1. nutrunner

    w208 wind deflector

    hi all ive just bought a wind defector for our 03 clk320 cab arriving next week ,are they as good as ive been told and how to i fit the under back seat blind to the deflector :wallbash:
  2. V

    R129 Wind deflector £75

    R129 wind deflector for sale. Has 2 small holes but generally in good condition. Looking for £75 and collection from LU7 postcode. Or can post, but PM me as need to check the postage cost. Cheers
  3. S

    R170 Roof Module & Wind Deflector

    Got a couple of bits for sale for an R170 SLK. The first is a roof module. This one doesn't have the remote function. It allows one touch roof operation and opening whilst moving at up to 30mph. Comes with what you see. £75 including mainland UK postage. Second is a mesh wind deflector...
  4. Y

    2007 SLK wind deflector

    Hi Looking to buy a rear wind deflector for my wife's 2007 SLK 280 to st the buffeting when the roof is down If anyone has one they'd like to sell please let me know here ! Cheers Mark
  5. Reggie-rock

    A209 Wind Deflector Instructions needed.

    I have purchased an immaculate wind deflector and storage bag for my CLK (A209) from Ebay but the instruction card is missing. I just wondered if anyone has an image of this so I could copy it to make the item complete and also ensure I fit the item correctly. Many thanks.
  6. U

    r230 wind deflector wanted !!!

    does anyone have one for sale
  7. Reggie-rock

    CLK (A209) convertible wind deflector wanted.

    I am looking for a Mercedes original equipment CLK (A209) convertible wind deflector with the storage bag if possible. I have seen a few on Ebay but would rather purchase a good used one here.
  8. A

    wind deflector

    has anyone purchased a wind deflector from Chrom Design. and are they good this is for 86 sl [107 ]
  9. Hawkwind

    CLK Wind Deflector

    Hi, just bought a OEM wind deflector complete with bag. The bag has a couple of Velcro straps which seem to be for strapping it down in the boot, but I can't find anywhere in the boot to attach it to. Is there a dedicated stowage that I'm not spotting? Thanks.
  10. Richiebuoy

    Wind deflector for clk

    Wind deflector for a clk soft top .... are these a must have or not really necessary ?
  11. T

    Where is water deflector

    Reading through my handbook (E-class coupé) I noted that one of the service requirements is to clean the water deflector, I can't recall now whether it said the driver's field of view or the 'visible area'. Is this the 'deflector' on the edge of the windscreen, ie on the A post, or is it the...
  12. miko1aj

    CLK W209 Wind deflector

    Hello fellow Mercedes-ians, I recently purchased a second hand wind deflector for my CLK, which was missing one of the two assemblies shown in the attached. It was priced well, and I didn't think the missing piece would be an issue so I got the wind deflector and ordered separately part #...
  13. Biglee

    R129 wind deflector

    Anyone. Preferably Yorkshire ish. Beer tokens waiting.
  14. sgh

    Wanted MB SR171 Wind Deflector

    Looking for one of these please if anyone has one?
  15. Halcyon Days

    Genuine W209 CLK Wind Deflector

    I know they're a bit of a rarity, but I'm after a genuine Mercedes wind deflector for my 2006 CLK please!
  16. J

    Wind deflector

    Have just purchased a CLK 500 convertible, registered Sept 2003. Can anyone tell me what wind deflector I should look for. Is it the W208 or 9 ? Thank you
  17. drcarrera

    SLK (W171) Wind Deflector Storage Bag

    Black zipped storage bag for W171 wind deflector and accesories. Pretty much "as new" as we never used it (but forgot to include it when we sold the car!). Complete with (creased) wind deflector instruction booklet. Happy to sell it for cost of postage. Otherwise will be thrown away. Reply...
  18. C

    sl r230 wind deflector case

    hi guys trying to obtain a mint case only for my sl 55 concourse car can anyone help thx simon
  19. L

    Wanted R171 Wind Deflector (Plastic)

    After 7 years away I have just purchased a R171 and if any one wantes to help a returnee I woudl be very greatfuk to know where I can get an OEM one cheaply.
  20. N

    R129 wind deflector wanted

    Has anyone got a R129 wind deflector to sell please? Ideally looking for an original (Oris?) with cover/ bag but anything considered.
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