days...
  8. G

    FREE - 80mm & Credit Card sized CD/DVD Jewel Cases

    I have a few new and unused 80mm & credit card sized CD/DVD jewel cases - free to a forum member, just need to pay the postage - £2.85 for a small parcel. There are eight 80mm cases, and seven CC-sized ones: Please PM or email me for further details, etc.
  9. gaz_l

    Contactless credit cards

    Greetings, Citizens. My credit card account was hacked last month, to the tune of £850 :mad::mad:. I report it, the wheels are put in motion, I should get refunded in a few days. Fairly smooth so far then, apart from the fact I will have to get a new card. New card turns up today, with an...
  10. E

    Credit where its due

    Went to my local dealer for a quick inspection this morning as I'm getting a slight knock on right turns whilst driving along, turns out its the 'Track rod end'. Dealer submitted a claim for me to Warranty Wise, low & behold by the time i drove back home (8 miles) i got a phone call from the...
  11. RobertoMercini

    Rights under 1975 consumer credit act

    I've got to be honest and say I've learnt a lot more on perusing these forums about general useful stuff than cars however I've a little story to tell in case it rings any bells to anyone. A few weeks ago I took the wife to buy a 2nd hand car as hers was on the way out and she needs it for uni...
  12. S

    Barclaycard Credit Limits

    So, I have two credit cards with Barclaycard. One limit was £1600, and the other £3500. I also have a few other cards with other providers, so my exposure was roughly around £12000. I asked Barclaycard for a limit increase from £3500, to £4200. They granted the increase but right up to £6200...
  13. Palfrem

    Sunny Credit. Caution - Rant alert.

    In our area this mob are doing a lot of TV advertising. Mrs P even had a letter from them today. Turns out if you borrow £350 for 12 months you repay..... £1267.80! A £917.80 charge for credit or 1971% APR! How can this be allowed? It's preying off those least...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Using a Credit Card to 'fund' an account

    Can you apply for a credit card and ask them to add X amount into your current account from the offset, for example, rather than take out a loan? Looking at the deals on loans agaist the current great deals on 0% credit cards I could make a large saving.
  15. donshl

    iTunes Voucher for £100 Credit

    Hi All, I was given an iTunes voucher for £100 and since I hardly use iTunes, it is unused. I am willing to sell it for £90 + postage Thanks, Don
  16. Palfrem

    Free personal credit checks Anyone heard of / has used this mob? Completely free - seems too good to be true...
  17. Stratman

    Russian turns tables on credit card company

    Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms The bank sued him for fees and charges which were not in the altered version of the contract but the court found in favour of Agarkov, who only had to pay the outstanding balance. It has to be worth a try :D
  18. D

    Mobile Credit Card Readers

    Has anyone used iZettle, SumUp or other mobile credit card payment system? I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who's used such systems for business sales. My wife has a small but busy hairdressing business. Her turnover is too small to justify the typical £25ish monthly fee for...
  19. mercmanuk

    credit report needed

    is there anyone who could do a credit report for me on a prospective tennant .just the basic expedia type thing.dont really want to sign up as i dont use often enough,i would cover costs etc.please pm if anyone can help
  20. carat 3.6

    Bluestone credit managment?

    Anyone had anything to do with the above? I received a letter today demanding 5k compensation for a traffic accident in 2007, but offering to "come to an arrangment" if I get in contact with them. :dk:
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