1. 0

    Amg Parts direct from Germany

    Hi has anyone purchased parts direct from Amg Germany ?
  2. S

    W205 - Direct Steer just feels strange

    Hi New to this forum and writing from Switzerland. I just purchased a 2016 c-class 250d estate 4-matic with the amg-line package and 19 inch wheels. It's my first Mercedes and, generally speaking, I love it. It looks classy and sporty, is ultra comfortable, and I love all the tech and...
  3. V

    Headbolts and warranty direct

    Anyone had them payout for the work? What would the total approx cost be to replace the bolts anyway i think someone quoted how much it would cost to replace them aswell as other parts such as buckets and cam tensioners? Would you need to do all? I.e would replacing headbolts sort all...
  4. Optimus prime

    E63 2010 indirect or direct injection ?

    As above car is 2010 6.2 n/a W212 Thanks
  5. C

    Direct speaker replacement for W219 CLS possible?

    Hi, I have a 2007 CLS 320 CDI with factory Comand system (non Harmon Kardon and no CD changer) with Navigation DVD reader in the boot. I believe I have fibre optic system. 1. Can anyone tell me if I can replace the factory speakers with aftermarket high quality speakers directly? If yes...
  6. S

    Is the CLS 350 / 500 a direct injection engine + LPG Q

    Hi, new hear so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm super keen to get a CLS (W219 05-11) either 350 or 500 but to make the costs work would need to run it on LPG. Spoke to the guy who would do it (has converted 2 cars previously for me) and he said it was possible as long as its...
  7. gIzzE

    SBC replacement units from Bosch direct at €600

    Bosch are now allowed to supply the SBC units direct, so no longer have to go through Mercedes at £1200+vat. €600
  8. st13phil

    Direct Line and Factory Options

    Like most people I shop around for insurance each year and over the last few have alternated between Direct Line and Aviva when either one of them wouldn't do a deal at renewal time. In January this year I renewed with Direct Line. Then I had a rush of blood to the brain and decided to buy an...
  9. Mr Fixit

    Direct Courier services

    Don't bother with these guys!! And a big thanks to Dan for his foreberance and help!!
  10. F

    Experience with HIDS Direct LTD

    I would not recommend to use HIDS Direct Limited based on my personal experience. I ordered a canbus pro HID kit HB4 9006 55w specifically for the fog lamps with 8k bulbs to further upgraded and replace my existing 35W HID kit that I already had integrated in the front bumper. They...
  11. Stratman

    Check your Direct Line renewal

    I received my renewal from Direct Line this morning, £254.40 fully comp. Not too bad, I then entered the identical details on their website and it quoted me £159.00 :eek: One phone call later I had saved myself the thick end of a hundred quid :bannana: Always check your renewal, you never...
  12. Steve_Perry

    Has anyone bought from 'Auto Bulbs Direct' before?

    Has anyone used the following website before? Car Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs, Wiper blades, headlamp bulbs, Xenon Bulbs: Autobulbs Direct Ltd I'm thinking of getting the following for my car: Amber turn signal, front: 581 - Ultimate Canbus 92 LED Bulb Side light, front: 501 Can-bus Super...
  13. Bakili

    Warranty direct

    Hey guys Your thoughts please Bought 12 month full warranty from WD for my 2003 E320 cdi with 137k Price to pay £135 per year or 4 quarterly payments of £33.75. I opted for 4 quarterly payments to start with, and got 14 days to cancel if i change my mind. I asked them just to confirm if...
  14. paul73mt

    warranty direct Vs Mercedes Extended Teir 1

    Hi once again but a quick question and what are your thoughts:- My car is now out of warranty and have looked at the above two and just wonder what your thoughts are. Warranty Direct comes out at £650 for the first year and the Mercedes one would be £545 for a year with £250 excess Thanks...
  15. kap02

    This is why i dont use MB Direct...

    So after keeping my car for 3 days to resolve warranty issues, i have finally picked it up from a north west dealer. I wont name and dealer as so far the non service team have really looked after me. All work completed as expected, as the car has been detailed i told them not to wash it. The...
  16. PanMichael

    R 129-soft top replacing-carhoods direct

    Hello All I'm new to this forum and this is my first post So...I'm going to change the soft top on my r 129. I found the hood for the car for 355 GBP exc Vat The price with VAT is £462 Mercedes - SL MODELS 129 (1989-01) - Mercedes 129 SL (1989-2001) Hood & Window Black Mohair -...
  17. bpsorrel

    What Car and Warranty Direct reliability survey..

    Unsurprisingly, Japanese cars at the top and Mercedes at the bottom, but some surprises.... BBC News - Japanese cars are 'most reliable' used car brands in UK
  18. Gucci

    Anyone used Swiss Watches Direct?

    Today, I tried on a nice Breitling Avenger Seawolf in Ernest Jones. Always thought highly of Breitlings and shall take the plunge at some point. This model retails at £3,070 in Ernest Jones. However, on Swiss Watches Direct they're £2,310. Others on a watch forum have used them and rate them...
  19. DSLiverpool

    How does MB used direct work?

    Seen a car in MB Epsom I fancy for Anna and Epsom is a MB direct dealer so my local depot is Manchester. Do they ship cars about for you to look at? Do branches allow this? I remember years ago I called a depot in Bristol about a car and then asked my local MB if they could get it for me...
  20. moggymog

    Chaucer Direct

    It's time to get insurance for the wife's car again and nearly every comparison that I do comes up with Chaucer Direct as being the cheapest. They seem to tick all the boxes in terms of what they promise but I was wondering if anyone had any first hand dealings with them? Keep remembering...
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