1. Sumac09

    Help! SAM unit or Battery's Drain ???

    Hi, I hoping somebody can give me some idea why my '07 ML is having some kind of electronic breakdown ! Drove 2 min up the road warning light comes on to say the bonnet is open, then the third brake light had failed, then the red car outline, then it came up left side SRS failure. Parked up...
  2. DaveE320CDI

    2007 Vito radiator drain plug?

    Hi, as title where is the drain plug on a 2007 2.1 111cdi? looked everywhere cannot find it, thought of taking bottom hose off but would rather find drain plug, cheers dave
  3. M

    7 Speed Torque Converter Drain

    Hi, I have a 2011 GL 7sp 3.0 diesel. It has just done 40,000 miles. I get a shudder from the torque converter when it is hot and stopped in Drive, it goes when it starts to move. I realise it is due a fluid change now so I have been phoning round. One independent quotes £225 but don't...
  4. M

    vito W639 109cdi battery drain!!!!!!!!!!! urgent

    Hi. I've got MB Vito W639 53reg. I own this one for over 7 years. Since last 6 months im struggling with battery drain. Its showing 7amp drain. Long story short- after heavy rain water in pollen filter. Fluded vents. Water dripping inside. Ive spoken to some specialist and still no...
  5. B

    Battery Drain

    Sorry to say my first post is for help but I am hoping that someone on here might have the answer i am looking for. I own a 2004 E320 saloon and it has developed an electrical fault with the battery continually discharging. I have removed all fuses in engine bay,drivers cockpit and boot and...
  6. RyanMuller

    W203 C32 AMG Part Number for Diff Drain Plug

    Hi all, As title suggests I had a google but can't seem to come across the part. Does anybody know the part number or where to order a diff drain plug from please? Thanks in advance!
  7. D

    Drain plug size on rear diff w204

    Hi guys, am after a magnetic drain plug on the rear diff for a w204 c220 CDC sport 2007 Can any one advise the size or where to locate a good one, have looked at dimple which seem to be good but I don't know the size. Am busy cleaning sorting and getting the car up to the condition I want I...
  8. D

    R230 Air Con Drain

    I have discovered a couple of leaks under my SL350. They arrive, overnight, on the garage floor and there are 2 of them, just inside each of the front wheels. Both are clear liquid and by taste it's just water. The drivers side of the bonnet seems to have the coolant which is clearly blue...
  9. D

    W203 CDI 220 Battery Drain

    Hi, CDI 220 sports package 2006 Battery dead, got new battery and drove car for a few days and then left for 4 days battery dead again. When Breakdown company came we tested alternator and that seemed fine. After 10 mins approx there was approx 1.6 amp pull when all switched off so I entered...
  10. Hunty2198

    Battery drain

    My battery keeps dying to the point it reads 3-4v. I've had the battery tested 3 times by different people and there is nothing wrong with it. I've been told it could be an intermittent relay fault. How can I diagnose the problem and get it fixed? W219 model CLS 63 AMG
  11. W

    S210: how to drain petrol tank?

    What options have I for draining petrol from the fuel tank? Could I put a pipe down the filler neck and pump / syphon it out, or is there something in the filler to prevent this?
  12. Yugguy

    W204 aircon evaporator drain

    Hello. Anyone got a pic of where the drain is? I have looked on t'internet but can't find a w204 specific one. I believe it is in the middle of the car near the front? I think mine might be blocked, there's a musty smell. I changed the pollen filter in march but I'll check it.
  13. AMGeed

    Failed alarm battery causing main battery drain?

    The car was reluctant to open this morning using the remote on the chrome keyless go key. Started the car on the gearshift button and got a red message on the dash with something like "key not recognised". Waved the key by the EIS and the message disappeared. I drove a couple of miles and...
  14. 4

    w211 diagnostic socket battery drain

    My E270 cdi 2003 had battery drain .When tested with amp meter it drops to 0.18A.then I followed the procedure of removing all fuses 1 by 1 .The fuse of "Diagnostic socket" seems to be the one ,it drops to 0.03-0.08A .Why is Diagnostic socket cause this problem ???
  15. N

    SL500 Consumer battery drain

    Hi guys i am back again just invested in a low miles SL500 on a 2003 for a weekend play thing the car is great other than one issue, ive been on here before but had to open new account as could not remember my details :dk: Ok the issue i have is a common one consumer battery is...
  16. jotter22

    Poss battery drain

    I think my clk may have developed a battery drain, The battery is not that old (appx 1-2 years) and has been fine until i noticed last week it felt a bit lethargic, went out this morning and it was as dead as a doornail. Is there a cash friendly solution to finding a battery drain or is it...
  17. Indigo

    92 SL300-24 Electrical drain

    Just had new track control arms and finally looking forward to blasting round the country in my 92 SL having planned a few road trips then the car developed a new fault ! When stored in my garage, with doors unlocked so not to activate the alarm, I previously had six weeks before I had to...
  18. T

    1995 R129 sl320 battery side roof drain pipe...

    ...whilst removing the ctec charger last night I noticed the black pipe that I assume takes water away from the roof? Anyway, the pipe rests on the drain hole rather than fully inserting in the hole? How should it sit? Thank you.
  19. P

    B180 cdi oil drain plug

    Hi, 1st post :) New to this site and would appreciate some help. I have a 2010 B180 cdi, and I'm attempting to carry out an engine oil and filter change. I've managed to locate the filter, but struggling to find the sump plug. I've removed the weather covers and can't seem to see...
  20. I

    M103 Water Pump Drain Tube Stuck

    Hi All, After having spent many, many hours on a steep learning curve I finally dismounted the water pump, only to be faced with a 1032001452 Water Pump Drain Tube which will NOT budge. Is there a later version of this pump so that I can just cut this pesky pipe - which is not only almost...
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