1. corned

    Dirty injector?

    Hi all, When I did the thermostat a few weeks ago, I noticed a little problem which I have pictured below. One of the injectors (no 2) looks to be dirty, but with what I don't know. The underside of the foam sound-deadening moulding was a bit dirty too where it makes contact with this...
  2. DSLiverpool

    Brand New Car - Thinking Of Taking Delivery Dirty

    Has anyone had experience of buying a new car and asking the supplying dealer not to wash it (jetwash maybe) I have a super zymol wax on my Aston (youtube AMDB9) which makes it so lovely its amazing and im thinking if I get a virgin car (the Jag XFR) and get it to my detailer will it be better...
  3. W

    dirty windscreen

    Can anyone suggest the best way to clean my windscreen.I want to get rid of all the old deposits/fall out as it really shows up at night.I have used autoglym glass cleaner but I think it needs something more?
  4. Baron_Samedi

    Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap!

    After months of prevaricating because I was worrying about where to get the job done, or whether I would trash the upper switch block, I have gotten off my @rse and fitted an ipod interface to my W209 CLK (55 Reg Year). Following the instructions on mercupgrades.com made things much easier, but...
  5. F

    dirty dash!

    :crazy:I am baffled by this on 2 counts! I have some dirty marks on my dash, like liquid has been spilt on it. Strang thing tho is having tried cleaning it off ... cant because its on the inside of the glass / plastic !!! first question i ask myself , how on earth idi it get there?? is in...
  6. stevesey

    Dirty Pics (of cams!)

    My engine was subject to 12,000 miles services for the first 90k of it's life (now < 6K oil changes) - wondered what it look like inside so took one cam shaft covers off today to check breathers etc. Plenty of muck there - now bad do people think this is? At least there isn't any gunge in...
  7. amliddle

    A160 - Dirty Dipstick Test

    I am requesting the assistance of all A160 (1998 - 2004) owners: Is your engine dipstick a horrible reddish brown stained colour? Does your oil get unusually dirty unusually quickly? Please take a look and let me know with a short oneliner response showing model, mileage and state of...
  8. B

    W126 hesitation on acceleration - was it just dirty French fuel?

    I have just been on a 3 week trip in France in my 1990 W126 560SEC, and noticed a curious problem which oddly, seems to have almost disappeared since I got back. I've scanned the forum for clues, but don't quite know where to start with troubleshooting. The symptoms were: a) a slight...
  9. esox

    Today,i got my hands dirty.

    .....and gave the old girl a birthday,well - a service anyway. Oil,filters,plugs adjusted tappets etc. In fact,it was nice to work on a "proper" car with things you can twiddle with - none of this hydraulic valve clearance marlarkey."Rule of nine","on the rock" and all that stuff.Things i was...
  10. jimti

    Top Ten Things That Sound Dirty, But In The Office, Aren't

    TOP TEN THINGS THAT SOUND DIRTY, BUT IN THE OFFICE, AREN'T: 10. I need to whip it out by 5. 9. Mind if I use your laptop? 8. Just stick it in my box. 7. If I have to lick one more, I'll gag! 6. I want it on my desk, NOW!!!!! 5. HMMMMM, I think it's out of fluid. 4. My...
  11. mobeyone

    the dirty side of politics

    Dare say we would probably never have known about this had he not run for leader of LD.... Is this right? surely a challenge of leadership should not warrant looking into the lifestyles of our would be leaders?
  12. Thmsshaun

    Dirty Engine (A Job Well Done)

    Well Any of you the have seen my gallery will have seen the appalling state of my engine bay. So over the past couple of days I have taken to the garage and carried out some surgery. Well there you got I think my mission was acheived and the engine is...
  13. WLeg

    My dirty W202 TD

    My for Sale W202 2.5 TD http://www.gibberish.ltd.uk/250/index.htm I will clean it properly one day, when someone shows an interest in buying it !!
  14. Fudger

    How dirty is your car?

    Thought I'd take some pics before it's cleaned for a change :)
  15. Koolvin


    speakers up please for this one! (its ok to view infront of work or the ball and chain) LINK
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