1. M

    Website design - php or asp

    I'm thinking of giving my company website a new clean crisp look and wil probably have a new one built from scratch. the current one is windows asp using sql server so I am told and I have a corresponding windows hosting service from my ISP. I've had a couple of quotes but one was a php in...
  2. proser

    Charity Poster Design

    My lad's football club are holding a charity event in aid of PC David Rathband's Blue Lamp Foundation - shot by Raol Moat and winner of the Pride of Britian emergency service award. I have been approached to design a poster " as I know computers". This is for a few stores (like a fish & chip...
  3. T

    Fuel filter design changes - 606 / 605 diesels?

    I just changed the engine-mounted fuel filter on my C250TD, and want to know if I've made a mistake. The replacement Mahle filter contained two o-rings, one small and one very small. The Haynes manual showed two o-rings as well. However only one was present on the fuel filter banjo joint...
  4. The Boss

    So i see where MB get their headlamp design inspiration...hmmm

  5. T

    MB Models, Design And Evolution

    We all have an opinion regarding MB models we think are special. Apart from eye appeal and technical specification, we the end user, will eventually see below the veneer whilst using the vehicle, and retrospectively may reflect an opinion rather differently from the first impressions that we...
  6. C

    Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W211 by Prior Design

    Prior Design has come up with a tuning package for W211 it offers a specially developed chassis set consists of a buffer with plastics grille, fog lamps and lateral ventilation openings at the front along with a set of side skirts available more about the new tuning package on The new...
  7. The Boss

    CLS DESIGN - Looks Sharp!

    PistonHeads Headlines
  8. verytalldave

    Proposed design for new England badge

    I quite like it..................
  9. The Boss

    New E-class coupe Vs. CLK coupe dash design

    Have your say! Cast your vote.. New dash or the old dash.. I was never a fan of the clk, however, having pondered on this thought, i thought i should see your thoughts on this.. What design do you prefer, the New E class coupe (Top) or the Last incarnation of the CLK dash (Bottom).. I...
  10. jimmymidnight

    Genuine Porsche Design Umbrella (small)

    Brand new and still in the original wrapping. Never opened. Driver's Collection Porsche Design telescopic umbrella with original invoice from The Porsche Centre, Cambridge. This umbrella is designed to fit in the door of the 911/boxter/cayman but can be used as a normal umbrella...
  11. orangeboy

    Design Niggles

    I´ve had my W211 for a few weeks now, and I really love it. But there is one silly little thing that is annoying me- the steering wheel. It feels really cheap, and too small for a car of it´s size. A silly thing, but one that grates after a while because it´s obviously the part of the car you...
  12. S

    CLS Road Noise problem ...Design Fault!!!???

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and to Mercedes Benz in general, having spent years on the dark side driving BMW's (eventually their love of runflats and rock hard suspension meant a change was needed!) So, I am now the proud owner of a 3 yr old CLS 320 CDI. First impressions of the car are good...
  13. yachtman

    poor design?

    Seen today on the back of a car transporter. How long before failure? Or is it just me that thinks this will be a problem
  14. petermansell

    Pretty Impressed by MB Design

    So after six and a bit years my CLK near side rear light fails....:( I know this because my dash display tells me ..... and then says that the RESERVE tail light is on:thumb: Pretty impressive. Well done MB.
  15. W

    Job vacancies - PhD driver's behaviour and advanced driver assistance systems design

    Whilst looking for something else unrelated I found this: TRL - Adaptation_A Marie Curie Initial Training Network - Latest Vacancies - Careers It sounds like a very interesting opportunity. The closing date is 15/9/09
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Inden Design 1983 S-Class W126

    INDEN-Design - A real getaway car! Sensational Autumn - New from INDEN Design The first refined Mercedes finished in the history of the vehicle specialist from Haiger. No question, the S-Class from 1983 is imperative as a milestone for Mercedes-Benz, which was completely rebuilt by INDEN...
  17. The Boss

    DO Mercedes Simply copy others and lack design innovation?

    Over the recent years, the styling cues of, for example BMW and Mercedes seem to become so similar, i question if the whole world is fooled by the 2 companies... when rumours of a future alliance have emerged over the last 6 months, i question if there is some underlining synergy already?? and...
  18. franey

    Web Design

    I need to build a website for auto parts but don't know where to start, anyone able to assist? Needs to have integrated basket / checkout and numerous menu's for vehicle types etc. thanks.
  19. S

    W211 E55 AMG New MP Design Sport Leather Steering Wheel

    Bought to replace my wood / leather model last year, but it's been sitting in the garage in it's box ever since :rolleyes: Nice chunky ergonomic wheel with decent grip & thumb rests Cost me over $1000 plus shipping and duty - ouch On eBay for £599 or offers here...
  20. Sp!ke

    Clever bit of web design

    Needs volume
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