1. MervC

    W203 engine cuts out and ignition lights come on

    Hi, My beloved W230 (2005) has recently started showing signs of problems: About once a week, whilst driving at any speed, all of the ignition lights came on, the engine briefly cut out, and then within a second the lights went out and the engine kicked back in, almost as if nothing had...
  2. D

    engine cuts out from time to time

    Hello everyone I have a peculiar problem with my car. It is a facelift 2005 Mercedes 200 cdi. The car starts perfectly fine, however now and then the engine will cut out either immediately after starting or right when I put it in revers (I have to back out from my drive in reverse) and start...
  3. Margaret 207

    CLK320 engine cuts out

    Hi, I recently bought a CLK320 Elegance. Have had it anout 3 weeks and the other day the engine cut out on me. Wouldn't start again so had to push it to the side of the road and leave it there until I could get some help to get it recovered. A few hours later turned key and it started no...
  4. M

    C180 rough and then cuts out

    Guys Sorry but none of the previous posts semester to answer this so I have started a new one. I am happy to look at another thread if you know of one. 1.engine light came on _ no real fix codes cleared at garage 2. Started to almost cut out when stopping 3. I Think this is a different fault...
  5. C

    W202 cuts out under braking

    Hi, my 1999 W202 Petrol Auto Elegance has a serious issue. Sometimes when you touch the brake the engine will cut out and the dash lights flash rapidly about three times. You have to roll to a stop and then re-start it, which it does without a problem. We have changed crankshaft sensor, fuel...
  6. C

    radio volume cuts out

    While driving with music on weather cd radio after a while the volume cuts off. Radio is still turned on but no audio comes from it. Once I switch it off and wait some time then it will come back on. Quite frustrating when driving some distance. The radio is the single tape with 6 cd changer...
  7. D

    ML270 white smoke and cuts off

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone had a similar problem. With no previous signs my 2001 ML270 suddenly cuts off on the highway. (It had no signs of any problems before). A few attempts starting the engine it starts, but had no power at all, I managed to get to safe place, but it heavily...
  8. L

    c220 cdi cuts out on kickdown power

    3rd time this has happened now. Used kickdown whilst driving and once its gets to around 70mph flashes up EPC warning and cuts all power until i put car into park and restart it. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks for any help guys. Much appreciated
  9. G

    W202 C200 engine low ldling at times and cuts out

    Hi Guys, Just recently my car has been cutting out. Most of the time when braking. If it did it before it restarted no problem. Now it is difficult to restart. If you try restarting it if it cuts out, the engine continues to turn over on its own even though you not holding the key onto starter...
  10. D

    r129 sl 500.. engine cuts out when hot, starts when cold

    Hi there Peeps, Any top mechanic or a person who had the similar issue as my car!, its frustrating as i got a new engine put it. one of the mercedes specialist has check it and said it the fuel distributor but that costs a bomb. other forums say its a FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. FYI i...
  11. Z

    cuts out when hot then wont restart

    Hi guys my 2001 c270 cdi starts first time and runs perfect but after the engine warms up 10-15mins it will just cut out and i try to restart it and it just keeps cranking but not starting untill the the engines cool again.. can a crankshaft/camshaft sensor cause this? any help much appreciated :)
  12. W

    clk 320 wont start and cuts out, lots replaced !

    help required if you can, my 98 clk320 convertible has started to cut out or not start at all for the first few trys. had maf replaced a couple of months back for erratic revs and was fine since. but now it sometimes starts then stops straight away from cold. dealer had it for 4 days and said...
  13. J

    A140 starts first turn off key' then cuts out

    Hi all, new to the forum and looking for some help. wife has a 2000 A140 petrol, was running fine up to a week ago, now the car starts on the turn off the key as it should' but dies away after a few seconds, if you pump the fuel pedal it will keep running but cuts out when you stop pumping...
  14. ioweddie

    Anyone make vinyl signs I'm after some off cuts Please!

    Can anyone help out I'm after a mixture of colours of gloss vinyl off cuts about A5 size any shape, just the stuff that usually goes in the bin. This for me mucking around making decals for customizing models. I'm happy to cover postage. I know its cheeky but if your chucking it out I'd be...
  15. M

    Comand cuts out

    Hi I have a Mercedes CLS 2005 vintage. Just recently the Comand has cut out twice. The first time it came back on its own about twenty minutes later. The second time a message came up saying restart the engine within ten seconds or Comand will shut down. The engine was already running and...
  16. A

    sc still cuts power grrrrr

    I've just had new charge cooler fitted(Thompson) cat delete sprint booster fitted sports air filters ecu remapped approx 420bhp when engine is cold it's like violence personified but after a while engine revs but no umph intercooler? temp sensors? help
  17. ricardo62

    engine start then cuts out

    Hi I doubt anyone can give me an answer , but on a few occasions my e320 diesel has started in the morning then just stopped , I leave it for a while then it will start , I have fuel in the tank 5 gallons , it just does not give you confidence , ive had fuel filter changed so I don't think it...
  18. brucemillar

    Power cut(s) ??

    Folks Some advice required please. Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced multiple brief power cuts. Less then 30 secs is the norm. Irritating to say the least as we have to go around re-setting all the clocks etc. A bigger concern is that we are also having periods of reduced...
  19. D

    Radio cuts out

    My 2011 C200Cdi SE has developed a problem with radio. Radio works perfectly during daytime running and also when headlamps are on in poor light during day. At night when headlamps are on and display screen goes into dark screen mode the screen display goes out and radio cuts out at same time...
  20. M

    W124 OM606 diesel - long delay before pre-heat system cuts in

    Hello – can anyone help me with a problem on my newly acquired 1994 W124 300E diesel? The problem is that the glow plug light on the dash does not come on until 30 seconds or so after the ignition has been switched on (and at the same time you hear the “clunk” as the relay kicks in). The car had...
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