1. kurtdaley

    W209 clk wind deflector brand new

    Brand new wind deflector for sale, costs at least £500 from mercedes. Fits all CLK convertibles from 2004-2009 Selling for £250 ono, call me on 07734905937. Cheers for looking.
  2. Geezer

    W209 Cabrio Wind Deflector

    As title. Used but in good condition. No Bag. Prefer if buyer collects but will post if necessary. Offers by PM please
  3. EDZ649

    R129 wind deflector

    Looks like a bargain, ending soon, be quick... Mercedes sl wind deflector. on eBay (end time 11-Apr-10 18:47:54 BST)
  4. K

    WTB: Wind Deflector for e220 Cabriolet (a124)

    I'm a Mercedes enthusiast in Bangkok, Thailand. I've recently bought an e220 cabriolet which has been imported from UK (WDB 124062 2C 032 039). Since the car has not come with wind deflector and it is very rare in BKK, I'm now looking to purchase it oversea. However, I cannot find one on ebay or...
  5. comports

    W209 Wind Deflector

    Hi All, I'm missing the wind deflector on my 2003 CLK Cabriolet so if any of you have one going spare them please let me know. Thanks
  6. K

    Want to buy Original Wind Deflector for e320 (a124) Cabriolet

    I'm looking to buy original wind deflector for e220 or e320 Cabriolet (A124) in any condition, new or used, as long as it is not broken. If you have any, please email me at
  7. EDZ649

    Really cheap SL R129 wind deflector

    MERCEDES SL WIND DEFLECTOR on eBay (end time 31-Jan-10 16:00:04 GMT)
  8. EDZ649

    Cheap R129 Wind deflector

    mercedes sl wind deflector on eBay (end time 31-Jan-10 16:32:38 GMT)
  9. jimmymidnight

    SL (R230) Wind Deflector

    For sale is a wind deflector for the R230 model SL. It is genuine Mercedes and in pristine condition with original bag and straps. The deflector was taken off of our old SL350 after it was written off (front damage) No scratched, rips, marks etc... £130 (+£20 p&p) o.n.o...
  10. BaldGuy

    124 Cabriolet Wind Deflector

    I think this may be for a 124 Cab going by the part number on it.... I'd of thought it would be a rare item....
  11. G

    wind deflector again

    Reading the previous thread on SL wind deflectors prompted a question. And then another... What do other SL owners do with this in Winter ? Fold it down, or take it off. And for those who fold it down, and have ParkTronic, has anyone worked out a way to see the rear lights with this thing...
  12. D

    wind deflector on SL55

    is it a standard option? or was it a cost option?? thanks Dean
  13. nickg

    R129 SL wind deflector and covering boot panel for same

    as above wanted - good price paid for items in excellent condition. panel is required in grey please rgds
  14. EDZ649

    SL R129 Wind Deflector For Sale

    I have for sale a genuine MB used wind deflector (made by ORIS) for an SL R129. It has a couple of holes in the mesh and some sort of staining which may or may not clean off. It was like it when I bought the car so I have no idea what the stain is. The frame is in excellent condition. I'm not...
  15. D

    Rear Seat Wind Deflector

    Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get a rear seat wind deflector for my 2001 CLK soft top. The car is black metallic and it's the 4.3 ltr petrol model in case that makes any difference. Have checked Ebay and seen prices ranging from £200 for after market stuff that lloks a bit naff to...
  16. D

    CLK Wind Deflector

    Can anyone advise where I can locate a MB Wind Deflector that sits behind the front seats from for my 2001 CLK cabriolet...........would need to be either black or charcoal grey. Have checked price at MB and they are quoting neary £500........some aftermarket stuff out there but it looks rubbish...
  17. DoogieH

    1998 SL280 wind deflector

    Looking for one of those mesh wind deflectors to fit at the back when the roof is down. Saw one on eBay but missed it, and new from MB seems to be over £200. :eek: Thanks to anyone who can help.
  18. T

    SLK clear wind deflector

    The clear plastic variety which goes between the hoops behind the headrests, for want of a better description. Steve
  19. Simon_M

    CLK Wind Deflector

    Brand new, still in plastic bag. Wind deflector for latest CLK cabrio (W209 I think :dk:) Comes in a black canvas zip bag so it can be stored in the boot. Official Mercedes product that came with my car but is of no use to me as it blocks the rear seats when in use. Retails as something...
  20. Jimbo2009

    Slk 55 amg rear wind deflector

    Looking for an AMG styled rear wind deflector for my SLK 55 AMG, see attached picture (not my car, but good example of what I am looking for, either this or the clear perspex version), it must have the AMG logo styling center. Having trouble tracking it down online. Thanks
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