1. M

    R129 Wind Deflector

    Good Condition original glossy black Wind Deflector which came fitted to my 2000 MY SL320. Has a small hole about the diameter of a small pencil in the rear right corner. £125. ono. Collection works for me near J10 M25 :D
  2. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 e class cabriolet wind deflector

    Not genuine, but could be a bargain: MERCEDES W124 E CLASS CABRIOLET WIND DEFLECTOR | eBay
  3. IMD

    R129 wind deflector

    Hi all, I've just bought a 1997 R129 SL500 and it's missing the wind deflector. I just wondered if anyone has one for sale? There are a few on made by ORIS (is this Original manufacturer?) Let me know if you have one...and would love a grey boot cover for this as well...
  4. M

    Mercedes SL 230 Wind Deflector

    I have a brand new SL 230 wind deflector which I purchased when I had my SL. Never been used complete with storage bag Car has been sold so no longer required £195 +p/p
  5. MarkP80

    Genuine SLK R171 Wind deflector

    Me again, This time I have for sale a genuine SLK R171 wind deflector. If you have an SLK and haven't tried one of these, I can assure you they really do make a difference and are worthwhile having (no more Bridget Jones hair do's!). Very easy to fit, two brackets simply push into the hole in...
  6. G

    W208 Wind deflector question

    Hi all, I think i have 1/2 a wind deflector - i have the blind piece that pulls out from under the back seat, but not the bar or the rear seat cover.....i think :) I've searched the forum, but i can't find anything related... would this be the part i need? or am i going to have to buy the...
  7. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 - e class cabriolet wind deflector

    These don't come up that often: MERCEDES W124 - E CLASS WIND DEFLECTOR | eBay UK
  8. anthonyevans

    W208 Cabriolet wind deflector wanted

    Hi All I'm looking for a genuine MB wind deflector to fit my 2000 CLK 230 Cabriolet Thanks in advance Anthony
  9. Barryh

    slk wind deflector

    Hi I am selling the wind deflector from my SLK.07 model car. Will fit all 05-09 models. Genuine mercedes part ,perspex ,comes in storage bag. If interested PM me. New approx £350.Selling it for £190.P&P extra.
  10. W

    W126 Sunroof Wind Deflector

    Hi all, I'd hoped this weekend would be the weekend I finally collected the car but due to delays with parts it's going to be out of my grasp for a little while longer yet so I thought I'd figure out this little niggles before it lands at my house so I can fix it straight away. Basically...
  11. BaldGuy

    CLK Cabriolet W209 Wind Deflector

    In mint as new condition, bagged and bubble wrap still between sections.... As new £?
  12. S

    Wanted, Wind deflector

    Does anyone know who repairs wind deflectors as a bird had a go at mine? New one is £400 for a SL, so I dont fancy that route! Regards Paul
  13. J

    W208 (A208) wind deflector

    Hello I'm looking for a genuine MB wind deflector to fit my 1999 CLK 320. I have looked at the aftermarket ones on ebay but don't think they look very nice and the only genuine one currently on ebay has a fault. Many thanks J
  14. K

    Need help storing Original Wind Deflector in the Boot of 124 Cabriolet

    My car is 124CA e220 Cabriolet (right hand drive). I have just bought Original MB Wind Deflector for my car. According to additional manual, I should be able to store it in the car boot and secured it with the strap when it is not in used. But the manual does not have any picture on this issue...
  15. BaldGuy

    Sprintbooster and Wind Deflector (W209)

    Off my W209 AMG55 Cabriolet... Sprintbooster for AMG, complete with box. W209 CLK Cab Wind Deflector, in mint condition with storage bag. PM me if interested...
  16. jimmymidnight

    R230 Wind Deflector

    Genuine MB R230 Wind Deflector and case in mint condition out of our SL500 £130 posted. Please email offers to Can be collected from Ely, Cambs area for lower price. Can put up pics on request. Thanks
  17. K

    WTB: Original MB Cover Case for A124 Wind Deflector

    I've just got an old wind deflector for my a124 from ebay. However, there is no cover case for the deflector. Hence, if anyone has the case, I would like to purchase it. I can pay through Paypal. And the case must be ship to Bangkok, Thailand through trackable postal service e.g. UPS, DHL...
  18. SL300-24

    107 Sl wind deflector wanted

    Prefer genuine Mercedes, but please PM with any make, no silly prices :thumb:
  19. d w124

    w124 wind deflector

    Windschott ORINGINAL Mercedes W124 Cabrio TOPZUSTAND bei Karosserieteile (endet 23.06.10 17:33:09 MESZ)
  20. tintinmt

    W124 Cabriolet Wind Deflector

    I bought my E320 cabriolet without a wind deflector and I have been keeping my eyes open ever since for a used one without success (at a reasonable price). I'm not sure I'd use it much to be honest but it 'should' have one. I then came across this:- Schätz-Tuning | Shop | Wind Deflector W124...
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