1. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 disk set V14 (Current) for sale

    I have a set of the genuine Mercedes NTG 2.5 (V14) map update disks for sale. This is the current version. £50 posted.
  2. M

    Flex disk. Which side?

    Quick question. Which side is the propeller shaft one? (The old flex disk on the picture) Thank you!
  3. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 V13 map update disk set

    I have a set of NTg 2.5 comand update disks. V13 (current). Happy to sell them here to a forum member for £75 posted. Obviously they are the genuine article :)
  4. Avnt

    **Genuine Mercedes NtG4 2014/15 satnav update disk

    Genuine satnav update disk for C Class Used but in very good condition. Buyer to cover paypal fees £70 posted
  5. E

    C63 P31 disk thickness

    Off the top of your head, anyone know minimum disk thickness for PPP front disks?
  6. Colin_b

    W204 Disk wear.

    Just had my 2012 C250CDI serviced. No surprises, except front brakes. The car has done 30,000 miles, and the front disks/pads looked OK for another 5 to 10 thousand miles. However the dealer says the disk is down to the minimum (26mm), but the pads are OK, 5mm+ £423.64 to fix! Are W204 disks...
  7. M

    Disk rotor offset

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find the rotor offset(hat height) of my brake rotors? They are 380mm from the CLS55 with the performance pack. Cheers.
  8. R

    New NTG2 map disk

    The new NTG2 map disk has just started to come through :-) https://www.commandonline.co.uk/europe-map-dvd-NTG2.html
  9. D

    Wanted : NTG1 Green 2014/15 Map disk

    Looking to buy a 2014:15 green banding NTG1 map disk , thanks
  10. D

    COMAND - But what disk ??

    Hi all some of you may remember my close call with trying to upgrade my Comand maps by using a copied disk bought off a well known auction site. I wasn't aware of the risks of copied disks until it all started to go wrong. Anyhow Im still needing to upgrade to 2015 maps and wont be using...
  11. K

    Which Comand disk for a 2007 E?

    Believe me I have tried to find this via the forum search but I guess advancing years and a native dimness conspire to leave me with no answer. Here's the question. 2007 E class. Which is the latest appropriate Comand disk I should buy and, so importantly for me, will it allow full postcode...
  12. M

    Disk brake

    Hi guys. Is this a crack in the disc or a scrach? I recetnly change a bearing and my indie hit with a hammer a little to get out the disc.
  13. P

    Command accessing sat nav disk

    Anyone heard of the Command system constantly trying to access the sat nav disk? My command is doing this in a Mercedes R class. When I open the door I can hear the system trying to access the disk for some reason.
  14. A

    W124 Flex Disk broke?

    Good Afternoon Guys Happy Easter to all :) I have just experienced something odd, i pulled off from stand still in my car and the next thing there was a loud "boom" from below and the car just revved and went no where. Cars selects all gears fine, just no drive and when i put the car...
  15. Silver CL55

    For sale MB sat latest nav disk for S Class and CL Class 2007 to 2010

    NTG.3 system V13 (2014-2015) Genuine MB disk with box, booklets etc. £100 posted Pm or phone 07789887094
  16. M

    W163 ML270 Brake disk replacement advice

    Hi Guy's, Sorry if this has come up before (I have searched a lot but not got the info I want). My brake warning lamp has come on on my 2003 ML270 W163 (an expected frequent occurrence if other ML owners brake wear is true). I'm pretty mechanically minded and happy to DIY - done brakes on a...
  17. W4E300

    2014/5 APS Comand SatNav disk - Blue version. [11/14]

    Hi All. I have a two month old DVD Comand Europe Version 16.0 purchased in November 2014 from our good friends at Comand Online. Still in box, unscratched & unregistered. Details on their website https://www.commandonline.co.uk/euro...-dvd-NTG2.html £156.00 new. Looking for 1.5 tanks' worth...
  18. D

    Living near the sea....rusty disk problem

    Simple problem, that never had before. I live less than 200 yards from the breaking waves, on the seafront. My disks will rust almost overnight, depending on weather, wind direction etc. Never had this problem before, as never been this close. I now lay awake at night, hearing the waves, and...
  19. L

    Clk brakes, disk and pads change

    Just a word of warning to fellow MB members and CLK owners, do not think it will be easy if your brakes are like mine, I found out the hard way today, seized and snapped bolts, corrosion, hours of hammering and drilling out of retaining bolts..what should've been an half hour job each side...
  20. JohnEclass

    NGT1 Nav Disk Upgrade

    Hi All, Got a 2014 DVD Europe to update my 2009 W211 Comand, dealership tech guy said it might take up to 1/2 hour, might error, might just refuse as its upgrading from too far back. Well I followed instructions.....key in ignition setting 2, switch Nav on, then remove old DVD and insert...
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