1. Iain

    CLK draft deflector

    Draft deflector for a '52' CLK pm me with your offers.
  2. A

    SLK R171 Wind Deflector - part number

    Hi, Does anyone have the part number for the plastic wind deflector that comes as an option on the SLK? I want to get one but I am appalled at how useless MB after sales really is. I have rung up 2 local dealers and requested a price and they keep telling me it's £85. When I mention to...
  3. BTB 500

    R129 wind deflector storage?

    Recently got a wind deflector for my R129 (which came without one). What are the options for storing this in the vehicle? My car has a recess in the boot with 3 elasticated straps ... but this isn't quite wide enough for the deflector to fit into it :confused:. The straps do hold the...
  4. Alfie

    Very cheap wind deflector for a new CLK
  5. SilverSaloon

    removing a wind deflector CLK W208

    hi i have fitted a wind deflector on my CLK cabrio, but now i want to remove it.... how do i do this? do i need a special tool or something as i've tried pulling at it and it wont come free.... please help as i need to remove it before i can use the back seats!! thanks in advance...
  6. Howard

    for nickg ....... SL60 wind deflector

    not sure if your SL60 is a cabrio, but saw this and thought of you ...... LOL H
  7. Howard

    W124 cabriolet wind deflector I know Ray's just got one, but any use for anyone else ?
  8. novaya_zemla

    98 CLK Convertible Wind Deflector

    Just a quick question - Will the wind deflector for the new shape CLK convertible (209) fit the old shape CLK convertibel (208)?
  9. P

    WTD: Wind deflector for W209

    Well, I think I want it. Do they make a big difference?
  10. PeterG

    Wanted wind deflector

    Wanted wind deflector for 1992 sl 129. Pete
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