C240 2.6 (2002, W203) Battery dimensions and suggestions

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Sep 4, 2016
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The battery for my 2002 C240 Petrol (W203) is knackered and I'm trying to source a new one. I've put the car reg onto various sites and they're throwing up all sorts of options. Unfortunately, the bonnet is stuck so I can't verify the correct dimensions to ensure the new one would be a perfect fit.
I'll be grateful if someone could advise on the right battery dimensions, or even better suggest any known reliable replacements for this model.

Much obliged!
Please don't take offence, but given you are going to have to open the bonnet to fit a new battery, why not open it first and check the dimensions of the existing battery?

Its probably an 096 battery, Varta E44 are good ones (278mm x 175mm x 190mm) or maybe your car had the extended battery capacity option which is then likely to be an 019 battery at 353mm x 175mm x 190mm.

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