W164 wing mirrors touch doors??

    Hi guys. 1st post on here so be nice lol. I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a...
  2. N

    Any other doors fit 2001 E320

    Hi, I've been passed down a 2001 E320 Avantgarde, mechanically the car is 100% and with 175k on the clock and a recent turbo replacement it drives better than ever, Interior is cream leather and in perfect condition with all electrics working..... But the usual rust problems makes this...
  3. S

    2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi Sliding Door Alarm Buzzing When Doors Are Shut

    Hi, I have a 2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi 62 plate that has an intermittent issue with its sliding doors. Sometimes when I pick a passenger up and close the door the door that has been opened is reported to be still open on the dashboard and the buzzer sounds. Sometimes it's a case of...
  4. E

    W210 prefacelift estate doors needed

    My '98 E55 was driven into I've had the steering and suspension repaired and that's all fine I've got a pattern wing sorted, but I need to replace both NS doors. Can anyone help? ideally I want complete doors. Ebay is full of facelifted estates but the external door trims are different I...
  5. developer

    Electric Garage Doors

    Can I have opinions and recommendations on electric garage doors please? I have a 30 year old Wessex GB1 jobbie, just under 4m wide, and it needs replacing. I want security, style, functionality and thermal efficiency. I assume there are good ones and bad ones out there and I don't want...
  6. D

    keyless Go opens doors when wet

    I'm new to Mercedes and Keyless go, my new GLC AMG Line Coupe has keyless go and I've found that when hosing my car down with the keys in my pocket the doors keep unlocking and locking. Obviously the finger sensor senses the water and unlocks the door. This is very alarming, could this happen...
  7. A

    Car doors won't unlock via Wireless

    The car is a W204 2014(pre revision) C180 1.6cgi So I installed a dash cam and hard wired it. It works. The doors won't unlock via the Radio, but works perfectly via IR. Oddly the doors lock via wireless and IR. The car starts and runs fine too. I guess it something to do with the dash...
  8. B

    remote wont open doors

    Hi I have noticed that the remote will lock the doors on the car and if i open them before the car go to sleep it works fine. If i leave the car for a while the remote does not work and when i open the drivers door the interior lights do not come on, but if i start the car and then they do...
  9. Spinal

    W203 - Unlocking doors from engine bay

    So, stupid moment here... Imagine this, you have the bonnet open and the keys in the ignition. The ignition is in the ON position, but the engine isn't started. Then you forget and close the door, which is locked. Now, imagine that happened with the car blocking your other car on your...
  10. V

    Sprinter 616 doors

    Not sure where to post this, I've got a sprinter 616 bus and can't figure out how to open the front doors without using the emergency release. Anyone have any knowledge of these vehicles. TIA
  11. ringway

    Food Hygiene Ratings. Scores on the Doors.

    Before you fork out, check out your favourite pubs, clubs, takeaways and restaurants. I'll bet some of you have eaten at some right dodgy places without knowing. I have! :( You are able to search for a specific establishment. However, I found it more interesting to search a borough or town and...
  12. A

    Mercedes Clk430 doors removal

    Hello guys... My car doors have rusted badly where the rubber seal is..I bought second hand doors online and it is about time to fit them and transfer all the compenants from the old rusty door to the new ones. Can you guys help me out by giving some tutorials or wis/asra doc numbers... Your...
  13. G

    WANTED: C169 (W169 Coupé) Doors 2009-2012

    Looking for the facelift C169 (W169 Coupé) doors, ideally with folding mirrors and in Cosmos Black (191), but I'll consider any rust-free ones. Donor car must be 2009-2012 (some 2008 doors might be alright too - just had to have smooth weld, free from rust). Since Mercedes UK refused to...
  14. R

    CLK 2004 doors

    I need to replace the drivers door on my 2004 CLK 3.2 cabriolet avantgarde. There are plenty available from online breakers but they dont specify if they are from coupe or cabriolets. are the same doors used on both models please?
  15. T

    Light alarm and locked rear doors and boot

    Recently my alarm for leaving headlights on has stopped working. Similarly when I gat out after a drive the rear doors and boot remain locked. My local garage blames "age". Car is a '53 C270 CDI Estate.
  16. uumode

    Pressure washing - doors open or closed?

    Was pressure washing my car today with doors closed technique But maybe I should have tried with doors open technique!
  17. J

    w124 doors wont shut easily :(

    Hi Guys I have a 1989 W124 230e saloon and I am having problems closing the doors easily :( Give them a good hard slam from inside and they are fine likewise shut the doors from outside and swing them shut quickly with some momentum and they shut fine ;) I used to have a 190d and you could...
  18. Smeesh

    Mirror, Mirror On The Doors....

    Problem with my folding mirrors on The E350 Coupe Sport... Seems they are all over the place. Nearside not closing when locking car and off side not opening when opening the car . Is there as setting to reset the mirrors ? Checked my manual but does not seem to be any info. Very disappointed as...
  19. L

    Electric roller shutter garage doors?

    Can anybody recommend suppliers/installers for powered roller shutter garage doors please? I'm looking for a powder coated aluminium door with insulation. Oh and I'm in North Hampshire if that makes any difference. Many thanks for any info.:thumb:
  20. B

    SL500 2006. Doors won't open or close with remote

    Oddly the remote won't open or close the doors Drive it for a few miles and the convenience functions come back Is this a battery issue ? Or a gremlin ? Thanks in advance
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