1. T

    Heating Problems 1995 124 E300D Duo Valve?

    Duo valve problems (Please excuse but this I posted in error initially to "Favourites" thread) Hi all, I have heating problems that I suspect it may be duo valve problems on my 1995 124 E300 diesel. This model does not have the air-conditioning. Contrary to most of the other threads that I...
  2. E

    Euro Car parts duo valve - any good ?

    Need to replace my W202 duo valve and not intent on dealership prices. I see Euro car parts do one for £88+VAT. Has anybody tried it ? Is it OEM, does it work ok and is it any good ?
  3. M

    Clicking sound from Duo Valve

    Hello, i would like to know if its normal to have some noise coming from the Duo Valve while the A/C is on. In my car i cant get hot air blowing into the cabin, just very cold always. I read so many problems about duo valves, but usually is the opposite, people only get hot instead of cold...
  4. portzy

    Another duo valve question?

    Are these little devices supposed to be either on or off or, do they gradually open/close as the individual temperatures reach that which is set on the dash?. One of mine is cyclically opening and closing about once every second or so and its doing it with a very pronounced and audible...
  5. pammy

    Memory Stick Duo

    Well finally got my new phone. Went for the Sony K750i in the end. But I need a better memory stick for it. 64mb is not enough - not to make decent use of the MP3 which was one of the reasons for getting this one, so I don't have to carry it and the iPod around. So where's the best place to...
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