1. AngryDog

    W211 dash cam

    Who has one and how have you mounted and wired it? I want to wire it in but only so that it comes on when the car is on.
  2. doo01

    Dash cam installation

    Hi Can anyone recommend an installer for a dash cam in the Bromley area thats not Halfords? Many thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mr-Goose

    Dash cam policing

    It looks like police in Wales are rolling out a scheme that will allow the public's dash cam footage to be used to catch bad drivers. Personally I think this is a great idea as I'm fed up seeing so many idiots on our roads. I don't have a dash cam in my current car but in my old one I did on a...
  4. G

    c63 update dash and command?

    i have the 12 plate and was wondering if i could update the system from the yellow background to the red and silver background? anyone able to do this as mercedes said they have no firmware that updates the colour of the system.
  5. J

    Dash cam wiring advise

    hi, I have a w204 with the annoying fixed rear seats. I want to hard wire my dashcam into the fuse box but the only fuse box is in the boot (pain in the butt !) any suggestions about wiring route as I can't see a direct hole from the cabin to the boot ? cheers
  6. whitenemesis

    Heatwave + Aircon = Dash Creaks

    Not in my RC it doesn't!! :bannana: The car had been sitting in the full sun for 5hrs, roasting hot inside but within a couple of moments the a/c was blowing ice cold air. Not a sound from thermally tortured air ducts or dash panels. Silent but for the rush of blissfully cold air. Turning on...
  7. R

    W211 Hardly Any Air Flow Through Dash Vents

    My air con has been working fine, until this morning when I noticed that there was little airflow through the dash vents. It didn't seem to make any difference when I changed the rotary controls to full face, or full windscreen/floor etc. The fan speed changes, but hardly any difference in...
  8. L

    Not the usual ? about dash cams

    I see some dash cams have a capacitor while others don't. What are the advantages or disadventages of a capacitor?
  9. V

    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    2007 clk 200K no dash display speedo,indicators,wipers, fuel and temp checked all fuses cabin,boot and engine compt all ok changed SAM in the front. The car starts and drives ok helppp!!!!!
  10. V

    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    My CLK 2007 200 has no speedo indicators wipers all ok when just turn key to position 2 but when car started all stops no dash on wipers indicators but runs ok All fuse checked for voltage the boot cabin and engine compartment they are all ok Changed the front SAM unit still the same charged...
  11. V

    2009 CLC Parking Dash Indicator replace

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Noticed today the the left (led?) of the parking distance indicator on the middle dash has gone kaput. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how if possible? I've searched tinterweb high and low and found nothing. It's not a massive problem as the right side...
  12. C

    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    hello, not sure if electric or something else, but these are steps on what happened and outcome and wondering on thoughts really. drove to work - about 25mile of meandering a-road -> NO Issues at all drove to kids swimming to pick them up - as uphill parking put handbrake on & left in 1st gear &...
  13. Taff814

    Dash cam advice

    Morning all, I'm thinking about installing dash cams front and rear (can the rear one be called a dash cam????) in my C204 2013. Anybody have any recommendations as to the best ones? I plan to have an auto sparks do the installation so I have no visible wires and I know it'll work. (I'm an...
  14. D

    Changing Mileage on Dash CLK (W208)

    Hi I have bought an new dash cluster as my old one had many faults with dud pixels etc and the mileage obviously is not correct now and says I have done over 12k more than the car has. Is it possibly to change the mileage so it reads correct for the car via a piece of software or sending it off...
  15. bconnelly

    Dash Light Colour W211

    Hi all. I know it's a bit of a naff subject, which is probably why I can find any threads about it but has anyone changed the colour of their dash lighting on a W211? After my colourful Audis, I find the standard Merc white a bit boring to be honest and would like to change everything including...
  16. D

    W204 Dash Images

    Firstly apologies if this has been done to earth. Recently got a 2012 W204. When I start the car the dash displays a picture of the side of a C class and 3 torsos. Ive researched this today and discovered that this relates to the rear seat belts not in use, can this be turned off ? Secondly Ive...
  17. T

    Dash cam advice plz

    Hi new to forum I have a nextbase dash cam with a hardware kit I have e250 2013 and I was wondering if there is a switch live anywhere near the front of the car cos I don't want to run wires to rear if I can help it or if already a thread about similar can some1 point me in the right direction...
  18. S

    Mercedes CLK W208 chirping noise from dash when on very bumpy road

    Hi, Now that I have my car running well again I thought I'd address an long standing issue that I've ignored. When travelling over a bumpy road I can hear a chirping / squeaking noise from the central dash area. Has anyone experienced something similar and know what it might be...
  19. C

    447 dash speaker

    Hi all, has anyone replaced the dash centre speaker & if so with what, mine has one speaker with two pairs of wires going to it but the v class looks as if it has two speakers with a pair to each, I only ask because I never knew it existed until I was searching for a place to put the tracker...
  20. B

    Dash board lighting

    I have an Email class W212 estate and my question is. Is there any way to get the instrument lights (Speedo rev counter etc etc)to be permanently on as mine will only come on with the side light position on the light switch or when the auto lights turn on. It is some times difficult to see the...
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