1. S

    C240 2.6 (2002, W203) Battery dimensions and suggestions

    The battery for my 2002 C240 Petrol (W203) is knackered and I'm trying to source a new one. I've put the car reg onto various sites and they're throwing up all sorts of options. Unfortunately, the bonnet is stuck so I can't verify the correct dimensions to ensure the new one would be a perfect...
  2. D

    Dimensions new C43 AMG Estate

    Notice the new C43 AMG Estate is slightly larger in length and width to the standard C-Class assume this is to do with the AMG body styling but was under the impression that the wheel arches were not flared like the C63?
  3. A

    E Class estates dimensions - longer and lower

    We had a 211 and then a 212 estate and i was interested to learn that the boot on the 213 is a bit smaller, despite the length of the car increasing. Dimensions attached for 213, 212, 211. I couldn't find the 210 dimensions but my guess is that the boot is shorter but taller sill, with a flat...
  4. S

    Coil Spring Assistance

    My W202 C230K Sport has bad sag at rear (probably the result of towing while with previous owner). I am going to be changing the shocks on the vehicle in the near future, but the amount of sag is so much that I think it is much better to replace the springs as well. Checking with the EPC it...
  5. G

    W205 Saloon boot dimensions

    Just wondered if any one knows the boot dimensions for the saloon W205? I know the capacity is 480 litres but I'm looking for measurements. Thanks.
  6. XJguy

    Sarona vs. Extreme Dimensions AMG kit for W124

    I've seen plenty of ED kits installed but I never hear of anyone installing a Sarona kit. From my light research from consumers who bought both ED and Sarona kits for other cars, it generally seems that the Sarona kits are better....albeit more expensive. Does anyone have any experience with...
  7. B


    Hi, I am planning to change my A160cdi 2006 W169 5door tailgate. I came across second hand tailgate which is exactly same colour, A160cdi 2005 W169 BUT 3 door. I have been searching the dimensions of 3 door and 5 door for W169. I only could find accurate 5 door dimensions but 3 door's is not...
  8. J

    2014 Mercedes C class boot dimensions

    Hi everyone, Going to look at a C250 AMG Premium tomorrow with the intention of ordering for collection in March (15 Reg). I regularly have to carry boxes in the back of the car for work and unsure whether the boot is too small. My main concern is the width between the arches with the...
  9. R

    w639 bench seat dimensions

    Hello, I'm trying to find out the dimensions for the 2-person bench seat. It looks like the attached picture. Specifically, I'd like to know the: - outside distance between the two floor mounts - the entire width of the bench itself Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. D

    Need Need the part number and dimensions urgently plz!

    Hey guys, i bought an HID kit to install for my C-180 2013 which has OEM halogen lights, the thing is right now am in the UK and am trying to buy the headlight rear bulb cover/lid. Can someone please provide me with part number of these bulb covers and its dimensions (any W204 2012,2013,2014...
  11. I

    Ride height dimensions

    Hi all can some one point me in the direction of the dimensions for the ride height of a 2007 avant gard saloon I have just had both front springs changed after one snapped on Thursday and now have a 12mm difference in ride height between the 2 sides the drivers side which is the one that...
  12. L

    M271 timing chain dimensions

    Apologies if this has been answered before but I could not find the correct search term to get an answer. My 203 has now done 98,000 miles so I intend to check the timing chain for signs of stretching. Does anyone have the dimensions of a new chain so I can compare it to mine and also the...
  13. GordonTarling

    S211 interior dimensions

    I wonder if anyone has a 211 brochure that has the interior dimensions of the estate in similar manner to this one I found on the MB website for the R class? Alternatively, a link would be quite good enough. Just trying to establish if moving up to an R is going to give me more space inside! Thanks!
  14. R

    Plate number dimensions c350 Coupe

    Hi guys, any help on this would be much appreciated. I am about to buy some plates online to put on my car when it arrives but before parting with my cash wanted to know if anyone knew the dimensions for the plates to buy? The standard plate dimensions are 20.5 x 4.4inches.. Many thanks in...
  15. J

    W202 max wheel dimensions without any mods

    Hi guys I've seen the threads here on this subject but the tables make no sense to me, I want to know basically what max size rim and tyre can I put on my w202 without any mods including spacers and will not rub at all
  16. IMD

    Dimensions of an R129 hardtop

    Does anyone know the dimensions of a hardtop for the R129? Thanks
  17. WDB124066

    722.503 Transmission; Dry Weight & Dimensions

    Does anybody have Dry Weight & Dimensions for a 722.503 Transmission 5 speed switchable auto out of a 1996 E320 Sportline Cabriolet .
  18. W

    Will mk4 golf alloys fit a c class coupe?

    As the title indicates folks. I have seen a set of 19" alloys with 225/35/19 tyres for sale. They were fitted to a 2001 VW golf gti mk4. Will these fit my 2001 c class sport coupe with/without adapters?:confused: Any help appreciated.:bannana:
  19. Peter DLM

    Interior dimensions of under boot storage area? W210 Est

    In the absence of my W210 estate, can someone please advise what the internal dimensions are of the storage area where the 7 seat option would normally go? What's the biggest size box you could fit in there and still close the lid? Many thanks in advance. :rock:
  20. O

    oil dip stick template/ dimensions

    Just a thought, I need to check the oil on the tranny (E300TD 1997) and merc is selling the stick for 20 quid. Wot a rip off. Dip stick come as an extra. Anyway, I was wondering if someone could post me the template/ dimension of the stick like this I could do me own with a wire? Thank you. Olivier
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