Issues with the average mpg not displaying

    Hey Guys Im new to the world of owning a MB so please excuse me if I make any mistakes. I have just bought a CLK270 CDI 2003 and almost everything in it works but I have been having an issues with the after start and after reset section in the information system. It display some things but...
  2. Notwen

    W204 Audio 20 not displaying iPhone emails

    I have done a search and can't find anything similar. Up until recently the Audio 20 in my 2013 C220 would display incoming text messages and emails from my iPhone 5c There have been several IOS updates and while text messages still display on the screen, I can't get emails to show any longer...
  3. T

    radio not displaying names

    up until yesterday when my car went in for its UK mot test my becker audio 30 would display the names of the radio stations on the dash binnacle but now its only displaying the frequency how do I switch this back as its driving me made as usual the lcd on the becker is kaput/doa so i cant see...
  4. M

    Check Brake Wear message still displaying after front pads changed

    Hi, as per the subject, the message is still there when pads have been changed. ive read it may be because the sensors need to be replaced, is this a difficult procedure to do myself? thanks
  5. ian1676

    Displaying POI on Comand NTG2.5

    Can anyone tell me how I set the Comand system in my 2008 CLS to show points of interest on the mapping? I've seen others showing petrol stations etc with little logos but mine doesn't and it would be useful! I have looked in the handbook many times but can't figure out! I have Comand NTG 2.5...
  6. R

    Will you be displaying your tax disc after 1 Oct?

    I didn't realise that: 'If you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, then it can be removed from the vehicle and destroyed.' https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vehicle-tax-changes Who will be taking theirs off?
  7. N

    55 CLK 280 computer displaying double the miles actually driven

    I've owned this car for over a year, and had noticed that the service due/overdue indicator on the dash had been advancing in two day increments instead of one. But I've just noticed, having done a 7 mile journey in 14 minutes, that the car says I've done 14 miles in 28 minutes! Obviously this...
  8. brucemillar

    Thread photo's not always displaying

    Friends I mainly view the forum on a MacBook pro running 10.8.3 and Firefox v21.0 Occasionally (more and more) I open a thread and any pictures within it appear as a link rather than a picture. If I place the cursor over the link it blinks but does no more. If I left click? Nothing happens...
  9. S

    my c220 cdi auto box is playing up displaying fault code p240c please help!!!!!!

    hi to all im new to this site and was wondering if any one could help my c220 cdi coupe has developed a fault in the a/t it sticks into gear when ever it feels like it. i had the car read for faults at my local garage which they gave me the codes: p2600 p2300 p2602 p240c so they advised me...
  10. C

    Nav 20 problems displaying ipod contents.

    Hi. I have just had fitted by MB Lincoln the Nav 20 upgrade to my E250 cdi. Plugging in my ipod it plays music fine but, apart from volume, I have no control over the ipod. Nor do I get any of the ipod information coming up on the stereo display. I have also tried plugging in a memory stick but...
  11. T

    Comand stopped displaying text messages

    As the title says, for some reason my comand has stopped displaying incoming or text messages that are already in the phone while docked in the cradle?!?! Every other telephone function works fine, I can see the contacts, last dialed etc. But no messages in the inbox will display, and they...
  12. jasohal

    External Temperature displaying 58 deg C !!!

    Help !!! I have a E320 Coupe 1995 model. On the LCD dash display below the speedo the gauge is suggesting it is 58 deg C. Is this a simple case of faulty external temp sensor ?? where is this unit is it easy to replace ?? and any idea on price part no etc ?? Any ideas much appreciated.
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