1. PXW

    Casting iOS devices to Sony Bravia

    Hi all - hoping someone can help here. I've recently got a new TV - lovely 65" Bravia 4K. Very happy with it. Except, it works with Miracast, or seems to be able to work with Googlecast. But it can't without an extra device seem to do Apple AirPlay. I know I can fix the issue by getting an...
  2. cobra7

    Bluetooth Devices

    I'm looking to purchase the Viseeo device, looks like a simple plug in and go bit of kit. Is it any good? What are people generally using?
  3. N

    Diesel Misfuel devices - which is best

    Some help from the wise please. Having just purchased my first diesel car a CLC 220 CDI Sport and running two other petrol Mercedes in the family, Iam concerned that one of us at some point will have a lapse of concentration and end up with petrol in the diesel tank. From looking at the...
  4. Dave Richardson

    Devices to stop Misfueling

    Which do other members rate as being the best. Solo Diesel Fuel Angel or The Rac Fuel Sure David
  5. Sp!ke

    Apple devices held to ransom

    This is an interesting one... Careful out there apple users. ?Australian Apple devices hacked and held to ransom - CNET
  6. S

    W221 bluetooth for all devices

    Hi guys, just got a 1996 S320 Cdi W221, and all the connection its got is that craddle inside the central arm rest. What can I stick in there to allow me use the UHI system of the car, not only make calls, but also to connect with ipods and stuff? Already checked there's Viseo MB3 and 4.. does...
  7. RobS280

    All Command devices unavailable???

    Hi folks, didn't think I'd be pestering for help so soon after joining but I'm about ready to start tearing my hair out :confused: The Command system on my 2005 S280 tells me none of the devices are available (Radio, CD, DVD, SatNav etc.) then promptly shuts down. This began yesterday after I...
  8. S

    Adding external devices to command sat nav

    I've got a 04 e320 with he command sat nav It's the full screen version. How can I get it to play DVDs iPod? Tv in motion? Cheers
  9. The Dent Guy

    BT SAP compatability with Windows Mobile devices

    I've been doing some signifcant research (without any luck so far) into the compatability issue between the SAP puck (V2) and any device running Windows Mobile. I was hoping to change my old and tired Nokia N73 running Tomtom 6, for a new HTC Touch running Tomtom 7. I know i could swap my SAP...
  10. W210 Fan

    USB devices for cold conditions

    hi guys, I have a head unit (Panasonic CQ-RX300N) with a USB port on it, I have a PNY USB stick in it and with the current weather conditions the drive will loose where it was in the song and keep restarting until the temperature rises in the car and then its all ok, do we think this is a...
  11. grober

    Great Devices The Steripen

    Every so often I come across devices which are deceptively simple but apparently incredibly effective. My mates daughter is shortly off to Angola for several days and he bought her one of these:- the STERIPEN TRAVELER a small ultraviolight water purifier that works off a couple of rechargeable...

    Fancy Fitting One Of These Car Security Devices

  13. glojo

    Anti Theft Devices

    Having read a number of very sad messages recently about stolen cars, what recommendations can we offer to help make our cars less vunerable to either the professional car thief or just the local joy rider? Let's try to at least keep the suggestions half sensible, Regards and commiserations...
  14. C240Sport97

    register your mobile phone and other devices
  15. M

    Speed Camera warning devices special

    We have a promotion running at the moment which includes installation anywhere within the uk for the following products Origin B2 Micro Road Pilot We can also supply and fit the LRC 100 Tim
  16. Shude

    Speed Trap Detection Devices

    Purely for my own amusement and also for the benefit of all the members, I think it would be nice to get a general feel of the situation on this forum regarding speed traps and speed trap detection devices. Don't feel obliged to answer, but it would be nice if as many people as possible could...
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