1. S

    Mercedes, star, das

    Hi there I own a 2007 w221 320 cdi and have a few faults which have recently been deleted. Cost me £60! I was thinking of buying a Merc Star das for myself to save on diagnostics. Which one should I be looking for? And what sort of price should I be paying. Thanks
  2. Eddy77

    Das Road Trip, Ja!

    So on 9th June I'm off on a nice little road trip. It's my 40th Birthday this year so me and my best buddy are meeting up and doing a convoy roadtrip of the "Alpenstrasse" or "German Alpine Road". It runs from Lake Constance in SW Germany right across through the Bavarian Alps to Austria...
  3. M

    Wanted: Icarsoft MB II / Das / Xentry / Mercedes Star

    Hi All, Actually want to start sorting out the DIY list I have for my car Thats been growing rather Quick lately... :eek: SO I need something more better then my Elm27 with torque app... JUST Downloaded CARLEY, & ran a free test, IS it as good as it seems? Maywell spend the £49 & see what...
  4. grober

    Das FS Polarstern

    The Polarstern icebreaker. This is the ship that's going to get itself stuck in the Artic Ice while it drifts across the North Pole. Will take around a year to complete the transit. Ice-locked ship to drift over North Pole - BBC News Its not the first attempt----- intrepid Norwegian...
  5. bob6600

    XENTRY DAS with C3 - problem

    What year are the vehicles you are testing? The seller will help if you initiate a return or dispute for faulty goods, unless they clearly stated it may not work etc. google mhhauto - everything you need will be on there, it's worth the joining fee
  6. E

    Das 6 pro wanted

    Please pm me directly if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  7. churchy

    Aussie a160 no start

    Hi All and G'day from sunny Australia . I have a 1998 W168 A160 ACS bought as a non goer as a project and would greatly appreciate any advise . At this stage I am awaiting some wiring diagrams . · W 168 A160 , 1999 Avantgarde , ACS , 182,000Klms · Serviced by MB dealers...
  8. D

    Mercedes Xentry and DAS

    Hi Guys, I have recently purchased the Xentry and DAS system so that i am able to diagnose my Mercedes van and Car. When i purchased this system it did not come with any leads. What would i need to connect to my laptop / car to allow me to use this software. the only leads i found were...
  9. Steve_Perry

    BBC2 - 9PM: Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and US

    Looks like an interesting program on straight after the last Top Gear tonight. Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us at TVGuide.co.uk UK TV Listings Guide Just a heads-up. S.
  10. sherco450

    xentry das software use on d.p.f

    ..is there a possibility that exentry/das can carry out a d.p.f. delete...?
  11. ricardo62

    das boot!

    my e320 avante garde
  12. J

    W202 C250- Possible EIS/ DAS problem?

    Got an S reg C250TD, Its been a great car for the past 10 months or so other than occasionally not starting (fuelling/ heater plug issue). Over the past month the cars been temperamental as ****, Not locking/unlocking from the IR key, Not being able to turn the key in the EIS ring intermittenly...
  13. chubbs111

    for sale das 6

    for sale das6 da polisher comes boxed with backing plates 2 handles and tools only used a couple of times looking for £50 +postage will put pics up later this is in excellent cond
  14. socloudy

    how to use mb star das 2011 software with T30?

    Last month i bought the mb star das 2011 software with T30 from china.very cheap.But i can't use it mastly.So i want to get some video about it.If you have it,i will very appreciate for you.Thanks a lot.
  15. grober

    DAS BOOT tonight!

    Tonight on FILM 4 9PM DAS BOOT the directors cut-- possibly the best submarine movie ever made--- electrifying stuff! I hope they keep the German dialogue with English subtitles lends it far more authenticity. It's a must see. :cool:
  16. B

    WIS & DAS Discs

    I have the latest WIS and DAS discs available if anyone is interested? I can supply: WIS 03 - 2011 WIS 04 - 2011 (2 disc full install) WIS 05 - 2011 WIS 06 - 2011 DAS 05-06 2011 Job lot for £100.00 ono
  17. M

    Bye bye das beast.

    Well the time has come to part company with 'das beast'. We had a good run, but her drink problem was costing me too much money, so it's time to move on to a younger model. I'm picking up my 3 series next Saturday, good car, all mod cons, but probably won't be as exciting on the autobahn, as...
  18. S

    CLK 200 Elegange ABS & DAS Light

    Hi I have Merc CLK 200 Coupe and the ABS + DAS malufunction has came on. If itake it easy i.e not putting foot flat to the floor the light may stay off until heavy acceleration.:doh: Any Help would be greatfully received as i am a new member to this site. Thanks Paul
  19. B

    Star Diagnosis DAS 07-08 2010 Disc

    I have a Star Diagnosis DAS update disc for sale. The software date is 07-08 2010. Looking for £25.00 inc p&p. Paypal accepted.
  20. B

    DAS & WIS Discs

    Genuine MB DAS & WIS discs for sale, latest updates. These are only produced quarterly now instead of monthly so grab them while you can. DAS - £59.99 WIS - £69.99 Free p&p [email protected] paypal/bank transfer
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