1. biturbo

    R230 wind deflector

    Looking for a r230 wind deflector in top condition.
  2. P

    W124 Wind Deflector --feedback

    Along with many others, I suspect, I have been looking for an original wind deflector for my 97 E220 Cab for some time, but they all seem to be stored alongside the supplies of rocking horse manure, Has anybody bought a decent aftermarket one of these which uses the original fittings,(not...
  3. benz13

    WANTED thule roof bar wind deflector

    Hi I'm after a thule roof bar wind deflector i think the part number is 872 ? Here's a pic
  4. benz13

    Please help!w202 wind deflector wanted

    Hi,anyone know where I can get one of these roof bar wind deflectors? Cheers
  5. A

    SL Wind Deflector

    Hey guys, I'm picking up an SL55 tomorrow and it doesn't have the original wind deflector included :( Just wondering if anyone has any experience with third party breakers or if I should go OEM.. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. mct_cars

    Mercedes R107 SL Wind Deflector

    Hi All, Selling my Wind Deflector on e-bay. Good condition as per the listing. Any questions, feel free to e-mail via e-bay or PM here. Mercedes R107 Wind Deflector SL280 SL300 SL350 SL380 SL420 SL450 SL500 SL560 | eBay

    Wanted SL(R129) Wind Deflector...

    Hi All, If anyone knows someone selling an SL(R129) wind deflector, please could you drop me a pm with details... Thanks DSB.
  8. Scottk

    Wind deflector for R171

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a supplier for the genuine MB perspex wind deflector for a 2006 SLK R171? There seem to be a number of them on a well known auction site at around £250.00, but just want to check if anyone has had experience of buying one from there and if they are genuine and A1...
  9. C

    Bracket for W209 wind deflector wanted

    I need one on the "prongs" that go into the nearside seatbelt opening on my CLK cabriolet. it has been missing since I got the car and while the deflector stays in place at all speeds it bugs me that its missing. I havent checked with MB to see if its available on its own as I rather doubt it...
  10. A

    SLK R171 Wind deflector

    Looking for a wind deflector for the R171, but not the mesh one. Looking for the perspex model. Also are they any good or just good for looks........:dk:
  11. tintinmt

    A124 Wind Deflector

  12. d w124

    A124 wind deflector

  13. C

    Wind deflector for W209 CLK

    Not on Ebay but on Gumtree - in Shoreham for £75 which seems fair value. (sorry cant post link as am on Ipad)
  14. slippy

    SLK R170 (97 - 04) new design clear wind deflector

    Having searched the net for a suitable wind deflector for my newly aquired SLK I discovered that they were either very expensive or not to a design that I liked so I decided to get one made how I wanted. This is the first one I had done & only used for a couple of days till the second...
  15. M

    R129 wind deflector colour

    Do the wind deflectors for the R129 come in different colours? I'd like to get one on ebay but I've only ever seen black/grey ones; my car has the cream leather so might look strange...
  16. 300CE

    MercedesBenz A124/ W124 Convertible Wind Deflector

    MercedesBenz A124/ W124 Convertable Wind Deflector | eBay
  17. brucemillar

    124 Sun roof wind deflector

    Folks On my 124 when you open the roof (slide) not pop up. The wind deflect does not raise up. I cant see any obvious springs. If you push it by hand it raises ok and closes correctly. Any clues?
  18. Simon_M

    CLK 209 Wheel & Wind Deflector

    I am after an 18" AMG front wheel for a W209 CLK - B6 603 1447 Doesn't need to be new, and some kerbing is acceptable. Wind Deflector for CLK W209 as well. If anyone has either or these and wishes to sell please PM me. Simon
  19. X

    W209 CLK Convertible Wind Deflector

    Wind Deflector for a W209 CLK convertible in good condition. £130 + postage
  20. IMD

    R129 Wind Deflector Carpet cover in Light Grey

    Hi all, I was just outbid on Ebay for the above item. I didn't want the wind deflector itself, just the carpet cover that fits in the boot to cover it when not used. I popped into a main dealer the other day and all they could find on their system was the black plastic case thing, that...
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